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  1. (I see the same, so not just your settings)
  2. There are no guarantees on the dates. They have stated that they expect to have it shipped in December. Though we do not know if more than the already ordered were produced, so new orders put up today might not be sent in December - but this is not knowledge just a guess,
  3. Just one guess: Does Tab (or Shift+Tab) inside the app switch field/control? If so, it MIGHT jump to the send-button, so some following space or enter would do the actual send. It is not uncommon for apps to do this, e.g. Textra.
  4. If you just got the phone it seems you might be mixing Pro1 and Pro1X images.... There are no official Lineage image for the Pro1X (yet). Take a look here PS: When I last tried neither OpenGapps nor NikGapps worked for the Pro1 (no X) Lineage 19, the only working GAPPS-option seems to be the rather huge package MTG. See the official links here.
  5. Well we are all a bit in the dark here.... All we know is what they told us in the latest updates, that there are some "contractual issues" What that means in layman's terms, are currently anyone's guess. We know that others also had their problems in shipping their things, but we lack any details on the "why".
  6. (merged your thread into this larger one, let us hope that their latest December ETA will hold, so our long wait will soon be over)
  7. There have been no new AICP updates in three weeks, and as I have not have found the time to install something else on the unit, I fetched and installed 20221123. Same issues as earlier. (including still reverted to Android 11)
  8. (Depending of program combos like Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter might send)
  9. And https://browser.geekbench.com/search?utf8=✓&q=fxtec provides several tests from PRO1s (aka qx1000 internally), so roughly 1/4 slower, but there are huge variation in the numbers, so hard to say anything really fair. Search for qx10150 give other Pro1X tests in august, and they match your numbers rather close.
  10. My thought exactly, was about to post something similar *LOL*
  11. (split from https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3026-solved-lockedbroken-bootloader-press-volume-key-to-select )
  12. Below 4 x WiFi-connected, reasonably stable. Though obviously not in any way a proof against drops
  13. I have not got an answer, but note that things might work differently in different input fields. Especially if in something with it's own auto-correct or word prediction. So to be clear what you are seeing, try in something 'dumb' like a text-editor. (Please adjust the title to reflect that it is Pro1 and Lineage)
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