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    • I don't think, F(x)tec is not open about such information and I am unsure if they even have that code... However, the process is not complicated. I have tried to reach the hardware from Linux environment on Pro1 but direct access did not work that way (or I have not fond out how to completely release touch device under Android). That would be possible but an appropriate connector of the display would be needed and the exact location of VCC, GND and I2C (SDA and SCL) lines should be wired out... then a microcontroller or microcomputer could also be used to do the configuration. (So Raspberry or other microcomputer which has I2C interface, or a microcontroller like AVR, MSP430, STM32, etc.) So practically the job is easy but the task is complicated because the need of a special connector and pinout... ...also VCC could be a question if it is 3.3V or maybe lower voltage...
    • That would explain it.  My guess is when I migrated from my pro to my pro1x, the settings for quickstep came along.  So even though you can't set it, the behavior was still able to work on the Pro1X.  Either Google's built in backup had the setting, or my restore from titanium backup did it.
    • It's been a month now since their 3/4 claim. Has anyone got their email for confirming address?
    • Lineage-21.0-202405025nightly-pro1-signed.zip on May 5 (2024) security patch, installed smoothly using OTA
    • perhaps this possible to find the sources of this android version ?   or connect new screen to a I2C capable controller (arduino, raspberry, USB<->ic2) to read conf of old screen and writ it to the new one ?
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