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  1. I've just installed the brand new Android beta of Softmaker Office, which some may know from the desktop as an alternative for MIcrosoft Office with good compatibility that is also available for Linux. For desktop there's an already well-featured free version and a full-featured commercial version. For Android there will be two such versions as well. Right now, the free time-limited beta (general availability is expected for May) has, or so I believe, all features. The first impression is quite nice. I would hate having to use a screen keyboard, though πŸ˜‰ https://www.softmaker.com/en/
  2. Seems if you can still find one on ebay, it may already be modded to take a SIM card, like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/174709456691 But I guess the specs are too low now for still being usable, the Photon Q is 8 years old now and has only 1 GB of RAM. In 2016, when I had been overusing my second HTC Desire Z aka HTC Vision for so long that it wasn't usable anymore, I thought about getting such a modded Photon Q instead, but I decided that it wouldn't have been enough of a progress over the HTC for me to bother even then. Also, its 4G frequencies didn't include the band used here in Ger
  3. Or an Elephone U Pro with intact display, then at least the display could serve as a spare for the Pro1 πŸ˜‰ (That said, I just had a quick look and didn't find any used ones, only a few new ones for 300+ €, and stock Android doesn't seem to go beyond Android 8...)
  4. Good news indeed! Although I see some additional "7-10 days" there in the video for "internal redesigns" because of unavoidable differences in the new PCB, if I understood it correctly...
  5. Lately, my 'Chargies' began misbehaving, or rather the Pro1 (which I've found to work as well with the device as my Moto Z3 Play did) started failing in trying to connect (which goes through bluetooth). In trying to analyze the situation at one point I tried switching bluetooth off and on – just that it didn't come on anymore. The bluetooth symbol lit up in 'connecting' state but went gray again after after a few seconds. Only after a reboot bluetooth became usable again – only not for long. 'Chargie' connections began to fail again soon, and switching bluetooth off required a reboot for it to
  6. Yes, indeed! Thank you very much! I just hope the problem with international characters 18.1 obviously has can somehow be either solved or worked around; until then, I have to stay at 17.1...
  7. Yes, but – if I understood this correctly – as it is missing a device specific key which they would need to get from the manufacturer, something which only is being attempted when a device-specific TWRP is really 'done' and fine to get the 'official' status, it won't decrypt data and therefore is useless for backups, unfortunately.
  8. Sorry, forgot the irony tags. I was commenting on the "postponed" aspect there...
  9. Because shit happens. Just because it didn't until now, it doesn't mean it won't or couldn't. Also, people make mistakes, which, I guess, includes you, too... I completely agree, like others already did, too. Still, I'm afraid there's not much we can do to make Lineage change their policies, and getting our knickers in a twist about it doesn't help us, either. As all of this is an open source thing, I suppose it means taking things in our own hands, and finding a maintainer for continued LOS 16 and 17 updates like the one @Hook mentioned for that Samsung phone. Perhaps there are more p
  10. @claude0001 I guess I have an – if only faint – idea of what you're doing there... And, sure, if that were what I'd need in a phone to be able to use it productively for what I do, I might even try something like it myself. I just wouldn't get my expectations up as to its working in a stable way for a longer period of time. Neither would I rely on such a massively tweaked system as my single phone... Incidentally, after three to four years in productive use, right now I have to upgrade two Linux servers the OS versions of which stop being maintained. Even though it's a fairly normal thing
  11. @lawliett No, that's definitely not glass, it's a flexible plastic, just like the one I ordered earlier – the delivery of which has been been postponed, with the new estimated period already nearly over, too. (If it was specifically designed for the Pro1 instead of the Elephone, one might suspect that might be to better fit the specific device.)
  12. Does 18.1 (using US or US Intl layout) let you select special characters on the screen on long-press of a character, like Γ  Γ‘ Γ€ etc. when long-pressing 'a', like 17.1 used to? That never seemed to worked on web pages, but it would be better than nothing. Did you have to somehow remove OpenGapps or something before flashing MindTheGapps?
  13. No idea why the postponement... Perhaps they want to reserve themselves the option to make small changes to the screen should the redesign of the Pro1X require them. (Whether or not that might introduce incompatibilities to existing devices – which would be, of course, bad for those who wanted the screens for existing devices...) On 16 March I asked [email protected] whether they could send me a spare screen for my Pro1, but I have yet to get an answer (or even an acknowledgement of receipt, like the ones I used to get for earlier mails on other topics). That's why, in the meantime, I o
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