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  1. Indeed; if I remember correctly that's a small fixed fee plus something around 2.5%... Plus there's ebay's fee for setting up the auction in the first place but that's more or less negligible for items of this category...
  2. Isn't it possible to exclude bidders based on minimum feedback, or at least exclude bidders with zero feedback? Personally I've never used that option, but I seem to remember that I've seen something like it... I'm no freqent seller on ebay myself, but I must say my experience overall is nothing but positive, except of course the exorbitant 10% sales commission for ebay which just can't be helped, that's how monopolies go. I guess @MalteM got really unlucky in this case...
  3. Where I live in Germany, vaccinations as such started at the end of December and we don't even know yet when we, as "normal people" who are not particularly at risk, can register for vaccination to get an appointment. Optimistic estimates point to summer at the earliest; some estimates suggest that it could take until summer next year for all those willing to be vaccinated.
  4. Sold for $830, not bad. (I confess I did bid, too ๐Ÿ˜‰ โ€“ but my limit was significantly below that...)
  5. @milp Still waiting for my device, so I cannot contribute anything yet from my own experience, but I've been following this forum closely for a long time and I think that until now there never was a severe reception problem reported from Germany with its specific and limited usage of bands and frequencies (please correct me if I overlooked something or someone), while it seems to be generally accepted at this point that the Proยน's overall reception quality tends to be not quite as good as with other phones...
  6. My suspicion is that the Proยน X prices on Indiegogo might have exercised some downward pressure on the used market prices for the Proยน...
  7. This is the one bug I've been following over the months in this forum which bugs me most (excuse the pun). Because it has the potential to make the phone, when I finally get it, practically unusable for me as a phone. Both at home when I'm not alone and at work as soon as homeoffice will cease to be the new normal. I definitely couldn't use it to receive calls from work at home when someone's around because that would potentially violate confidentiality requirements. The only thing I can imagine to mitigate the problem so far is using a headset with a dedicated volume dial. Perhaps a poss
  8. Even though so much has gone wrong now, I'm actually not too pessimistic there. My impression is that after the last batch of QWERTZ devices was shipped in 2020, there simply weren't enough QWERTZ orders open for the keyboard supplier to bother with a whole new production batch (while now it seems as if also the QWERTY Pro1 phones have gone out of stock). When the first production run of the Pro1 X is due, things will be different again. Maybe โ€“ but maybe now I'm getting too optimistic โ€“ we'll even see some keyboards making their way into a small stock of spare parts to be sold separately. How
  9. @Apextech February 2020? September 2019 here โ€“ and not all too amused anymore, either. Still โ€“ this is not fairyland where we live. This is not a world where our wishes necessarily come true, not even when they're sensible enough and we did pay for them with good money. This is late-stage competitive turbo-capitalism, and on top of that business has been disrupted by the worst pandemic the planet has seen since the Spanish flu. And Fxtec is a tiny startup with only one product, trying to keep alive with just it, brutally dependent on the whims of their contract manufacturer and supp
  10. https://www.theregister.com/2021/01/13/planet_computers_astro_slide_downgrade/
  11. True! Then again I only have limited monetary resources to draw from, unfortunately... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Thanks for the pointer, much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually thought about it for a moment, but then there's not only my original order (now changed to QWERTY) already, I also ordered a QWERTZ Pro1X through the Indiegogo campaign. I guess a third device would be overdoing it... ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just hope my 1.5 year old Moto Z3 Play's already deteriorating battery will stay usable for as long as it has to take for the first of the Pro1s to come in...
  13. Rob. S.

    Spare Parts

    My guess would be that it's simply a matter of supply. Somehow it looks as if Fxtec managed to source the best smartphone keyboard hardware they could get, but now they're somehow at the supplier's mercy with regard to availability and quantities. And I can see why they wouldn't want to stock a lot of spare QWERTZ keyboards while a few people are still waiting for their QWERTZ phones...
  14. Yes, as of now it doesn't seem possible. I asked them about the option, too, when changing my order from QWERTZ to QWERTY since there were no QWERTZ devices available at the time, and got a similar response. My impression was that they hope they'll be able to offer spare keyboards later, which I guess means when or after the X is in full production.
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