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  1. Didn't have time to check earlier looks like already done https://itsfoss.com/linux-kernel-5-4/
  2. Yeah pine really need to get a distribution centre in Europe 😄
  3. Just needs to get into main linux kernel first.
  4. https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/opensource/2019/08/28/exfat-linux-kernel/
  5. Also got Stock Assigned email 😁 EU, QWERTY, #8xxx, Non IGG
  6. basically sort on local time not utc I didn't mean adjust them. They probably don't have local time stored though and didn't bother storing the offset see that a lot never know when you need to know when someone actually did something in the day.
  7. Should just order it by date paid using the countries timezone instead of UTC for sorting. That way if they are 8 hours different if they paid at 8 in the morning in one country its treated the same as another even though it was actually hours different.
  8. I best be in this batch my screen has started failing on my phone so need a replacement, will have to cancel otherwise and just get something else 😞
  9. I would got for a A2 classed card it would be fine for recording video and will perform better for storing applications especially when you have large games on it. (Better as a swap disk as well haha)
  10. That's how it sounded to me as well.
  11. do not email them again it sends you to the back of the queue in there support system 😉
  12. This has always been a balance between different speeds of things. Another reason to swap is to get contiguous memory (some idiot allocated too much :D)
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