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  1. Thanks! I wrote them an email through the support form. Looks like this is happening to quite a few people. And getting ADB to do anything also seems impossible with the battery in its current state, because recovery/fastboot modes won't work.
  2. Hi! I got my Pro1X today, but it refuses to charge or turn on. When I plug in an USB cable, the LED lights up for a second, but then nothing happens. No charging/battery display, the screen stays black, can't turn it on, etc. Is there anything I can do? Thanks! [EDIT] Things I tried, both with and without a cable connected: -Holding power button down for 60+ seconds -Power button + Vol up and down -While connected to the PC, using Power + Vol down to enable that recovery mode or whatever it's called. Here, the LED lights up for a bit after a while, but noth
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