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  1. Wow, thanks. I knew of FinQuerty, of course, but I didn't know it did that, too, including the necessary 'dead keys'. So that would be a good option for stock. Searching again, I find evidence that there is something like that in Lineage, too: I guess that should also include Umlauts? (I'm not decided yet whether I'll use LineageOS or rather stick to stock, but I guess I'll try Lineage first with the few critical apps that might check for SafetyNet and go back to stock only if I absolutely must...) In the end, the QWERTY layout might have a slight disadvantage for text, but an
  2. Sorry if I missed that somewhere (and I'm unable to find anything in these web forums, even in one I'm hosting myself); until now I didn't care for QWERTY because I ordered my device with QWERTZ. Now it seems I might get my Pro¹ sooner when I change the order to QWERTY, so I'd like to know if anyone is using the QWERTY layout to write text that includes special national characters like Umlauts, especially the German ones (ÄÖÜäöüß), like the "US International" keyboard on PCs does it (Which would be " follwed by A etc. for Umlauts and something like AltGr-S for ß...) ? Does that work? I ha
  3. Could you email your order ID to [email protected]? I don't see one linking to this community account. So would you say those 12 months now count as an outlier? And I'd like to join the request – September 19, 2019, QWERTZ. If nothing else, this definitely has been a good training in patience! Maybe I've even become a bit more even-tempered overall along the way 😉 Most of us who are employees, "sellers" of their labour to the "customers" aka bosses, will know that principle quite well, if they think about it... 😉
  4. Can't remember whether we had that here already, but did anyone perhaps try "FiLMiC Pro" by any chance? It's 15€, though (which is why I didn't try it on my Motorola phone yet since I rarely ever shoot video, let alone with the phone), but it seems that it might be the most sophisticated video recording app available for Android so far.
  5. Not on mobile, no, sorry (while I'm also still waiting for my Pro¹)... Only using the Linux client now and then to help kinsfolk with their Windows machines 🙂
  6. I confess I rarely shoot video with phones, but I would expect such a noise suppression feature, if available, to be activated for voice calls, but never for video recording... There shouldn't anything at all be cancelled out... Edit: Tried it again with my Moto Z3 Play – unfortunately, it does it, too, although the cutoff level seems very low...
  7. Of course not. But we do not live in a world in which things tend to be what they are for good technical reasons (let alone for reasons of human needs), and Google, of all companies, can hardly be expected to change that... Renowned SF writer Cory Doctorow published a piece about the issue just a couple of days ago, it's titled "How to destroy Surveillance Capitalism" – but actually I think even he's still too optimistic.
  8. Stupid? Ok, I agree that cancelling the order a week before shipment after waiting eleven months certainly qualifies 😉
  9. .... and the headline now correctly says LineageOS 17.1 adds support for the OnePlus One, Sony Xperia XZ2, XZ2 Compact, while F(x)tec Pro1 gets LineageOS 16
  10. After some four or five hours of driving with navigation running, the Blackberry Priv I once had usually shut itself down due to overheating. This of course happened when I already was right inside that big destination city where I was completely lost without navigation – having to seek a parking bay only to wait for the damned thing to cool down, already being late for the appointment, of course...
  11. Which legislature gives you the right to demand getting your phone before them, just because Fxtec "promised" at a date when the world was a different one than it is today? Envy and greed. "i want my plaything before others who ordered later, otherwise I can't be happy with it anymore". Even if those others are just a vanishingly small number which have no effect at all on the rest of the shipments. Even if those vanishingly small numbers are important for the manufacturer to even stay in business, for which things like those unboxing videos coming from around the whole world actually may
  12. @Craig Excellent! Thanks for the notice. I was already fearing that I might get my device too soon 😉
  13. #36xxx QWERTZ, Germany – not yet... *sigh*
  14. New mailing from Fxtec: Hello! We hope you are well and keeping safe. We just wanted to get in touch to give you an update with regards to manufacturing and shipping of remaining customer orders, but also to fill you in on everything that has been going on with the F(x)tec team. We are still currently understaffed as some of the F(x)tec team are on on furlough. This has undoubtedly resulted in our customer service and email responses taking much longer than usual to sort through and respond to, and for this we really do apologise. We are working through queries as quickly as we ca
  15. Ubuntu Touch with transparent Android apps support would be my dream. Wouldn't get any of those security-sensitive apps to run there, I suppose...
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