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If an app frequently rejects and disables authorization by fingerprint...

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..., complaining the fingerprint configuration would have changed although it hasn't, disable developer options and try again.

For me, it seems to have done the trick with the Pro1X on stock Android 11.

(I was suspecting a device-specific issue, although my Pro1 did behave similarly for some time, and if I remember correctly a reinstall or upgrade of LineageOS fixed it. Anyway I thought I'd send my bank a message—ING, Germany's biggest direct bank—complaining that their app cannot really be used with the fingerprint scanner, making it a nuisance to work with it. Two or three days later, today I actually got a phone call from them, and their support person said that there were some device + Android combinations (within the huge amount of possible ones) which would exhibit this behaviour, and while they still wouldn't know exactly which ones, switching off developer options, if enabled, had become the first thing they'd suggest to try. Thumbs up.)

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Unfortunately, it worked just for a week or two and since then the app rejects fingerprints again with just the same false error message, so I had to disable them in that app.

Which is a bummer, but then again, even where an app doesn't cause additional problems, I have never had such an unreliable fingerprint scanner on any device. The Pro1 was an order of magnitude more reliable in recognizing finger presses. The ratio of success at first attempt on the Pro1X is near zero for me. Sometimes things become better by making the phone relearn the specific fingerprint – for some time. After that, of course all kinds of apps rightly complain about a changed fingerprint config and switch it off for the app...

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