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  1. I tried formatting the SD card to ext3 once when I was still using the Pro1 under a previous LOS version (16 or 18), but while it was seen by the system and, at a first glance, seemed usable, it didn't work out because the OS does not properly deal with the owner and permission flags ext3 offers when it's seeing an SD card. Stuff apps put on the SD card frequently became unreadable, apps stopped working. So I went back to FAT...
  2. LOL! But that's strange indeed. Would actually be a showstopper for me.
  3. Does this mean there is a way to set this parameter with an android app? Theoretically yes, and such an app actually exists, but the one I know of does not work on current Android/LOS versions, so it doesn't help us here. Those apps are not supposed to reach the end user, and what exactly it is they do is not documented for the public, either. The app I've seen comes from the display controller manufacturer. I used it myself to 'flash' my first display replacement when my Pro1 still ran on what I think was LOS 16. For later replacements (I think all in all I had three), while ru
  4. Yes it is, and I think for the Pro1 it has to be the most recent version, because the display's border defaults (it's a chip on the display that has to be flashed) had changed during the production of the phone, and at some point Fxtec had to account for that in the phone's firmware, if I remember correctly.
  5. Same for me. Are there any border settings in stock Android which still might be tweaked? I knew I had them on the Pro1 with LineageOS but so far I didn't find anything like that on the Pro1X with stock Android.
  6. Good question; after reading that post, I mailed support to confirm that there actually are fingerprint sensor and back cover replacements (and whether I could get the replacement done by them), but they never got back to me...
  7. 'Manual Camera DSLR Pro' here (the name might be offputting for more casual shooters, but I think the app itself is quite straightforward and has all the usual automatic modes which are also enabled by default). I just have to make sure 'RAW' is disabled, otherwise it just stalls when trying to snap a shot. For when I really want RAW files, I have the 'ProShot' app installed, but rarely ever use it. (I'm still on stock Android, though, so LOS usage may be slightly different at some point.)
  8. My experience based on one Pro1 and two Pro1X phones (both blue, QWERTY, 8/256 GB) suggests that GPS accuracy (and maybe more) is prone to some sample variation between phones. My first Pro1X was like @AndytheNoob's. Recorded GPS tracks while hiking are probably never as straight as someone might expect, but that Pro1X showed far stronger deviations from it than the Pro1. Also, and again other than the Pro1, driving on a road with another road running in parallel in maybe something like 50 or even 100 m distance frequently made the navigation on the Pro1X jump around between both, not being ab
  9. Because buyers and prospective buyers complained, as the 'original' QWERTY layout was actually a shifted, non-standard layout many found less easy to type on than if it would have been non-shifted. Some who would normally have preferred QWERTY over QWERTZ even chose QWERTZ because of it. It's actually one of the few "manufacturer listened to customers" aspects of the Pro1X. To be honest, I couldn't think of any other reason than already being familiar with the shifted layout to prefer it over the non-shifted one, and while I'm a fervent opponent against change just for change's sake, I think t
  10. It's not official yet. I'm still on on the original Android, too. I don´t use one of the browsers which are affected from the bug, though, so that aspect doesn't bother me personally. Now I never found the original Pro1's fingerprint reader too reliable, but the one in the Pro1X indeed is even worse. The Pro1 had a tendency to fail with moist fingers, the Pro1X has a tendency to fail with dry fingers, which affects me more. Also, somehow it behaves as if the stored fingerprint data would somehow deteriorate, and the success rate of fingerprint recognition becomes lower and lower, until I
  11. Why are you trying to install such an ancient version? The current version of Magisk is 26.1. I suppose he meant LOS 20.0, not Magisk 20.0 🙂
  12. [deleted *** replied before reading everything...]
  13. I already found it difficult to read out my German id card, but eventually I succeeded, too. But there seems to be a general NFC issue that prevents some tag types to be read, including those in the Yubikeys. Not sure whether the reason is hardware or software, but if it is software, I would suspect it is in the device-specific parts which need to be incorporated into LineageOS as they are and which could only be fixed by the manufacturer, which doesn't seem to have too much resources there as of now.
  14. Yes, one in the Pro1X, and a second one in the mobile router. The second one is, in my case, a second SIM for the same mobile contract, but that isn't actually necessary for the setup to work. You do need a provider that supports voice over WiFi/Wifi Calling, though, obviously, and voice quality can still be bad, if the mobile router isn't really near the phone, but most of the time I'm happy with it and most importantly the internet connection is good.
  15. Interesting! I suppose the one major thing that would still need to be confirmed for those approaches is their long-term durability. I wouldn't like it, say, if, at some point, that fluid would drip into my coffee while I'm typing 😉
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