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    • I did too, practically immediately, as described earlier in the thread, so that might be a general good advice? (...at the least people should be prepared that they might need a factory reset)
    • Yeah, I guess so. I have more fundamental issues than the broken UI after the upgrade. After the reboot, only my secondary SIM is detected. I need to reinsert the SIM tray so that both SIM cards are detected. Moreover, after I boot the device, there is no information It looks like the system configuration is not properly picked up by the new release. The large UI was due to the system picking some absurd font size. My home screen configuration (widgets and shortcuts) were gone. /edit: clearing the data for phone seems to fix the data issue at the very least - but given the number of quirks I think I'll need to do a full wipe sooner or later anyway
    • I have not tried Android 12, but my guess would be that the UI changes stem from Google not LineageOs as such.
    • Sorry for the rant. Oh my goodness, LineageOS 19.1 is such a downgrade compared to 18.1. The whole UI is so gaudy: the icons, the animations. The large UI widgets that are everywhere resemble a UI I'd build (with all due to respect) for an elderly person with a hindered eyesight. This reminds my why I hate Android. On a proper Linux distro, I'd just install a different DE of my choice.
    • Perfect, I figured this one would be conductive and left it there. I just didn't remove the black film "backing" from the old screen to put it on the new one.
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