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  1. "A fifth alternative (that I have not bought) is the Planet Computer Astroglide." Its Astro Slide :) (Feel free to delete this once seen hehe)
  2. I recollect originally (The pro1) the declared amount was the manufacture cost for import duty. But I guess it has to be the purchase cost for VAT.
  3. There is possibly something newer but thats the original reset instructions from FXTec
  4. I can't remember now but doesn't the device factory tests have something for the sensors?
  5. As @hook said there is no official way. But someone has managed to write a guide on how to do it I've not used my self though this is for lineage not android but I assume you could just use that image if you wanted.
  6. @SlionI've never needed to modify the inf before but it really is a bit random what machine picks up what with the android debugging stuff. Sometimes windows is fine with what it installs automatically sometimes not. I guess I've just been lucky and not needed to do that yet on the PC's I've got. Glad your working though!
  7. I hadn't looked into the details on how they achieved it and I guess it sort of makes sense to do that less development.
  8. See here https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mobility it looks very early days on the project the fact its aiming at pine phone. Obviously they don't have pro 1 support it would require a developer to step up and get it working. But the fact ubuntu touch works means there is a starting point I guess.
  9. I always find it best to install the Google USB driver. Windows doesn't always install a compatible one. https://developer.android.com/studio/run/win-usb
  10. Astro slide has also had setbacks they should have shipped in march (I think it was march anyway!)
  11. Depends when you bought it as FxTec are not part of EU (well I have not seen a legal entity for them may have missed it). The transition period has expired now for EU and UK so it falls under UK consumer law which is different.
  12. Did multiple cars go over it 😄 The keyboard actually looks in good condition still. I definitely wouldn't trust that battery not to explode 😄
  13. well if its just the glass covering and not the actual screen.......
  14. Yeah same insides as Pro1 (So means it has a 835 cpu as well)
  15. Maybe he will negotiate the price if you send the screen as well 🙂
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