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  1. Damn it .....come on frame work........ *Gambles harder on niche products* I'm stuck between the two, I hear touch screen isn't real whoopy on this and keyboard is okay. The slide 5g has an above average keyboard but, the space bar kind of sucks. At least this one has lineage I guess.
  2. So basically for those that have them already it is what is it's just a matter of updating lineage os and keeping them going. I guess I wouldn't be too cold for having been looking at the astro slide 5g as I look at the fxtec pro1x Though the astro lacks lineage os of you wish to degoogle your phone
  3. Three years ago reviews said it had an outdated processor which I shrugged off as I don't hammer my phone that hard BUT, it's now three years later and cpu would be getting old. Also the pentile smoked display was said to be just ok. They keyboard wasn't perfect with an oddly large caps lock and the occasional double press/register. So in 2023 with it telling me they are out of stock and an 800 USD price tag the last time I looked, is there a new model on the horizon? A version two perhaps?
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