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  1. Depends when you bought it as FxTec are not part of EU (well I have not seen a legal entity for them may have missed it). The transition period has expired now for EU and UK so it falls under UK consumer law which is different.
  2. Did multiple cars go over it 😄 The keyboard actually looks in good condition still. I definitely wouldn't trust that battery not to explode 😄
  3. well if its just the glass covering and not the actual screen.......
  4. Yeah same insides as Pro1 (So means it has a 835 cpu as well)
  5. Maybe he will negotiate the price if you send the screen as well 🙂
  6. Here they leave parcel in front of door wait for you to answer and take a picture.
  7. Sorry what I meant was get the details from DPD for the tracking number. Yes its upto FxTec to deal with DPD
  8. Here is the site on making small claims if you need it. Prob worth having a read through anyway to see if you can actually do this due to you been in a different country https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/small-claims/deciding-whether-to-make-a-small-claim/
  9. No this is FxTec shipping him the device back but it got sent back due to brexit so its with DPD or FxTec or Stolen
  10. You should be able to get all the information from DPD from the tracking number they gave you they would have take photo evidence of delivery back to FxTec. If they can't provide it then they didn't deliver it. If they do provide it you have evidence to take to FxTec and can also use this possibly in a small claims court to prove they have your device TBH this is the ideal situation as you can claim the full amount of money + time and expenses. If you put a claim in with DPD you will only get the insured amount so depends on the service they used (probably £100 or £200)
  11. Quite agree very reasonable and the replacement service is as well.
  12. ah sorry not caught everything in this thread
  13. Maybe send a pull request to the lineage team with the fix?
  14. This is an assumption but I presume you need to side load the updates each time to the correct slot instead of using auto updates. (Also assume auto update needs to be turned off)
  15. @order#10248 bet installing updates is fun 🙂
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