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  1. I've always wished they had options like windows for power management. High Performance, Balanced, Power Saver. So a user can pick the profile to suite there needs at the time.
  2. Well it's still going on 9% since I last reported now but I've looked at it a few times 😆 It's a shame the battery usage graph broken I'll see how further it get before messing was gonna try some standard apps on it see what happens. Any ideas on apps? bear in mind it's app needs to have wayland support I think (am sure someone will correct me on that!)
  3. 1 - Can't say I've had that problem works like other phones when keyboard closed 2 - I just got used to gripping it different but I have a protector on the keyboard part of the device currently 3 - Use a different launcher you don't need to keep the stock one. I switched to the Microsoft one as it supports landscape. (There is a thread discussing different ones)
  4. Yeah I just hadn't used it since last charge due to my service provider issues. Ah one thing to note here had no sim card in it as I transferred it to my other phone. So that may have helped save power. But it's good to know ubtouch isn't eating the battery when idle. Just realised I forgot to report back on messaging and calls my service provider is having issues so I think that was a red herring with phone calls and messaging in ubtouch its probably fine.
  5. For me ability to dual boot so I can use the OS I need at the time. I'd want to run Android + Ubuntu (Any not necessarily ub touch) and that will keep me covered.
  6. I did a full charge last week on Tuesday. I've still got 25% left I've been letting it sit idle no apps open except a terminal (accident) only wifi enabled. Did notice another bug the Last Changed info box just says N/A in the Battery Settings. Also it's not tracking the power drain usage 😞
  7. Would be worth posting the bugs you encountered. I found it mainly worked fine.
  8. oh sweet was just about to reset to the test from ubport but may as well wait I think and play with ubports a bit more
  9. I have tried both. Out of the 2 I preferred ubtouch but I am biased I just prefer Ubuntu on desktop as well so everything was natural for me. One thing I did like on ubtouch over sailfish was the store a lot more friendly and got some common things on there sailfish was quite lacking. Also web browser was a lot better.
  10. Ok went worse lol started not making calls and text messages came through but I couldn't send any. Weird. Been fun but time to reset on my old phone now 🙂
  11. Can also just host in github that way you can use pull request for content editing not that normal user friendly though 🙂 I guess any wiki which allows edit approval should be ok? That way it doesn't need to be locked down and will encourage collaboration. (Wouldn't surprise me if media wiki had an extension for that)
  12. More feedback 😄 The messaging app seems to have issues doesn't join the conversations they come through twice! one with the message externally and one with the thread the conversation is happening in. Also doesn't always send messages :S
  13. General annoyance The power button needs to act as a lock button and a power button when held 😄 it's annoying to cancel the message each time then unlock.
  14. Yeah I had this but I just wiped and but ubuntu on. Be interesting if this happens after putting stock back on with a normal update process.
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