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  1. Added 'something' at the top of this on backup of the persist partition. https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3207-various-roms-available-to-the-pro1pro1x-available-for-download-links/ Please correct me if what I wrote was wrong. @mosen, @ducksoup, @steeb and I will have it changed ASAP.
  2. Yes, but note that this is a user-to-user forum where FxTec only occasionally are active. But sure would be preferable if they provided the info. I will add 'something' for now....
  3. Maybe you should make a separate thread on what to do switching FROM stock Android, that I can link to in the ROM thread? As this seems generally crucial/useful.
  4. Not ALL parts are the same, but many are, would be nice with a list of what is identical, and what is not..
  5. I'm pretty sure that the popping sounds are related to the clipping, so no clipping means no popping I tried it with some talk radio, and gone at max vol, and on the other hand when the level is below about 50% all sounds (including pops) seems completely gone from the right side/bottom speaker
  6. Sad. Then something is stuck between the case and the button. So the only thing to do is to have it opened and have whatever it is removed. So await what support suggest you to do. IF they suggests you to open it your self, and you feel comfortable doing so, then please take (and share) some photos doing so, as we have only the FCC images of the interior of the Pro1X, there should be some visible differences compared to the Pro1.
  7. With newest platform tools gives fastboot: error: Unable to get max-fetch-size. Device does not support fetch command. On both Pro1 and Pro1X
  8. Not that it is an actual fix, but is a functional workaround: If you use a shell (or flip) case, the chance of accidentally triggering the fingerprint reader is practically eliminated. (There is a loooong thread on (primarily) DIY cases here, a short summary is that any soft case fitting the Huawei P20 Pro, is likely to be a good base for a Pro1(X) case. I also made my own thread here.
  9. Looks fine to me. One minor detail. Flashing AICP, the 47% blah blah click yes is on the main zip, and does not appear again on the Gapps zip. So Lineage and AICP acts slightly different here.
  10. The Pro1X stock Android comes with a preinstalled FactoryKit app. (Similar for the Pro1, See this) It is not launched the same way as on the Pro1. Actually I have not found the correct way to start it! Though by using an app like "Activity Launcher" and selecting a shortcut for "FactoryKit" sub-item "FactoryKit", I can launch and get the following list, and some can be started, and some crashes direcrly. Launching it the above way make the app crash or halt after the test that works are finished, so you are likely to need to swipe it away from the app-list after ea
  11. Sounds like a software issue. Will try if I can reproduce... ADD; Yes I got the same (on a before retail sample) (Add II: Headset not affected by this bug)
  12. I will highly recommend NOT omitting this tiny step. Remember that an OTA update swaps what is active between A/B so could easily become a mess Alternatively flash the boot image to booth boot_a and boot_b, so it is in whatever is active.
  13. Me too: https://eskerahn.dk/?p=4539 Most important: Settings ► Intelligent assistance ► Other Settings ► Home key function ► Double press to launcher.
  14. HA, I replied you in the other thread too.... EDIT: Cleaned up my mess, now point back here! I'm pretty sure that is what is going on. I both tried to do multiple "Advanced", "reboot to recovery", and that did not change a/b. Then did a new flash of AICP, and instead did "Advanced", "reboot to bootloader", and there "Recovery", and it also showed it switched, I do not know if there is any other way to get the Recovery to refresh it self than to reboot to recovery. But would be nice if it at the least gave a warning if you attempt to make a new "Apply Update", that it will NOT go to the
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