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  1. _DW_

    Pro1 Just died.

    This is why most companies have repair centers in place in different countries. At the end of the day it costs them more doing it in house as they still have to buy the parts and pay someone to diagnose and fit them and perform quality control. Corsair I know use a UK computer dealer (had to send PSU in that blew 2 month before warranty ended and they exchanged it for free and it was a better PSU result!)
  2. See what you mean! "Astro Slide (Initial Specification)" now lists the 800 not 1000 😄
  3. Yeah would hope so. As I can't see a reason otherwise for it. I suspect the battery size is due to the slider mechanism not leaving room for something bigger.
  4. ah missed that yes 3500 now. Saying that the original was only an estimate not an exact figure.
  5. Astro has taken a bit of a hit on last update they have finalised the specs and had to use the mediatek 800 instead of the 1000 as they wouldn't license it to them! I suspect they are having FAB problems like everyone else though nothing sinister 😄 They have put more RAM in it though and now has a AMOLED display and camera is a Sony 48MP one.
  6. Yeah its obviously the first proto type batch of the design before they got the new keyboard layouts.
  7. Think one of the reasons hes doing this as a CLI type tool is data will be decrypted (as it reads the files direct on device not external) before sending to the backup so you have the data unencrypted.
  8. My son also says the same thing 😄 Managed to kill his minecraft server yesterday docker decided to break :S
  9. I've always reset to stock as well before trying anything else. Mainly as the instructions assume you are on stock for each of them.
  10. There was a google drop down box on the page to pick language just above article. EDIT Actually normal google translate worked fine in chrome as well?
  11. New / Mint? TBH I'd expect to have to pay more than RRP price.
  12. Convergence mode is because you have everything you need on your device already 🙂 But true multi boot is needed on phones
  13. yes guess pocket dirt will be a problem but not sure on the astro as its design makes the top and bottom sealed when in pocket. android 10 is what you want for switching between phone and desktop when docked
  14. I think then this maybe a bug. @tdm do you think so?
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