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  1. Very happy to hear the good news :)
  2. Hopefully we can all expect to receive our devices soon, I feel the device and the company are quite underrated and surprised the device isn't more popular considering it is a rather high spec phone with great functionality compared to the functional gravestones that Apple and other google-laden devices that other companies sell. Hopefully the company shall grow and there will be a much greater demand for the devices it would be very pleasing to see these on the mainstream - one can only hope. They appear to have reversed sideways regarding the presence of a physical keyboard, features and mul
  3. Would be extraordinary to have some news on progress of production, can see many are very excited to be getting their new phone at some point, on here and on Indigogo. However the lack of clarity on where things are at is frustrating! If the company would like to provide realistic timescales on when we should expect our devices that would be great, I can see repeats of the same questions and expressions including refunds, cancellations, update requests and expressions of frustration. If anyone would like to drop some wisdom, information or truthful realistic timescales that would be fantastic
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