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  1. Here's the complete message: So now the suspicion is confirmed that LineageOS (also Ubuntu Touch) isn't ready for the shipping of this batch. Sad, but good they let us change to Android, I've just sent the mail a minute ago! EDIT: And the change has already been confirmed by Fxtec.
  2. FWIW I've just had my phone charging from about 30% to 52% on an Anker wall charger then unplugged it to bring it to my desk where I just plugged i the phone again into a significantly less powerful USB port of my PC. The charging LED did't even turn on and of course it stayed at 52%. Earlier I thought the charging LED not turning on was a sign of the software based charging issue having somehow changed, but at least with my device it's (at least mostly) a bad physical connection between charger/PC and battery. Unfortunately, with an USB port that's becoming more and more unre
  3. I've bought two there in March 2021 and I currently have one of them in use. Except for the fact that I've managed to dameg it again recently (it's still usable so I try to keep using it until the Pro1X comes, while the USB socket is also becoming less and less reliable), and except for that little bit of excess black in the lower corners, there was nothing to complain about. I fear it becomes clear from the shown images that the screens they sell all have differently sized, but generally large circular cuts in corners which stay black in operation... much larger than the small ones we
  4. I expect it is somewhat usable by now That's what I thought until recently when there was a note here by I think it was Sean McCreary, pointing to the official LineageOS github as the indicator for such progress, but I haven't found any mention whatsoever of a Pro1X device there yet. Perhaps I overlooked something?
  5. I wonder how it will go with the upcoming Pro1X devices, if they will even have LineageOS ready yet, which doesn't seem to be the case at this point. In any case I'll keep my battered Pro1 in a drawer even if only for flashing replacement screens without having to perform any such tricks on my future daily driver...
  6. Just for the record, I also was hesitant before moving from 16.1 to 18.1, but then I did and was happy with it. None of the bugs, if I ever noticed them, were a dealbreaker, only the battery charging issue is annoying (don't know whether it's already been in 17.1, though). The only thing that's keeping me from installing 19.1 is that a damaged USB port is adding to the charging problems, and while I still hope to be able to get it repaired some time in the future, the immediate goal it to just keep it running until my original Sept 2019 order hopefully will arrive soon in the shape of a
  7. I once found an issue with the forum and contacted Fxtec support about it, which was for once responsive and helpful, if I remember correctly (it's been a while)...
  8. Before disassembling, try applying good pressure to the marked position on the phone's back cover, that can put the connector back into place; for me, it has done the trick several times now (see also here) and so far I didn't have to do the disassembly at all (as to not adorn myself with borrowed plumes, the original image in this case is from androidauthority.com, I've just added the mark):
  9. I see. I might try an older stock then, if OTA is still up i might be lucky. If I understand this correctly, if the freshly flashed 20200825 ROM doesn't do the touch margin adjustment, neither would an OTA update from an earlier version – and you might be having a completely different problem. "Screen completely unresponsive, 100% not working" would also make it seem so. But just to be sure, did you actually boot the 2020825 stock ROM after flashing it? It needs to start up once to do the touch margin adjustment trick.
  10. Excellent. I still guess I'll wait for the Pro1X to arrive before I make the update 😉
  11. Nice to see 19.1 is there for the Pro1! My phone says manual upgrade only; before I'd go into that, would there be anything special to take care of when upgrading a LineageOS + Magisk 23 + Gapps setup except sideloading Magisk and Gapps in the process? I think my last version upgrade also was the first time I added Magisk. Hmmm... A quick look has turned up no traces of any LineageOS work in progress for the Pro1X on either Github or gerrit, did I miss something. Anyhow I wonder, now that the delivery of two Pro1X devices (with LineageOS as OS choice) seems to come closer, what OS
  12. For me, my attempt to use ext4 has caused serious trouble for some regular use cases, and some apps just didn't work anymore with their data configured to be stored on the SD card. Generally, and since one 512 MB card (Kingston "Canvas Go! Plus") actually did fail for me already, I'm now going for sensibly fast (and thus not the cheapest) Samsung or Sandisk cards...
  13. What the sell on Igg is not just the display, but the display mounted. True; still, to the best of my knowledge there haven't been any shipments of that display assembly by the manufacturer as a spare part for many months. Of course, with the new phones now being in production, that may change any day.
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