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  1. Fair, I don't think that discredits what I said though. In fact it might make it more relevant I still fully believe that if you see a Pre-Christmas Pro 1 X for sale and are thinking about buying it as your sole daily driver, rather than a neat collector's item, then maybe don't If the small batch of 10 is likely to have other people who also got defects, not just me and Jax, and the person with the defective phone threw it on eBay instead of dealing with FXTec, you gotta then send in the phone you just bought for $800 or £600 I emailed FXTec in February, was told
  2. Strange! But I still think my point stands about these 10 devices being collector's items, then. If theres no internal difference, then it was even more damning that at least 2 of the 10 devices in the Blue Shell Batch were defective enough to need fixing the same month they shipped. Maybe if only mine had been defective then yeah, but thats too big of a number for that small of a sample for me to feel good recommending someone buy one of these as a daily device. The normal Pro1 is probably fine if you can find one, as Silon says, there was probably better quality control. lmao.
  3. If you've been using it for 16 months, then youre not using a Pre-Christmas Pro1 X, youre using a Pro1 Which, if we're just going by pure maths and information from this thread alone, those 10 Pro1 Xs had at least a 1/5th fail rate the same month it was shipped lmao
  4. Oh I 100% do not expect anybody to buy this to use it unless they already have another phone. I do not want anybody to be tricked into buying this thing as their daily driver. It's only useful as a collector's item.
  5. Haha wild. I just got my device back today from sending it in to FXTec and honestly I'm not even surprised to find out that there was a SECOND Pre-Christmas Pro1 X that had massive problems and broke immediately. Mine was also screen problems (along with a bunch of other stuff) I'm the person from the Indigogo comments a who's been updating on the situation since like February (DesSuburbia) Anyway, I think I'm gonna sell my Pro1 X even though I really don't want to. I need a reliable phone and the Pro-1 sure as hell isnt, but I'm so desperate for a qwerty phone.
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