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  1. Things are getting more and more complicated in that regard. A number of apps don't work on a rooted device, and I fear they're getting more. Now some of them will work with MagiskHide, but some won't. On the other hand, some apps don't even work on an unrooted, alternative Android like LineageOS. They might explicitly check for a non-stock ROM, or they might check for an unlocked bootloader. Depending on how they do it, you might be out of luck whether you're rooted or not. With one important app (VPN identity token) which didn't run on the unrooted LOS that I had been using I was l
  2. From what I've read here, the driver does get updated with a stock reflash plus going through all OTA stock updates, as one of them includes the driver update. It would seem that Fxtec needed to apply the changes themselves because from some point on the displays they received (whether in production or for their repair units) were of the variation that needed them...
  3. Even in the EU, at least in Germany, those two years warranty are really only half a year, because after that it's the purchaser's obligation to prove that a defect was the manufacturer's fault. So a full year of real manufacturer's warranty may actually be an improvement to what the law requires.
  4. I can't believe it, another screen broken – I just tried to swipe a fly from the display, and what I did was swiping the phone from the table, because the EFFING SCREEN PROTECTOR I'm now using since my last accident is sticky to the touch! So it's back to @EvilDragon's repair service...
  5. True, if you don't count the keyboard... Still, my impression – not just from what I myself do (hardly any of which needs more than a low-end SoC) , but also what I read about SoCs and their real-world performance – is that 3 or 4 years old high-end chips like the SD 835 we have in our Pro1 hardly show any lack of real-world performance even today. And the more current, but also more lowly SD 662 shows similar CPU benchmarks, it's just the GPU that comes with a potentially noticeable drop of performance. Any real world applications which don't heavily rely on GPU performance will work jus
  6. I guess the interesting part of this is the "expect shipping to begin between October and November" part. The interesting question now is whether my 2019 order will still succeed in its 3rd attempt to arrive at Christmas! All good things come in threes, or so they say?
  7. With Fxtec's track record, even though I still don't doubt their best intentions, I'd rather expect the first batch to be sent out around 31th Aug...
  8. LTE but no GSM? That's gross, but it doesn't surprise me in Germany. Just today there were reports that Telekom's process switching off 3G networks in favour of 4G and preparing for 5G has left some regions to GPRS and EDGE only... So when you disable "4G calling" under "network and internet" -> your provider, you cannot take/make any calls at all? I fear you might be out of luck then with regard to using the phone by itself with its mic and speaker. The only workaround I could think of would be using a headset (cable or bluetooth, while bluetooth sometimes seems to have its own
  9. This is an ancient thread, but I might just as well add that this thread: and my recent update for LineageOS 18.1: ... details a relatively easy way to install and configure Pro¹ devices to use AICP or LineageOS so that Netflix and Disney Plus apps do appear in the Play Store and can be installed normally; also Google Pay works for contactless payment with the smartphone at the supermarket counter (which over here is the only real method to make sure you don't need to touch that keypad)...
  10. Success here with OTA update, too, which kept Magisk and MindThe Gapps as they were.
  11. @Noob @VaZso Bummer. Now in yesterday's conference call, audio suffered badly from distortion and dropouts in both what I said and what I heard. Switching the headset off and using only the phone itself improved things only slightly, though. (I hung up and dialed in with the landline phone.)
  12. @Noob No problem here with two different 'Jabra Talk' in-ear/on-ear headsets, I'm using them regularly for conference calls.
  13. BTW, no more than 1200x900 px for me anymore, either...
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