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  1. I've updated my report following a full firmware restore + clean install that was intended to let met clearly define how to reproduce the telephony issue but ended up removing it altogether. Haven't gotten GPS to work yet (and cellular internet doesn't appear to be working either). I don't know where to get details about UT development specific to the Pro1. There's UBports's repository collection, but it's not Pro1 specific. Installation is very easy: https://ubuntu-touch.io/get-ubuntu-touch
  2. I've been using Ubuntu Touch for about a week: Here's a report of what works and what doesn't: - OS Install process: almost perfect, a slight documentation issue for first time ADB users on Windows 10. ✔️ - OS Welcome thingy: Impeccable. ✔️ - Wi-Fi connection: Impeccable. ✔️ - Lorimi (the window manager): impeccable. ✔️ - The default terminal app: works well. ✔️ - GPS: does not work. That's an immediate deal breaker for me, but since I don't need to travel during our current quarantine, I'll test things out more. ❌ - Media player (for music): impeccable. ✔️ - Default web
  3. I thought libhybris was a replacement for (or at least part of) Mesa 3D so it would be compatible with the Android kernel. I am failing to find a clear picture of what the figure I showed before looks like in the Pro1's version of UT or SFOS. 🤔 Edit: I'm too tired to read it tonight, but I assume I'm not the only one getting a rather brutal introduction to all of this for the first time, so here's a website that looks like it explains it all: https://at.projects.genivi.org/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=53608808
  4. Alright, that's not quite the point where I think I'm mistaken. I do see quite clearly that there is a difference between the Wayland interfaces and EGL. What I don't understand is (and that was my question in the quoted discussion, hence my confusion if this is indeed not what the reply is about): the link between client and the user mode graphics drivers, is there a defined EGL API that allows replacing one user mode graphics drivers with another in a way that is transparent for the client, or does the client have to be compiled with an API that is only valid for a specific user mode gr
  5. I am also far from being expert on this, so it is entirely possible that I misinterpreted the following conversation: I took it to mean that once EGL buffers are properly integrated on the Android platform, hardware acceleration will become available to standard Wayland applications.
  6. Are you sure about that? Hardware acceleration seems to be working on both SailfishOS and Ubuntu Touch. From what I gather, the main issue is the Wayland protocol interfaces not being up to date (SailfishOS, but also sometimes with Ubuntu Touch), not proposing the standard interfaces (SailfishOS), or not quite yet featuring all the stuff they need for hardware acceleration but this lack is being worked on (Ubuntu Touch). Applications ported to these systems are modified to match such restrictions (use Mir on UT until Wayland support is fully there; use the peculiar Wayland interfaces on SFOS)
  7. Is there a list of what works and what doesn't with Ubuntu Touch on the Pro1? The initial message makes it seem like GPS navigation would not be available, for example.
  8. There are people working on a Mobian (Mobile Debian) port: https://github.com/hybris-mobian-images I've attached a screenshot of the progress as reported on a Google drive link that was given by a porter on the Discord (with an understanding that it is not up-to-date, and that was on the 2020-10-23). I am not sharing the link, as it allows editing so I don't think it should be made that public. From what I understand, the main barrier for other OSes being supported is that the drivers for the Pro1 are not available in the mainline Linux kernel. The current solutions rely on lib
  9. Getting a standard Linux install running on SailfishOS is pretty easy, thanks to containers. Hardware acceleration isn't available for those containers, as far as I know, so it might not be the best solution to play games.
  10. I have this issue with mine, but it's most likely due to something different (I am using SailfishOS). In my case, plugging the phone to a computer doesn't provide enough energy to charge (~500mW being consumed, versus ~1500mW when unplugged), but if I use an USB-C hub in between, it starts charging (around -1500mW consumed). However, the phone has a tendency to disconnect from the telephony network while charging that way. Using the adapter provided with the phone works fine though. I've only used once or twice, so I don't have much data for it. Using a car adapter also charges fine,
  11. IIRC, the last instructions given when receiving an import fee, was to accept it and send it to support for reimbursement:
  12. Yes, it used to say 4 to 6 weeks, if I recall correctly.
  13. Not really. The last update indicated that they were trying to get the factory to output one (unknown size) batch every two or three weeks. That's basically 21 days in-between batches. According to the usual thread for informing people they are received, the last "stock assigned" messages were sent June 3 (23 days ago), so they might not have succeeded in getting that deal (or have a small delay in sending new stock assigned messages, in which case we'll know soon enough).
  14. The removal of the time limit does help a lot. The main issue with only using the forum would now be indexing. for example, if I were to look for the currently available OSes for the Pro1.
  15. Hey, Do any of you know of a good (and free) platform to host a community wiki for the Pro1? The issue being that the forums are good for discussions, but not for providing information and guides (especially considering there is a time limit for editing posts). For example, if you were to discover this phone today, you'd have a hard time finding out which OSes are available for it and where the guide for each of them is. Basically, if you know to search for it, the forums will provide you the info you need, but there is no index, nor much separation between conversation and guides (n
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