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  1. This does not seem to work at all, says no signals are available even when connected - perhaps it is intended for older Android? Last updated over two years ago. Another one (open source) works, and displays at the least 5 and at the worst 15db worse results on a Pro1 placed at the same place as a Samsung S8-. So in 'mean' that is half the signal.
  2. @tdm are providing builds faster than you can test them 🤣
  3. There is a principal difference in paying a bill and making a refund... It could be their specific bank's requirement or some general rule - I do not know. We would need someone with detailed knowledge on how UK banks do stuff to give an exact answer. I just reposted what they have stated earlier.
  4. Just a check, before sending back. As I understand it some units were sent out with incorrect firmware, Can you confirm that you are on the 2020707 version? And if you did not do it already, try a factory reset wiping everything. Just to make sure that it is a hardware failure and not because it has been delivered with wrong firmware/software.
  5. This is a very small start-up and I think they use as much power as they can to push the waiting pre-orders out. I do not know the size of their support 'stack'.
  6. The point is that it is NOT sliding - I do not have a good word for the motion though. It flips up like a dolphin jumping the water. If you do an even horizontal push it will 'lock'. See this thread.
  7. For stock: This was a bug in an early sneak-view version of the March update, has been fixed with later OTA.
  8. Interesting. In my case it looks logically the same in "File Transfer" and PTP from the PC (though obviously fewer entries in PTP, and different icon) But note that it appears as BOTH an Android Phone AND under Portable devices If I change to "No data transfer" on the Pro1, it disappears under portable devices (but is still registered as an Android Phone) (It looks the same for stock BTW)
  9. What driver has Windows chosen - that might be the culprit.
  10. One thing that really bugs me with that one is why they place the icon in forced positions where they are the hardest to reach? Why not start from the bottom - that is where the thumbs can reach easiest both portrait and landscape and both opened and closed...
  11. Tanks for your analyse, and I agree to a large extent. Though I do find the build in quickstep solution of two blocks of equal side next to each other or on top of each other quite ingenious for a simple launcher, and thus simple to use for anyone, the only drawback is that a widget must stay within one of these blocks. And that is not a bad price for most. But obviously independent layouts are more flexible (including allowing for larger widgets) - at the price of more complex setup. Unfortunately the Total Launcher's auto-rotate is not really working - though it can do both orientations. And I would wish that it had a 'mode' where when adding an icon it was thrown in and the other as well, so we only had to move it in place, as many (if not most) icons will be relevant for both direction, it would be easier for the normal user to remove the ones that are not.
  12. Yes. But I do not use a vary fast charger normally. I try to use a charger offering 5W in normal usage, and only about 20W when I really need it. But even at 20W I do not have it go as high as 50°C, worst case in the forties. During fast charging usually peek at 42°C or lower. But once this year it has been above that, it reached 49.0°C on Feb 23. PS I use a shell case, and this actually makes the heating worse at at can not cool to the surroundings as easy (plastic with card board inlay()
  13. I can confirm this has worked for me. I never had any problems UPgrading (I did have some issues once I tried to DOWNgrade a particular combination of test build) Even when I fumbled with the first change from Test to Nightly, Following the usual flashing procedure fixed that too.
  14. WHAT! That sounds like pure Heresy! 😇
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