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  1. I thought that the Unihertz Titan Pocket would be the first choice, however, since ATT not only does not "Whitelist" it, their Tech. Support has told me that on their network it really won't work as well as an old EOL Blackberry, and according to the same source said that while Uniherz may be trying to work things out with AT&T, AT&T is not really trying to work things out with Uniherz, and may actually, in the not too distant future actually block the Titan Pocket, and perhaps the entire Uniherz series of phones, from its network. TMobile is a bit more flexible on this count, however,
  2. There is a lot of wisdom, and interesting topics for when I have time to read, BUT ALL THAT I AM TRYING TO DO RIGHT NOW IS REPLACE MY "EOL" BLACKBERRY WITH AN ANDROID PHONE THAT HAS A TACTILE PKB, NOTHING MORE, OR LESS THAN THAT, I am an absolute New Guy in this Community, please feel free to check my posted bio if it will help to better understand my pattern(s) of mistakes, and perhaps even overlook them. I have most of this afternoon, except for my Service Dog Bentley's off-duty playtime (I wish that I also had some of that playtime right now) as one might think of me as being a low-
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