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  1. Having to use my phone as a hot spot a lot at the moment and I have noticed 1 wi-fi is poor generally (already mentioned elsewhere) but also it does need a reboot after a while something seems to crash and enabling disabling wifi + hotspot doesn't make it work again.
  2. Funnily enough I noticed today that icon changes to the method used to unlock briefly before going into the main screen shows a keypad / face / fingerprint (presume there is more). I was wondering why since the update my phone was always unlocked :S turned out I configured face unlock when I set it up and forgot about it! old age for you lol. Also shows a fingerprint when using that 😉 This also means there was probably a bug in face unlock possibly.
  3. _DW_

    Poor software stability?

    Thanks for keeping us all informed and glad it's sorted! 🙂
  4. Shame I already installed it! 😄
  5. How much of a roll does it take when you did the test one?
  6. Could this simply be down to over heating then maybe and thermal throttling is kicking in?
  7. Yeah should have thought of that one! definitely one to have.
  8. Well stock definitely asks for a pin number. I guess it depends on what you have configured security wise.
  9. Isn't that standard anyway, I always have to enter my pin after a power off/restarting?
  10. TBH that sound like enough to stop the false presses unless you like fondling your phone in your pocket 😄
  11. @auvo.salmi Try SHIFT+' ? Did you change your keyboard layout or is it on Default in settings? As SHIFT+2 would normally be " on a UK keyboard?
  12. That's not too bad for a first try! 👏
  13. Yes pleased 😄 (but towards a flip case!)
  14. Suppose next step would be to clean that up 🙂 (I've no idea how to do that otherwise I would)
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