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  1. I was just pointing out that there are competitors turning up but I am sure they are on the ball and working on a Pro2 I think the problem with the design of the astro slide is that the 2 arms are not connected so its easy to push to hard on 1 arm so it doesn't close evenly. They probably should be connected 🤷‍♂️
  2. Well especially since its direct competitor the Asto Slide is a better spec device at not much more cost to purchase in comparison to Pro1. They could ofc lower the price to sort that though.
  3. Its never really been in my pocket and just been sat on my desk due to covid so its not dirt 🙂. I actually was looking closer and I think the little leg part of the mechanism is getting loose, saying that there is travel on all the connecting points it does rattle (like others have mentioned) so I think the squeak is due to something not inline properly anymore.
  4. Funnily enough my hinge has started to squeak on the left side and the mechanism is getting looser compared to when I got it. So I'm concerned for it's longevity as well.
  5. I had problems on stock at first but got used to it. I've swapped to lineage now and enabled the in-built support and no issues at all. The only thing I do get an issue with is the settings cog in landscape mode it goes into the area which its turned off but ofc I just swap to portrait and access its not like I'm in settings all the time!
  6. I have been considering something similar but not quite the same reasons. But I have been considering just getting a Nokia Flip for phone tasks messaging / whats app and actually phoning people! and using Pro1 for everything else gaming, ssh, email, sat nav. Main reason is I see the pro1 as quite fragile and easily knocked out of my hands while out and about. A £80 phone getting destroyed I wouldn't care so much.
  7. This was found out a while back bit of a design flaw. You can also just push together the lower left side of the screen with the keyboard out together. There is a clip that gets loose on that section as there is no screw in place. Looking at your pictures I am guessing it's the bottom one of the 2 near the hinge.
  8. I made that swap and TBH I still can't make my mind up. I used the Key1 keyboard more but that was just because you had to Pro1 you don't, only time I use the keyboard is in games or SSH to a server. The benefit I do get is of course the performance. On another side there is the astro slide coming out next year which is a similar price but a lot better performance but it is larger (can even get it 35% off at the moment but thats risking indigogo backing). Hopefully FXTec have something in the works as well even if it's just updated specs and hardware design issues fixed. If y
  9. I had this phenomenon with a charger the other day. Touch screen started acting up a lot I was using it at the time so removed the charger and swapped to another one (nintendo switch). I wonder if it might cause long term damage if I hadn't noticed.
  10. Do you mean flash light / torch? If so it's just in the pull down settings menu for quick access.
  11. If they do a Priv 2 I may be tempted by it. I only got a key1 because priv specs are poor. do like the key1 keyboard.
  12. Mine went in the pouch once and never again just too fiddly. Really does need a flip case.
  13. I think that part of the phone just needs to be flush like the rest of the back part of the screen.
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