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  1. @mbecroft The instructions I suppose you're referring to describe the use of a proprietary not-for-distribution flashing tool specific to the digitizer in our screens. The flashing tool used to work with LOS 17.1 (Android versions up to Android 10), but there's no way to make them work with LOS 18.1. Hardly anything about that tool seems to exist on the net, and the few mentions I found only refer to even older versions than the one we're talking about here. For the time being, the only solution to the margins problem (for someone not using stock Android) unfortunately seems to be to flas
  2. Cannot say whether it's discharging as quickly as it would be without being connected, but yes, my impression is that in both cases (both the "not charging" state and, like this time, "discharging"), the phone is actually discharging. I'll have a closer look, though, as I'm also running the AccuBattery app which should be able to authoritatively answer that question. [Edit:] Yesterday: 06:52: used for 32m, 75% -> 70% (this was the normal discharge cycle. After that, charging should have started again) 07:24: used for 7h 38m, 71% -> 28% (connected all the time; at 28%, st
  3. Spoken too soon; in the morning (now on 18.1-20211115-NIGHTLY-pro1), while connected, the battery was down to 20%, there was no flash symbol in the status bar and AccA again reported "not charging". (It's been some time, but I think the latter should have read "there was a flash symbol"...) Strange things continue to happen. Today, just before successfully updating to 18.1-20220110-NIGHTLY-pro1, the phone was down to 28%, "discharging", no flash symbol, while being connected to a charger. No connection problem, I immediately tried different cables and chargers. After reboot, cha
  4. Definitely! But with only one product that had to be delayed again and again for mostly no reasons of your own, with what would you pay your debts? Using the delay to design and market something else, potentially with a good profit margin, too, thereby hoping to keep your company afloat, actually might be the best option for enabling you to finally pay those debts.
  5. Ok, now I'm seeing strange behaviour even without a voltage limit, with the battery level display becoming erratic... I guess for the time being I'll be reverting to my low-power chargers...
  6. Indeed... Still, I would expect this to work, with ACC being as widely used as it seems to be... My impression is that, with the voltage limit activated, the estimating process is lacking some input it normally would get while charging. Like the fact that the phone even is charging. (When I disable the voltage limit and only keep the current limit, the battery state changes from "Charging (Tapered)" to "Charging (Fast)"...)
  7. Another addition: There still is something wrong when I set limits not only for current, but also for voltage. AccA then reports the battery state as 'Charging (tapered)', and even though displayed current and voltage look plausible, the displayed battery level does not increase. In my case today it stayed at 49% for hours. Only after disabling the voltage limit, the battery level jumped in a few big leaps within a minute or so to 81% (even though my charge limit is 75%). Looks like with an active voltage limit, the operating system is no longer informed about increasing battery lev
  8. I confirm that it works with my phone, too! (It's been a while that I tried and found it to not work, there were a few updates for both LineageOS and ACC in the meantime.) It's does not follow my voltage and current limits exactly, but it generally does what it says it does. Addition: I have a strong suspicion that the "AccuBattery" app which I've been running just to see battery health changes over time interferes with the current and voltage limiter function in ACC. After disabling it, ACC follows my limits more closely...
  9. I confirm that it works with my phone, too! (It's been a while that I tried and found it to not work, there were a few updates for both LineageOS and ACC in the meantime.) It's does not follow my voltage and current limits exactly, but it generally does what it says it does.
  10. Yes, a happy new year to all! Or like the toast was in my house last night: "f*ck 2021"! By the way, there is a new product coming from F(x)Tec which I only learned about today through the Vimeo username from which the Pro1X video clips were posted. It's called the Linxdot Helium Hotspot, which seems to be a device that, in starting it up, becomes part of a LoRaWAN (low-power wide area network) based wireless network infrastructure. The owner then is rewarded with "Helium Network Tokens" ($HNT) which is a cryptocurrency, depending on how much coverage the device provides within that netwo
  11. This one? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ITmEdNWeGZTAmkmMTW07qvmHn8u9oyNl
  12. Yes, it is. Where ACC also does not help is the mysterious issue of phones suddenly stopping to charge (with the status bar still showing the arrow) which some of us have been experiencing for some months now every once in a while. AccA then reports the state being "not charging" instead of either "charging" or "discharging", and the only remedy so far is to reboot the phone. (There was already a lot of discussion about this here, and If I remember correctly, the same or at least a very similar issue has been noticed on other phones, too, with fixes being rolled out for their specific bui
  13. For limiting the maximum charge level, I use the Magisk module 'Advanced Charging Controller' (ACC) which also has a corresponding app (AccA). In normal use, I let it stop charging at 75% and start again when the level is down to 70%. ACC also has options to limit charging current and voltage, but these don't work with all phones and it seems they specifically don't work with ours. Neither do we have a 'battery idle mode' which could be prioritsed by ACC (completely bypass the battery when charger is connected and battery does not need charging).
  14. Stock Android has been severely neglected on the Pro1. That said, the device has been designed for being used with alternative ROMs right from the start, and there are official versions of LineageOS (LOS) 18.1 (which is what I'm using) and Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) available for the Pro1 which are mature and do get weekly updates. Here's a thread (best read through it, it's not too long) that details how to install custom ROMs LOS or AICP if maximum compatibility to the stock Android experience (including running most safety-conscious apps) is the goal: Regarding Linux, there'
  15. "Working on their next phone" might not be that absurd after all... If everything would have gone well with the Pro1, I suppose 2021 would have been the proper year to introduce a Pro2 anyway... And with the kind of stopgap the Pro1X has become and all the additional design work that had become necessary now done, I suppose that, commercially, getting a new, attractive phone ready is really the most import thing for them now...
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