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  1. Truth and well noted, yet it's this or Astro Slide for me but Pro definitely looks better and overall has better feeling so I gotta jump into unknown and start tinkering with issues.
  2. Hello, I would like to ask for a slight explanation if possible. 1. On webpage when buying there is mentioned shipping July 2022 but the page consider it till now, August, as pre-order, is it a pre-order even now or it's full release? 2. On this forum I saw some people are waiting from 2020, is it such difficult thing to have the phone delivered? 3. On webpage there is mentioned delivery 10-12 weeks, is this information currently correct or is the waiting time much longer than this? Honestly I am completely lost with this shipping and, or pre-order stuff. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone have experience shipping into Vietnam? I am considering buying the phone but having experience with customs and shipping in Vietnam I am a bit sceptical. Would love to order asap though.
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