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  1. 🙂 Thank you. I thought I saw it was ready, but I was certainly wrong. Ubuntu Touch kind of is, but is in the community channel (not sure how I mixed that up). Appreciated.
  2. Thank you everyone for your assistance. I am happy to be joining what appears to be a very friendly and supportive community. With the exception of this issue I am extremely happy with the Pro1-X. It is fast, the keyboard is really nice, the hinge is really high quality, and the overall build quality is very impressive. Yes, it is a little heavy but I actually prefer that as I tend to drop lighter objects. Now back to the point: I am using the Pro1-X. I have specifically tried near the camera, the logo, everywhere in-between. I have tried the Yubikey all over the phone. Absolutely no re
  3. some oddities so far, but the most concerning is that the nfc reader does not appear to be working on Android. i have a yubikey for a lot of security items. I cannot get the phone to detect the yubikey. any ideas?
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