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    • Where you press is the very same location this wide ribbon cable sits. Which part of the PCB you have taped? Currently I have only found an inside photo of the display assemble here. This is the image. The display itself is very close to this side - the plastic is thin, and it even has some holes and what you see there is the display itself. More correctly, the copper-coloured part is the display where it is sticky, and gray-coloured conductive tape is glued to the part in question, so the ribbon cable is under it. If you smooth that part of the display assembly, you practically smoothing the ribbon cable itself. If the ribbon cable is broken, you may push it to correct position. If you push or release that area, that may result in a better or worse working of the display (if that is the problem). I think smoothing other part of the display (middle to bottom for example) will not have any effect. Anyway, bottom here is the top of the display in reality.
    • If you see the video I posted earlier, I would agree with that assessment, but then again it doesn't explain why taping the PCB would improve it.  It does somewhat make sense though, from the calculator test where that strip started working again, I was using a bit of pressure, so it could have pressed something back into connectivity.
    • I was thinking of the bracket the LCD is glued to. Maybe it is easier to check when the keyboard is open, so you may press it against the metal back frame ...but it seems it is not moving in your case or at least it is not noticeable.
    • But this doesn't seem to explain why me taping the black PCB under it improved the issue drastically. I'm day 2 with a 80% functional display. Knock on wood it still hasn't gone nuts.
    • Not really. But I'll need a bit more clarification before I can answer fully and correctly: when you mean frame, do you mean the bracket where the LCD/Digitizer is glued to, or do you mean that whole LCD/frame assembly to the slider assembly (i.e. the screwed on piece)? Display seems glued on tightly, I don't see , but the display assembly seems to creak a bit when mounted to the slider assembly.
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