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  1. If I gave the impression, I apologise, that's not what I think, they're perfectly valid reasons. I'm also sure that most if not all of the people here would agree, no matter how much they prioritised the keyboard in the argument going on. That said, the hardware is what it is, but regarding the software we only see the current state. There's no proper Ubuntu Touch / Sailfish OS / LineageOS support now, due to the hardware changes, and the phone didn't come with the ordered operating systems preinstalled. That's a bummer for sure, but not the end of the world as of yet, as there's developm
  2. The fact that they didn't already fold two years ago (and nobody could have blamed them for that), or at the latest when they didn't get the SD835 chips which they were supposed to get for the Pro1 X, with us getting neither a phone nor our money back, is nothing short of a miracle – and, if anything, proof of their commitment to what they try to do, as lacking as both product and support still are in many ways. If your friend really doesn't get to like her Pro1 X, which no one here will blame her for, she still will be able to sell it for more than she paid, as @EskeRahn said. Prices ab
  3. @Omairi: We know the chip is weak, in benchmark figures, compared to other phones of the same price, which is so because the keyboard doesn't come for free. Or did you expect it to? But is the chip *too* weak? Is there anything you need to do with your phone for which it is? Also, don't call me 'fan'; I'm just a user who has some demands for their tools.
  4. The FinQuerty app which now also has layouts for the Pro1 X (thanks to @EskeRahn for mentioning this), fixes this issue with the "FinQuerty F(x)tec Pro1 X, German for physical DE QWERTZ" layout. Excellent.
  5. (1.) A review of a different phone. You should decide whether you want to talk about the Pro1 or the Pro1X. Or is it that you don´t really care because you're just out to spread FUD about the brand as such? (2.) That's one review, i.e. anecdotal evidence, from someone who seems to have a Pro1 phone that had some well-known problems, but also didn't seem to have worked as well as other samples did including mine (until recently, at least, after finally getting too much abuse). (3.) While some of the criticism is, again, valid, the moral of that story is that you shouldn't buy a hard
  6. If anyone should feel inclined to comment at makeuseof.com, which, so far, I did perceive as a reputable source of information for a lot of different fields, be aware that there seems to be a trigger-happy spam filter in place, or maybe trigger-happy visitors (for now, I won't suspect the author himself) who misuse the spam button for content they disagree with. Could be Disqus, though, rather than makeuseof.com, but I've been on Disqus under different nicks for a really long time and never have had anything I wrote marked as spam yet. Disqus has a 'this is not spam' option for a commenter if
  7. I have at least acceptable experiences with their ticket system. While most of my support requests from three years since my first order were answered, not all were, and not all in a sensible time frame. One wasn't even acknowledged with an auto-reply (which again may mean they didn't even receive it, so they're of course also excused for not answering). One thing we should be aware of, or so we have been told, is that if we follow up to one of our own e-mails to support before they have responded, the ticket also moves back to the very end of the queue. Which can easily account for extre
  8. I hate that I can't both 'like' and say 'thanks' here 😉 Excellent news indeed.
  9. I think it is harder to obtain that part but it worth a try to ask if F(x)tec has spare items. Unfortunately I can report that they didn't have any when I asked, which was just recently. Those sensors indeed seem to be difficult to source, all the more so since the Pro1X now uses a different one.
  10. As I mentioned somewhere, they already conceded that, in China, the delivery order has become mixed up, unfortunately, which also is why I already have my Oct 2020 IGG order while still waiting for my Sept 2019 (sic!) website order. Probably hasn't been the only problem with the shipping company, seeing that their dealings with them seem to have come to a complete halt.
  11. ..., complaining the fingerprint configuration would have changed although it hasn't, disable developer options and try again. For me, it seems to have done the trick with the Pro1X on stock Android 11. (I was suspecting a device-specific issue, although my Pro1 did behave similarly for some time, and if I remember correctly a reinstall or upgrade of LineageOS fixed it. Anyway I thought I'd send my bank a message—ING, Germany's biggest direct bank—complaining that their app cannot really be used with the fingerprint scanner, making it a nuisance to work with it. Two or three days lat
  12. Yes, this is recent, and I rarely ever shut down or reboot the phone, as I, luckily, haven't experienced the "not charging" issue with it yet... I surely did add a few apps recently and also probably removed one or two. (Problem is, I tend to remove fewer apps than I install.)
  13. Lately, the Android 11 System UI starts to crash now and then, after the device has been in use for some time (at least a few days). Once it has started behaving like that, one thing that reliably triggers the crash is opening or closing the hardware keyboard. Drove me nuts today when I was in one of my banking apps which should give me a code to authenticate a transaction in my laptop's browser, I opened out the keyboard to enter that app's password, just to see everything disappear behind the lock screen that the crashed System UI had brought up. Logged in to the phone again, the
  14. Just for the record, I recently ordered a display assembly from Fxtec and it took only a few days to arrive from the UK (Fedex made me pay import fees, though, if I remember correctly). If they still have them in stock in the UK, you might get lucky.
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