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    • Soooo...did those keyboards make it?
    • Here goes nothing... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hffh8qtsljmfa7x/AAAu0ozxcIQ--kZY31nZmA_Ya?dl=0 All photos by me, and I may add more if time permits. That is, if I have anything else that crops okay in portrait and landscape.
    • Did you make sure the rear mic is not obstructed? Is your Pro1 in a case?
    • Titanium does not work with the packaging method they use for the Disney Plus app.  Swift Backup and some other apps do work with the new format. You can also install it outside the play store by downloading the file and using a special installer. It is not an apk file, so you can't just open it with android or a file browser and install it the way we always have. I downloaded it from the Apk pure site and then used their apk pure app to install it.  I then removed the apk pure app, as it is full of ads and gave me a lot of hesitation having it on the phones I was installing it on.  I tried it a few months ago and failed.  I tried it a month ago and it worked. Either the Disney app changed or the apk pure app changed and allowed it to work. I have not encountered that.  After it installed, it was business as usual.  Log in with the Disney account info and everything worked. Installing it in an emulator or real device that can install it from the Play store and then backing it up with a modern backup tool that can handle split apks/app bundles can work.  It just won't work with titanium backup or other old apps that haven't been updated to handle the new packaging methods.
    • Shouldn't it be possible to download and backup the apk with some backup program (p.e. Titanium Backup)? I've installed plenty of apps that way which were not supposed to be compatible with my phone. Or are there in-app problems to be expected as well? PS: A pc emulator might work just as well for downloading. If we have access to the files, I could even imagine extracting the apk from there.
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