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  1. Indeed. And for anyone that would like to say a more substantial thanks, I will refer to this:
  2. That was how I read it too. I assume you were referring to why the Lineage flash has a separate .img file, and not the post a bit above on the qwertZ .img, right? So the procedure for people to apply the boot-qwertz-test1.img is after the full install of Test12 (or Test11), right?
  3. You lost me there. If people want to use qwertz would the boot-qwertz-test1.img you linked above then be overwritten from the payload,bin?
  4. I have tried some that are for other models, that has the pop-off issues. I do not recall if it was p30 pro or some of the others. I have used these criterias as the primary search: https://www.gsmarena.com/results.php3?nHeightMin=153&nHeightMax=155&nWidthMin=73&nWidthMax=74&nThicknessMin=6&nThicknessMax=8 The relatively new "Huawei Nova 5T" with 154.3 x 74 might be interesting (haven't tried). See a compare here https://www.gsmarena.com/compare.php3?idPhone1=9106&idPhone2=9635&idPhone3=9803 It also matters how round the corners are, depending on the elasticity of the case. In general you do not want a too stiff case, as the back of the pro1 for the last 1cm or so is curving. So a stiff case for a device with a flat (e.g. glass) back will give a poor fit.
  5. (Test12 works fine here, both. Only used slightly though)
  6. The last we heard was the last update was still stuck in certification (guess as part of the Corona-mess everywhere?). And any new updates will need certification too. So until that is solved I'm not expecting any new fixes. 😢
  7. Well they got the Crackberry forum where they can share their frustration over things that does not work, and are highly unlikely to ever be fixed... 😇 (But in all fairness, also help each other with known workarounds, hints and the like)
  8. I see both pros and cons on both Full and Alpha, so if reasonably simple it would be nice to give the user the option to choose what each of us prefer.
  9. There sure are bugs in that code. I get substantially worse stamina when connecting to my WiFi router with 5GHz than 2.4GHz (Distance about 1m) I have given up using 5GHz for now. This goes for both stock and Lineage. (Otherwise both works fine here, I do not see the reboot issue)
  10. Let me try to add a mention of @Erik, hopefully he can help, or can find someone that can 😇
  11. Before all this corona/covid stuff we had a thread with people that got a Pro1 and was willing to help others to get a chance of a hands on. A few scores replied, some in the US, so with a little luck some are close to you. Check this thread: https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2738-help-show-your-pro1-to-others-close-by/ And on the network thing as I understand it, it is complex with some carriers and easy with others. There are other threads on that, but I hope some US reader can kick in with the relevant links here. If I recall right it was @Craig that started that thread.
  12. Well only if you assume that the ramped up production means the total product. It COULD just as well mean that they are ramping up the production of parts and perhaps part assemblies, but only when all needed parts are availably they can be finally assembled and become packed to become a batch. They could well have a component in critical supply that only allow them to ship a small batch this time. And by the mention of qwertZ my GUESS would be that it is the keyboard that is (now) the critical component as they now got enough of what was previous critical to make a small batch with the qwertZ keyboards they already had. But I'm just guessing here.
  13. Let us hope an update maps stuff like those to some more odd an unlikely key-combos.
  14. Are you sure you remember correct? It is there on LineageOS, but not stock. Where the keyboard repeats like a pc-keyboard. Even the fake keyboard does not give the superscript 1 longpressing the 1 key, unless you switch to number&symbol keyboard first (also suggesting fractions).
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