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  1. I didn't realise there was already a thread going here regarding shipping - yes I am told shipping will be from HK to UK and subject to import costs. I have looked at ordering straight from the website and there is no mention at all of additional import costs to the UK and the shipping is free - surely there would be mention of import costs when placing an online order and why is shipping free in the UK if the shipping is from HK.. I fear I will end up paying much more through crowdfunding than had I purchased it online now... I know funds were needed to get to where we are but it just seems a
  2. I have just been advised that there could be a fee of £50-100 from customs and duty ( possibly a fee for the process of this too as there usually is. This means that not only have we waited for months or years for the phone, but it is now more expensive than buying the phone online from the website as there is no delivery cost within the UK and there would be no duty for purchasing the phone from a UK business. It looks like we will have to shoulder the import costs into the UK rather than the fxtec shouldering the import cost. Any thoughts?
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