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This could be it

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One of the things that I LOVE with Apple  products is how the different products (computer, phone, watch) work TOGETHER.


If this phone will do the same, then this really could be IT for me! If I could use "my" (still not bought) phone as an extension of my Ubuntu machine, then this will be fucking AWESOME!! I truly think that the industry needs something like this. I'm somewhat scared of actually "take the leap" and jump into it, but my old iPhone (from 2015) are slowly giving up on me. I have already "retired" my Mac book and switched to Ubuntu. So this might actually be an opportunity for me to try this phone. I will need it to come with a Danish keyboard though, I suppose that's where a 100% touch screen phone has some advantage over a hardware keyboard. But having a hardware keyboard is nice (if you can get it with the layout that you need).


But even though the phone it self might not track you, won't the network carriers still be tracking you? How to ensure that calls are truly private if the carriers are required to record and track you?


I know it's somewhat pricey compared to other phones, but since they only make money on the sale it self, then I think it's fine TBH. Well, I'm excited and I think I'll try it out.

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Intet dansk tastatur-tryk....
But you can get the Pro1X with a Scandinavian layout print.
But selecting Danish also works, with other prints - despite a few keys then obviously got slightly wrong print
Apart from the build in, have a look at the great FinQwerty by @Anssi Hannula (available in the usual android market, or from his site)

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