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  1. (lineage-18.1-20211018-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on October 1 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and Open_Gapps-arm64-11-pico-20210712) ...But the reintroduced Accessibility / keyboard bug is not (yet) fixed, see above.
  2. I feel similar to Hook. The lineage is a cleaned up Android, where you can infest it with the Gapps you need or none at all to your liking. The Aicp is (in my layman terms) like a Lineage with added options to tweak as you please. I like the AICP better, as it somehow feels cleaner. But I must admit that I barely use all the options, as none of the OS's are on my daily driver (a normal retail unit) that runs plain Android. I have a suspicion (though I have not yet tested!) that some of my apps will not work if I upgrade from stock Android to AICP. One app that I find crucial with a fli
  3. A modified case for a Honor Huawei P20 Pro. See e.g this
  4. ,,,Or you could make a case where the flap goes the other way. Just 12h stiching... *LOL*
  5. If you add a strategically placed magnet to your case it does. You can get these very tiny (and cheap), I bought various sizes from ebay, (display the below at full size in normal portrait for position)
  6. (Download and flash worked smoothly too)
  7. Though it does not look like it, it IS clean. it is dust&pocketlint that have crept into the case, that have 'sanded' down small areas of the back In hindsight it would have been wise to add a small sheet of some tissue between the TPU-casing and the Pro1 And though the above might look like deep dents, they are so shallow I can hardly feel any difference sliding a fingertip over the back
  8. I do not use it either. But thanks for the warning to those that do. (there are no measurable costs for the function detecting a close with the HAL-sensor though)
  9. I agree. The back of my daily driver is most likely just as worn as if I had not used a case. Though the wear with a case is 'spotted'.
  10. If you should endeavour in the project again, you should consider the variant where the straps meet at the side https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2681-how-to-openshut-the-pro1/?do=findComment&comment=42061 Whether is should open as a 'Japanese' or 'western' book is a matter of taste of course.
  11. If I don not remember wrong, the issue there is the margins, not that it does not react at all. So I think @Rob. S. is on the right track with something not connected, either the connector or a cable issue,
  12. I fail to see why we need a new thread on this, why not post in the old one just reviving that? As already posted there, the proposal is more than just a new print, as there are not 'currently' yellow under that many keys. Sure it is feasible, but come at a cost - and possibly delay(!) - if they have to change the base they already use, and add more yellow stickers before the black layer is printed. (of course the material cost of the stickers should be negligible, but it is likely to come at a cost to ask the supplier to modify their process)
  13. The first one looks interesting indeed. Though I got so many of my own (less elegant) 'home made'/modified variants, so others might be more in need.
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