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  1. Many small goods deliveries for consumers are being delayed here in Germany now, by the way. Amazon Germany gives estimates of one or two weeks now for non-essential stuff which is in stock and would normally take just one day – even things like their own Fire Tablets. (I try to avoid Amazon myself as good as I can, but one of my tablets needed replacing – and then I ordered a Fire 8 HD Tablet because it was unbeatably cheap and a quick research showed there actually is a Lineage OS ROM for it...)
  2. On 03-04-20 21:16 FX Technology Limited wrote: > Hey guys! > > Quick follow up from last week's email. > > Firstly, as Chinese travel restrictions are still in place, the keyboard > delivery we were expecting on Saturday (28th March) was delayed again, > and ended up arriving on Wednesday. We have also since discovered that > certain parts of the keyboards structure failed our quality control > process. This means that we need a replacement batch before we can > continue production. > > Unfortunately things are taking slightly longer than we anticipated, but > with our new keyboard delivery scheduled for Wednesday 8th April, we > should be able to pick up the pace again from next week. > > We have a small number of devices which are ready to ship and will be > dispatched next week. All remaining customer orders will be shipped in > due course. Please understand that such obstacles are completely out of > our control and we are trying our best to speed up production and > delivery rates for you all given the circumstances we are under. > > As always, we would like to thank you for your patience especially now > given the difficult situation we are all in. We really do appreciate > your support and sticking by us. > > Sincerely, > > Team F(x)tec
  3. While I agree FxTec perhaps shouldn't have been publicly promising, and shouldn't continue to promise even today, 4-6 weeks delivery time for regular orders while even pre-orders were (are) still being processed, and while I perfectly understand your disappointment about the substantial delay (I'm still waiting for my device as well, ordered on September, 20), the quality of support isn't really a matter of someone's feelings... As far as I can see, most of the few serious issues (i.e. more serious than the software issues which everyone is facing and which we all hope will be fixed by a future firmware update) people in this forum had reported with individual devices have been solved to their satisfaction.
  4. I have no idea why anyone should "hate" Java (even if we would suppose for the matter of discussion that hatred was a legitimate emotion, which I think it is not), except perhaps when they have to do software development with it, but even then there would many worse choices. And even if someone would have to do Android development, there would be alternatives to Java, too, like Kotlin, or even Scala (which I think is one of the most interesting newer languages around). If he didn't mean java, but the JVM or what Android uses for it (Dalvik or now ART), I cannot really see what's the problem, either.
  5. Thinking about it a little bit further, it just reminds me once more of the sad fact that the classic netbook has become extinct, and this device, just as some earlier Planet products, could have become an excellent netbook, while as a handheld it looks like it may my less than optimal. They would just have to make it in 10". With similar specs, and preferably x64-based, I might buy right away.
  6. I definitely like what I see there. Planet surely can be considered a both dedicated and experienced hardware designer at this point, and the sliding mechanism looks both innovative and potentially solid to me. I suspect it will become less ergonomic than the Pro¹'s, though, because the screen part has to be pushed across the device's whole width of 76.6 mm before it drops behind the keyboard and tilts up, and the actors using it in the video (I like the bloke's hairdo!) try but cannot hide the fact that they need quite an effort there and still don't look perfectly comfortable at it. Well, and then the device is even larger and heftier than the Pro¹; perhaps not by much, but I'd rather have a smaller handset than an even bigger one... The keyboard, of course, looks really nice, and @netman it will surely be perfectly usable with thumbs. But it seems it hasn't quite as many keys as the Pro¹, which might make it less convenient for some applications, especially in non-English locales. The proposed final price (€819 it says on Indiegogo) seems ok-ish, given that it has 5G and a current high-end CPU and a keyboard. The shipping estimate is set to March 2021 on Indiegogo. It will definitely be interesting to directly compare it to the Pro¹ when both are there!
  7. I agree! But that could perhaps be because it is considered general knowledge in this day and age. The old saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" has, of course, still a lot of truth in it. Then again, there are pathogens which don't give a damn how well you've eaten and exercised and whatnot; when they enter your system, you'll get sick. Your immune system, of course, still has a word to say about how quick (if at all) you'll recover...
  8. Sorry, and no, that's just dangerous semi-knowledge, and it has nothing to do with the new coronavirus whatsoever. On the contrary, the new coronavirus became the threat it now is because of far too little hygiene on the Chinese wet markets, where living wild animals of lots of different species are crowded together, giving viruses a chance to jump between species which never would come close to each other in nature, which is exactly what happened now, with bats being the original carriers, sold on wet markets because there is demand for them in rural cooking. And Chinese rural households aren't exactly places where you would expect an abundance of sterility, either! Of course medical science does think that more children playing in the dirt used to make people's immune systems stronger in past times, but, for one, that's children, not grown-ups whose immune systems are now what they are, and, for another, those times were already "past times" 25 years ago, they were already "past times" even 50 years ago in most western industrial nations. I'm 55 now, and my time as a child already was a time when disinfectants were seen daily in the ads on every TV screen, and every mother who didn't disinfect everything was made a bad mother for endangering their precious children. Yes, that was a problem and continues to be one (although where I live I actually can't see things being as bad anymore as they used to be in my childhood), but it is a completely different matter. Oh, and another thing – not every kitchen dropped fresh food for shrink-wrapped convenience food (which, by the way, doesn't need to be bad, either), during the last 25 years.
  9. On 27-03-2020 12:17 FX Technology Limited wrote: > Hello there! > > We hope you are all well and staying safe at this difficult time. We > just wanted to give you a brief update on the status of your Pro1. > > Over the last week we have really been pushing to try and get remaining > orders completed, however we are still waiting for delivery from our > keyboard supplier which has delayed the process by a few days. We expect > this to arrive at the factory on Saturday 28th March, and from then we > will be able to finalise production units and start preparing for shipping. > > Whilst we appreciate that you were expecting shipping to begin this > week, the travel restrictions in China has slowed everything down so > please bear with us. This has been an extremely difficult couple of > months, not only for us but for many businesses globally which have been > affected by the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another. > > We really do appreciate you sticking by us. Thank you for your ongoing > patience and support. > > Sincerely, > > Team F(x)tec
  10. Thanks! Might be a good thing then that I wasn't able to return mine anymore 🙂
  11. I don't have the Pro¹ yet... but when it will be there, I'll be at a loss just as I am with my current phone as to which browser I should use. Like @elvissteinjr, I use Vivaldi on the desktop, but don't think the mobile version is ready yet. On mobile, I've found only one browser which has a feature that I wouldn't want to live without – ignoring text block widths and inserting line breaks to fit text on the phone's screen, as an option that can be set as default: Yandex Browser. I've had to give it up though, not just because it's a data gatherer, but because it often becomes unbearably slow. What I've been using since then is Brave Browser, but one of these days it crashed three or four times in a row while I was writing a forum post somewhere. Since then I'm back to Chrome for the time being. But I would rather not.
  12. What Happens If the US Does Absolutely Nothing To Combat COVID-19? The Imperial College then ran the numbers for what would happen if countries assumed a "mitigation" strategy and "suppression" strategy. You can read the full summarized breakdown of what happens in each scenario below, but basically the mitigation strategy flattens the curve with an actual death toll at around two million deaths while the suppression strategy has the death rate in the U.S. peaking at 3 weeks with only a few thousand deaths.
  13. In a summary of what Germany's "Heise" IT news portal published today, there are a lot of special offers for software and services available right now, albeit some of them restricted to a limited time of free or cheaper usage. Collaboration: Google G Suite, Lifesize (meetings, videochats), Microsoft Teams, Pronto (also videochat), Teamviewer (free version is normally intended for non-commercial use only, but those who use it professionally during the Corona crisis do not need to fear payment requests. Inofficially it is said anything less than 150 simultaneous connections is tolerated), Zoho Remotely. Network and infrastructure: Cloudflare for Teams, Nginx Plus Health: [email protected], LOOX Multimedia: SnagIt, Video Review Gaming: Goat of Duty , and also sales at Steam, GOG, Humble Store Most of the links I've left unedited and some may lead to pages in German language, but I suspect you'll manage to navigate to other languages easily.
  14. Which I suppose is exactly what Foucault wanted to express – a utopia for the rulers, a dystopia for the inhabitants. The complete title of the book is "Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison", it is about the Western penal systems, and being confined to my home for the next ten days this might be a good time to read it, which I didn't do yet. 😉 Totalitarianism, by the way, is a subject which has even more to do with this current situation than one might think at first glance. If we look at what people in affected countries are still allowed to do and what they aren't, we find that the whole private sphere outside one's home is massively restricted, whereas most people still have to go to work, no matter how important or unimportant (perhaps even detrimental to the planet) the products their employers sell are or the services they provide. Just because the abstract 'value creation' of the economy has to be kept up, because the important things cannot "just be done" as long as the necessary resources, material, workforce are there, no, someone has to have generated money before anything can be done. I have low hopes, though, that this pandemic will make enough people think about all of that a bit more.
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