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  1. yup it says free shipping in the page but thats beside the point. the problem is whether it goes through couriers or standard post. and, more importantly, if there will be any import tax and VAT.
  2. I received an answer from Fx Tec that they will always ship from Hong Kong, so EU or not EU, it will make no difference. I does not matter that the phones are designed in the UK, they are produced and shipped from HK. Based on what I found on our Slovak government pages este its a big stupid mess, just as always, but there should be no import fee (duty), however, there will be VAT of 148.20€. The only question is how they send it, because if through the couriers, I can delegate the customs clearing to them, if via post, I will have to do a lot on my own. And I would really like to avoid that.
  3. Hello Gentlemen, I am seriously considering buying the Pro1X, since there are no alternatives when it comes to physical keyboard. I am trying to determine what costs it will bear, I'm still not sure about the duty, but it seems there will be import VAT. But it all depends on how they ship it. They don't have any info on the page so I'm at a loss. Do you know if they send it via regular HK post or some courrier company like Fedex or UPS?
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