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    • Yes, having a way to retain root and disable Magisk modules is very useful indeed. "EdXposed Manager" is not a Magisk module. It is an app, just like Xposed Manager, to handle the EdXposed framework (which is a Magisk module) and Xposed modules (which are apps).
    • Is EdExposed active when you don't have root? I was unable to get to any screens where I could see any modules to disable/uninstall when I flashed back the stock boot image.  However, in my case, it was the hook drivers, and those were installed by downloading a separate file and then pointing at it with Magisk manager, so that may have been the difference.  Others online also said that it is a catch 22 when you can't boot due to Magisk modules failing, and you have to wipe the phone, because you need root to do it and you don't have root without Magisk being installed.  That is why that work around exists to install Magisk core, which gives you root, but does not enable any Magisk modules: https://forum.xda-developers.com/pixel-4-xl/how-to/magisk-modules-disabler-booting-magisk-t3990557 I am not seeing how you are running EdXposed manager (a Magisk module), in order to disable EdXposed modules that are preventing boot, without having Magisk running.  
    • Ignore the above.  Website is having issues.   Can you see the SD card in phone settings->storage?
    • Try to go to apps -> camera app -> storage Stop the app, delete data and cache.   Then go one step back and to permissions: Ther (re)enable the storage permission. I don't know if the fault is in the app itself, but maybe this helps.
    • Just tried to insert an SD-card (formatted in another phone or pc years ago), booted the phone, started the Snapdragin camera, setting, storage, selected SD, back, took, an image, and it worked well. (Changed back to phone, pulled the SD card and checked on a computer and the image was where) Try a small card, to see if that makes any difference (the one I used was an old 1GB I pulled from a Galaxy Wave(!) a few days ago for playing with SFOS)
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