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  1. Finally, this issue has been fixed by restoring backup files. I need pass '--memory=ufs' for each command $ ./edl w persist ./persist_backup.img --memory=ufs $ sleep 3 $ ./edl w modemst2 ./modemst2_backup.img --memory=ufs $ sleep 3 $ ./edl w modemst1 ./modemst1_backup.img --memory=ufs $ sleep 3 $ ./edl w fsc ./fsc_backup.img --memory=ufs $ sleep 3 $ ./edl w fsg ./fsg_backup.img --memory=ufs $ sleep 3 Here is link for my backup files if you need them: https://github.com/steward-fu/pro1x/releases/tag/v1.0 Thanks
  2. I tried to flash stock android via QFIL tool on Windows 10. Before this, I have dumped 'persist, modemst2, modemst1, fsc, fsg' via edl tool. In QFIL, I select 'Erase All before download' as the attached image. After flashed, Pro1-X is always in EDL mode and cannot enter android system anymore. I tried to restore persist image via edl tool but no luck. Could anyone help guide me how to fix it ? Thanks Here are the link I used: Android: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3643-pro1-x-flashing-stock-android-with-qfil-windows-pc-only/ Backup
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