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  1. This is an assumption but I presume you need to side load the updates each time to the correct slot instead of using auto updates. (Also assume auto update needs to be turned off)
  2. @order#10248 bet installing updates is fun 🙂
  3. Yeah your going to need to request the evidence of delivery from DPD. As they say they have delivered it somewhere if they can't provide it then they are liable. (But only to the insured amount) But if the evidence does suggest they delivered it is with FxTec and in that case you can take them to the small claims court in the UK. (Not sure how that stands for an alien)
  4. I sorta discounted the flat ones as there not actually protecting the screen fully so pointless 😄
  5. @lawliettyeah there plastic poor description on item. I don't think there are any glass protectors for this screen
  6. Another thing on top of losing buyers protection you would lose your position in the queue to get the phone
  7. Yeah I am also running 16.1 that tdm created. I'm sticking with that for now don't see a reason to update to the latest one.
  8. Maybe just link to a github wiki so everyone can contribute but link to the relevant pages from the index one and lock it.
  9. Ok case arrived and as it does indeed fit very well. Needs the normal holes cutting which I haven't done yet can't find my belt cutter.
  10. Ah yes that will be why mine is a direct USB-C to USB-C
  11. Well sorting out that its obviously a glitch in AICP Q 😄 (presuming everyone checked there settings on AICP....)
  12. Sorry I mean 16.0 (too used to seeing 17.1) not sure I would recommend now as 17.1 is available. But here is the link
  13. You do have the option turned on don't you presuming its the same? Search for "camera" in settings and there is one for "Launch camera"
  14. Mine fast charges from my USB-C port on my laptop (Same port used to dock laptop and charge @ 230w) wonder my your think pad doesn't?
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