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  1. Yeah there is something fishy there.
  2. Try apple products I'm sure they coat them in extra slippery coating so you drop them more 😄
  3. Double tap can usually have it's settings changed but i've not had stock android in a phone but on most there is a lock screen section.
  4. I'd suspect that is the case. Another reason is misunderstanding of the term.
  5. They will have shipped them before that happens and even through brexit is in Jan 31st that really depends on the party that wins the general election so take it with a pinch of salt lol
  6. I do that, but it's behind the phone 😄
  7. +1 really would like that info 😄
  8. I quite agree I think a leather flip case is the way to go +1. (Personally I never put my cards and phone together so not experienced the other issue)
  9. He's the MD and guy behind the idea. (think thats correct!)
  10. Had a closer look and yeah your correct.
  11. You can get https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andropenoffice&hl=en_GB😉 Don't forget Microsoft also release office apps for android as well https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.office.word&hl=en_GB
  12. Yeah I wonder what the cut off volume is for a run of cases. Tbh I don't mind paying £20 for a case if its decent.
  13. @EskeRahnI keep forgetting they can do under screen fingerprint readers now like under screen cameras as well. That would actually make sense for the Pro2 for closed and open. Guess only certain screens work with that technique. If you can actually get that flip case in a working-ish fashion you could email pictures to the manufacturer see if they bite 😄
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