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  1. I made the order via Indiegogo and it was successfully registered.
  2. Yeah, it more and more looks like they might be bending rules and exploiting loopholes in trying to keep afloat. They also might already be doing that for longer than we might like to believe. Still they seem to be intent on serving every order, and while I understand everyone's frustration, I'd rather see a few hundred devices being offered cheap from Expansys and some others before I get the one order that I'm still waiting for, if whatever is happening there increases the chances of me getting anything at all. (For what it's worth, these, by the way, don´t seem to be offere
  3. I've ordered one some time ago (still waiting for it, though, as accessories are said to be delivered only after all the device pre-orders have been fulfilled) – because Fxtec seems to be the only source for the battery. No-one so far could find that specific type of battery anywhere else. Maybe it's even a custom shape that's not used in any other device. And even if the spare battery might deteriorate a little bit while being stored, a slightly deteriorated battery is still better than no working battery 😉
  4. Yes, I'm on Stock 2.1.2, which has been my daily driver now for several months despite its shortcomings. I didn't bother installing one of the betas yet; my plan is to go straight to LineageOS when it's official. I had no problems with calls until yesterday when the other side didn't hear me until after two or three reconnections, but that also included a mobile router and a bluetooth headset so I cannot say where exactly the problem was yesterday...
  5. For what it's worth... No band switching here, but that doesn't mean there would be a stable data connection, either. Pro1X with stock Android.
  6. Germany without 3G here, too, Vodafone and T-Mobile SIMs: LTE frequently drops on both SIMs, so no good internet, but voice is no problem, both incoming at outgoing calls work well enough so far.
  7. Donate link worked fine for me using Pay Pal. Where is it? 🙂
  8. Yay! Thanks for the heads up, @Sean McCreary !
  9. Problem is, there are very large world regions which are wholly reduced to only LTE, like most if not all of the USA, if I understand correctly... That said, as I verified yesterday, temporarily (until the fix arrives) carrying a tiny mobile LTE router with a second SIM card should make the phone fully functional for both mobile internet and voice calls. The latter just needs VoWiFi support from the provider and VoWiFi priority configured on the phone. (I noticed the limited VoWiFi sound quality, too; it made me think it must have fallen back to GSM after all, but it didn't...!)
  10. For some weeks, as a workaround for the bad LTE connectivity, I've been carrying a sensibly small and light mobile LTE router (TP-Link M3750) fitted with a second SIM card from my mobile provider, taking from the same data quota that the phone itself would use. For the time being, this workaround provides good internet access when I'm not at home, also while driving in my car, for both the phone and the devices for which I would otherwise use the phone as an access point like my laptop. (Too bad that while it takes a Micro SD card, too, this is limited to 32 GB; otherwise I could store my
  11. @Tomatoman29 @VaZso As a late followup to this... ... I can add (I think I mentioned it elsewhere at the time, but forget to add an update here) that I did get the USB connector module for the Pro1 from Fxtec, replaced it and the connection problems were gone. (I found it difficult, though, to open and reassemble the bottom part of the phone without breaking anything, like the tiny wire that connects the fingerprint reader and the inside parts of the phone buttons (camera, on/off, volume +/-)... Maybe support still has some of the boards?
  12. Thanks! That's good to know. The source I had my information from must have done something wrong there then...
  13. Contrary to that guide, I've also read that QPST/QFIL does not even work in a Windows VM under Linux (let alone under Wine, as there is no direct USB access under Wine). For QPST/QFIL, it would seem you really need a 'physical' Windows system.
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