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How to repair a non functional ear speaker

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My ear speaker broke lately. (The one you use in calls) Not exactly sure how. Maybe the phone fell too hard onto my couch, or I've used it too rough? Who knows.

Anyway I quickly found out after not hearing anyone whom I've called - but the normal speaker did work. So I had to speak to them with the loudspeaker on in public, like a moron.

As I didn't want to send back the phone and wait for repair I've asked the support if I can fix it on my own. My initial guess was a simple loose contact as the speaker functions if I firmly press on the speakers region. This is what you should also test before taking the phone apart.

I've also noticed a very small bump at the speaker region, at the edge of the screen.

They quickly replied and gave me the permission to open it up myself. (Which phone company does that, nice!)

So if anyone else has the issue, I want to take fear as it's really simple to fix it on your own.


You will need:


Get those stickers off:


Unscrew these screws:


Put your favorite tool of choice into that edge. It may need some force. Go along the lines, and the screen will pop open quick.



The two red marked surfaces are the speaker connectors:



These two pins require some bending.

Place a finger onto the green region, otherwise you will lift up the whole thing while bending.

Use the slot screw driver and go underneath one pin, turn the screw driver to lift it up. Most likely the right part of each pin pops out of the space. Press it back in with your finger.

Repeat the process with the second pin.



Put the display back together, make sure the clips at the edges are all clicking in.

Test the speaker with a speaker test app. It should work now. If not, open it up again and repeat the process.

Screw it back together. Put the stickers back on.


Good luck 🙂



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This was found out a while back bit of a design flaw.

You can also just push together the lower left side of the screen with the keyboard out together.  There is a clip that gets loose on that section as there is no screw in place.

Looking at your pictures I am guessing it's the bottom one of the 2 near the hinge.

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