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  1. @HookYes, I am aware of this and have little intention of remaining with AT&T. Sorry, I should have mentioned that. IF I'm on a network that doesn't mind the Pro1, I'm wondering if it will be a good fit for me. Thanks for the information though, in the case that I wasn't aware, that is super helpful.
  2. I'm looking for advice as to whether a newbie should invest in this cellphone. Background - I'm an engineer with decent programming skills and for the longest time was a Ubuntu user. Since starting a professional job, I mostly work on Windows now since that is what my company uses. Reasons I like this phone - THE KEYBOARD. AT&T just forced me to get rid of my Blackberry Bold (which I LOVED!) and all of their alternatives have that damn touch screen which I can't stand. I mostly use my phone for calls and texts and to keep a calendar and random notes, grocery lists, etc...
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