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  1. I am really wanting to purchase this phone, but I am not at all linux savvy, so I would be learning as I go, and I am nervous that my coverage will not be compatible. SO tempted to buy now, but am trying to hold off and watch and listen here.
  2. Ah, so people put money forth without knowing what the end product they were receiving would be? I am new and was not thinking along those lines, that they'd sent money perhaps many months ago, and now do not want the phone after all, without having even opened the box. That's the part that had me quizzical.
  3. WHY? I don't understand those who have bought the phone and now that they have it, unopened, want to sell it?
  4. Thanks for replying. I don’t know as much as I need to about those things. Worried Verizon carrier will crap out on that phone, too.. durn. I need to contact my third party (charity) company to see what they might know.
  5. So, with Verizon carrier as your service, you’re not having as good a connection as you did with previous phone? I’m really wanting to get this phone but my recently bought replacement phone is not getting good connection. I never had that trouble with older Samsung but the times are changing. Ugh
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