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    • Basically international layouts were based on US keyboard map but some of the keys, mostly non-alphanumeric ones were changed (as we have more alphanumeric letters than in English). They kept CTRL + ALT, in Hungarian layout, their name are the same, in German layout, they were renamed (but still the same). The "Alt Gr" key is an additional modifier, which is technically the right Alt button on US keyboard. For example, in Hungarian layout, "[" and "]" can be reached by pressing AltGr+F,G and "{" and "}" by pressing AltGr+B,N and also Z / Y are interchanged and 0 moved to the right of 9 - basically this is the reason I don't use this layout for programming.
    • Yes, but 8th of June is definitively Monday, so I am optimistic. 🙂 It seems to be only a small "typo".
    • @tdm thanks for the diagnosis....sad, but not entirely unexpected. I don't know if the support team has been following this thread as well but I received instructions today to send it to London so they can have a further look at what's wrong and how to deal with that. I guess I'll be missing my 🍤 for a  bit, on the upside you might have gotten to an official build by that time. I've already ordered a banana-yellow banana phone  to tide me over as my old device was also failing. At least it's also I slider of sorts :P. Will be having a look at/playing around with GerdaOS.
    • this is about the weirdest spam i've seen before
    • Order #292xx, qwertz ordered and paid on August 2nd 2019. Still nothing after 10 months.  I will ask for a refund now, fed up with it. 
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