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  1. Ubuntu Touch with transparent Android apps support would be my dream. Wouldn't get any of those security-sensitive apps to run there, I suppose...
  2. I surely would be, if I already had the device πŸ˜‰
  3. The notion that manufacturers would be interested in a long life of their products is, unfortunately, a misunderstanding πŸ˜‰ That's probably because he meant Quick Charge, not Quality Control πŸ™‚
  4. Bummer. I already feared that might be the case when I turned an Amazon Fire tablet into a usable device recently by flashing LineageOS and I couldn't get SafetyNet to fully pass with Magisk. Still, as that was the first time I attempted something like that, being happy enough that I managed to get LineageOS running at all, I thought I might have done something wrong. Not that I would need SafetyNet to pass on that device, though – Amazon Prime installs and runs, Netflix installs from APK, I'm not interested in Disney, and I don't run any other SafetyNet-sensitive apps on it. On my phone, it's different. As far as I can see, I currently use four potentially SafetyNet-sensitive apps or services on what is still a Moto Z3 Play, which are Google Pay, an OTP app that authenticates me for remote work through my employer's VPN, my banking app (which has become mandatory for even just entering their homebanking website on my PC) and my health insurance's app. Google Pay is the one item I could do without, I only use it for contactless payments when I'm out shopping, and for a small fee I could get a chipped debit card from my bank instead. Or I could hold onto my old phone until December, at least for payments, until the card expires – the new one will come with NFC anyway. On the Amazon tablet, the other three apps don't appear in Play Store, but I managed to install them from apk (extraced from the Play Store over the web with https://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/) and start them all right, but I have yet to find out whether I can bind those apps to a ProΒΉ device running LineageOS, log into them and actually use them for their purposes. If not, I can only use the stock system – and if this should turn out to be still as buggy as it is being reported to be when I finally get it, or even only have that call volume bug not fixed, I fear that the only thing I can do with it is to put it in the drawer, to try again if and when a bugfixed firmware might appear. As much as I have been craving that real keyboard phone now for so long and as much as I've been trying to support the manufacturer in this and other forums, I'm actually starting to play with the idea that I could also put it up for sale again right away in this case; I have better uses for that amount of money than to have it lying in my drawer for who knows how long...
  5. Another follow-up in that case, just to counter the impression that Fxtec would be the only company with excessive production and shipping delays. I wrote the above post just before the pandemic hit, and shipments stopped soon after. From their latest estimate it now becomes clear that I won't get my item before October. Perhaps it will be still before Christmas, though - only not Christmas 2019... Oh, and by the way, the option to cancel and get a refund already disappeared months ago, but that of course is because it's Indiegogo, after all...
  6. But is it impossible already? Wu also said, "doesn't seem to be fully enforced yet" and [attempts to hack around are] "meaningless after this change is fully deployed AND properly implemented", but is it already, and will it be on all Android versions which are currently relevant for us, most importantly LOS 16?
  7. I know... It's just as official, though. All the other posts there since the end of January came from users and had been moved there from this thread by @EskeRahn. I suppose he just happened to overlook this last one... I guess you should have got it by e-mail, too, though, if you're an orderer or pre-orderer; or didn't you?
  8. Latest info from Fxtec was on June 4: That said, another update wouldn't hurt. Nor would sending me my phone πŸ˜‰
  9. Which goes to show how much this outdated device with its outdated CPU etc. is not worth its list price...
  10. If I had to guess, I'd think, even if the number of ProΒΉ phones out there is comparatively small, the company that pushes the software updates (IDEA international Development Ltd., Shenzhen) has a much larger number of devices to serve everytime they have new security updates to roll out; they cannot serve all devices at the same time, so they'll probably distribute the updates over a substantial time interval, perhaps even over a few weeks.
  11. I think there are at least two examples so far which allow installation of (some) Chrome extensions in an Android browser: Kiwi and Yandex. My experiences (with the latter) are mixed, though (not even wanting to get into the subject of data protection here) and I have no idea how the developers accomplished it, either.
  12. I beg to differ πŸ˜‰ Android wasn't really designed to be rooted by the user, and if it can be in a device, it's by no obvious or openly available means. Means which neither Android itself nor the device's manufacturer openly provided. Some devices are not rootable at all, like the Priv. Properly done, root access would have been implemented like other operating systems do, as temporarily elevated privileges with no need to put the whole device in a permanent state of being unsafe. The fact that it wasn't done like that can only be attributed to Android as the operating system, and its designers – the more so as the underlying Linux could have given them everything they'd need to do it right...
  13. I don't know if that still holds, but beside the obvious criteria, most obviously date of purchase, since those corona-caused supply shortages also type of keyboard, specific shippings sometimes were also being grouped by destination region. And whatever it was – although I suppose Fxtec really tried, it became clear quite soon that they couldn't really guarantee that shippings unfailingly follow date of purchase (it never was order number anyway, but in this case it is obvious that there must be many #3xxxx orders still open which were paid before any #48xxx order, too, mine being one of them, as I paid order #36xxx the day I placed it, if I remember correctly).
  14. I'm from Germany with order #36xxx for a QWERTZ device, though mine wasn't in this batch yet. But I got this new message: Hello! We hope you are well and keeping safe. With the factory returning to normal production speeds, we are making steady progress working through remaining orders. The factory has confirmed a small batch of Pro1’s is ready to leave the factory, and those that have been allocated stock should now have received a shipping update. We are currently negotiating shipment releases on a 2-3 week basis with the factory, and will be in touch when the next shipment is ready. Thank you for your continued patience and support. Sincerely, Team F(x)tec
  15. Indeed... Me, I never wanted to use a no-keyboard smartphone, and I never did, until I bought the Moto Z in early 2018 which wasn't even supposed to be one, as the first few pre-production samples of the Moto Keyboard Mod to clip onto it were just being shipped to customers. It was unfortunate for all involved that those samples remained the only ones. The promise of a future phone from the same people, instead of just a keyboard attachment, was my only hope to get another keyboard phone again anytime soon. Some fifteen months later, about a year ago, I grudgingly bought my first smartphone that clearly was a no-keyboard smartphone and could never be modified to become something else, the Moto Z3 Play, after the Moto Z's second battery croaked, too, which being undersized was a design flaw with that first phone of the series. I surely wasn't expecting to need the Z3 Play that long and I was hoping to be able to get a bit of money back by selling it when the ProΒΉ would come, but now that I've managed to get two ugly scratches into the screen in the meantime, I guess I can forget about that, and a backup phone it will become. At least it is still fully functional and doesn't show any other signs of wear or deterioration yet, and I haven't lost my hopes that it will indeed just be a few more weeks before I can make it disappear in the drawer... πŸ™‚
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