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  1. Moved the further Spontaneous reboot discussion over here
  2. Settings, About phone, Android Version, Kernel version.
  3. Hmm, to me laptop associates with clamshells, like the Cosmo. But retractable is a good word... Does anyone recall what Nokia called them back in time?
  4. Exactly. The word has to be descriptive, and it won't help to find a rarity deep in the English dictionary that no one understand. Maybe one should see it more as the keyboard dropping down than the display popping up? A jaw dropper perhaps... 😜 If one holds the display part and gives the back edge of the lower part a slight push with a third finger, i is actually a bit like a jaw dropping... Ideas have been thrown around in this thread after @Waxberry asking
  5. Indeed it is confusing that the Pro1 is called a slider, as it does not slide... But I guess no one have come up with a good descriptive word. The movement reminds me of a dolphin jumping out of the waterr. So my least bad suggestion is "Flipper", that both relates "flipping" it open and the famous film, but people also associate flipping with opening a clamshell, so not good.... I would love it if someone had a good descriptive word for it.
  6. Standard Android, see discussion in other threads. Just click The square, Click the icon of the app at the top, and select split (if the app supports it)
  7. I'm not saying that it is a big issue, just some lost functionality, that might be missed. There might be other issues we do not know of. Say some app that requires an edge swipe to reach the very edge, or really close by. What is the maximum dead-zone that allows us to drag an icon from one screen to the next in various launchers? With Trebuchet you have to be really close before it moves over. So I like the software-bezel idea David mentioned with completely reducing the apparent display size. Optimally an option reducing either just touch or touch+display or perhaps even a combo, e.g 30 pixels black inactive, and then an additional 10 touch-inactive. BTW Swiping for scroll works horrible on very very long items. But Indeed it can be hard to catch a slider on very long lists, though it is easy in the app list where the slider got a reasonable length and is 20 pixel wide. But on some apps the slider is just indicative, and can not be grabbed at all. And in other apps (e.g. Contacts) you can pull the slider way left of the actual scroll bar - things are not standardised here....
  8. There are a few scrollbars with the slider only 20 pixels wide (Small Display size, even less with Smaller and 16 with Smallest). E.g. in the Settings, Apps, See all
  9. Well you could follow the guide here, and do OTA from that (of course wiping everything). And then use David's model moving forward with future OTAs.
  10. It would be a SUPER elegant solution if it after a failed attempt could ignore any touches until it has been untouched for say 2secs. This would mean that grabbing or holding it would only count as one single failed attempt....
  11. Old, but not wooden legs (yet) 🤪 Haglöfs fleece soft shell.
  12. I would say these two are the ones with most complains for stock. Though I personally have no really issues with either in a flip case. On the second I would suggest an OPTION that requires that we press Power, or slide out the keyboard, before the reader gets active. My personal favourite would be to have a magnet close to the second Hall sensor turn the display off. For me it does not need to turn on with the magnet moved away, as I will use the fingerprint sensor anyway. (Preferably some options, for the benefit of those with a flip-case with a window) ....Would like the FM-radio too... But I assume that is even more of a minority wish.
  13. We are supposed to just hold the key long when at the home screen, but SwiftKey is messing with that on mine too... 😫 Force-stopping it (after re-enabling Gboard) make the short-cuts work again...
  14. In all fairness, that would work close to equally well on a plain slider. Though the tilt DO give a small extra advantage if you rest your hand on say a table. I tried to take an image...
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