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Debian and other OS on the Pro1 X

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There are people working on a Mobian (Mobile Debian) port: https://github.com/hybris-mobian-images

I've attached a screenshot of the progress as reported on a Google drive link that was given by a porter on the Discord (with an understanding that it is not up-to-date, and that was on the 2020-10-23). I am not sharing the link, as it allows editing so I don't think it should be made that public.


From what I understand, the main barrier for other OSes being supported is that the drivers for the Pro1 are not available in the mainline Linux kernel. The current solutions rely on libhybris, which in effect makes it possible to use the Android drivers (and kernel maybe? I'm not sure). I believe PostmarketOS declined to consider the Pro1 as a viable target because of that (no interest of supporting devices through libhybris).

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