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  1. (lineage-18.1-20210419-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on April 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and MindTheGapps-11.0.0-arm64-20210328_143848 )
  2. Well hard for us to guess the frequency, but as this and similar threads are not flooded with hundreds of differnt users reporting the problem, it could hardly be called 'general', but there could be some design of something that is vulnerable. E.g. A cable bend. It could also be a torsion-issue. If the display is sensitive to torsion (twist or bend). A Elephone U as a candybar is likely to be mor rigid than the thin display part of the Pro1. I saw @ToniCipriani reported it working fine with the display loose not mounted on the frame. IF the frame is twisted/bend a bit it could affec
  3. Oh what a mess! When DPD claims they delivered the parcel to FxTec, and FxTec claims the never got it. It should be DPD that has to provide a receipt from FxTec on them recieving the parcel. If DPD are not able to produce that, it should be their responsibility. If they can produce a receipt then it is FxTec that has the problem.
  4. Has anyone tried to search if the Elephone U / U-Pro expiriences the same problem? If it does, the issue most likely is in the display unit, if not, we can likely free that, and it must be due to Pro1-specifics (connector, pcb, cable bend....),
  5. As they sadly consider the previous version as unsupported as soon as the new is released, we should not expect anything regarding 17.1 😥
  6. Good point. (I can not seize to be amazed of the odd results when the forum when referencing a thread just adds a random excerpt of a picture from a random post in the thread to 'illustrate' the link. The picture is certainly more confusing that helping here 🤣 )
  7. Just an idea: Find a different cheap phone (possibly used with broken display) that also supports LineageOS, and try to build roms for that. when you feel comfortable doing that, you could switch to your Pro1
  8. ...and asChristian Svensson noted in the comment section some odd wording The HDMI will allow for mirroring i.e. displaying different things on different displays. it certainly sounds like unusual mirroring... 🤣 I HOPE it is a typo and they meant "...allow for more than mirroring...."
  9. There is a new update #14 up. They expect the main PCB to be ready within days 😁
  10. As I understand it the swindlers that was supposed to deliver the 835 CPUs but just took the money, are also the ones that produced the PCBs for it, so FxTec are very unlikely to be able to get their hands on these boards (if they are even produced?) and hence fxtec can not send it to you. BUT I could be wrong. If you got a pre-order (from their website) you can request a refund. If you made an investment in a perk on IGG, you can not. See (many) other threads with that. You can try to sell a Pro1X perk though, There is a thread that could help you on that here, but I can see that you a
  11. The short story: the keyboard layouts seem to need a factory reset after upgrade to 18.1 For the long story, see the error report linked above...
  12. Well the hardware is just fine. The default app is a bit so-so, but a LOT of camera apps can access the camera using the Camera2 API. As long as you stay away from HDR (there is an odd bug in the implementation of the API for the Pro1, that add odd shadows when the app try to stitch the two together. HDR in the the Stock app works though.
  13. The short story: the keyboard layouts seem to need a factory reset after upgrade to 18.1 For the long story, see the error report linked above...
  14. Something odd seems to be wrong with the keyboard handling on 18.1 (I added an error report on it here)
  15. Gambling is a good analogy. Investments always are like that. If we want to be sure we should do (pre)orders rather than taking IGG perks. More expensive, sure. but it gives us a lot of buyers rights.
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