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  1. From what I can google VoLTE uses SIP, so if VoLTE is working with your carrier so is SIP. But obviously SIP might work even if VoLTE does not.
  2. Good news! Indeed thanks to @Sean McCreary again. 👍
  3. (lineage-18.1-20210726-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on July 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and Open_Gapps-arm64-11-pico-20210712)
  4. Indeed, a flip case is the least bad available, and I have used similar too for over two years. But it is not to everyone's liking. See this (long) thread for various options.
  5. In Denmark it is one year full warranty, and the second year you have to prove it was the manufacturers fault. (That is why planned obsolescence is not uncommon to kick in shortly after the second year)
  6. It is certainly not an easy road for a small company being swindled like they were. I'm amazed they got the stamina to push on, and did not just close their business. And indeed if they are so unlucky as to be flooded with warranty requests it might be very hard for them to fulfil what they legally are obliged to. So a big thumbs up from me for their will to fight, And fingers crossed on the road ahead being more smooth,
  7. (lineage-18.1-20210719-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on July 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload and Open_Gapps-arm64-11-pico-20210712)
  8. Stick-splitting: slightly under, it was stamped 2020-08-25. 😇
  9. It would indeed be nice with some official info on what is going to happen with the original Pro1 - I am unaware of any info. Peronally I have given up hope on any updates. And should we get any after all, I will see it as a pleasant surprise. So I guess our best chance of a somewhat updated Android system is LineageOS 18, optionally with OpenGapps or MindTheGapps. But it will require som rooting trickery for some security demanding apps like banking apps to work... See the LineageOS 18 thread
  10. @tomthegeekand @SCΛRECROW. Maybe a silly question, but did you remove all residues of the old strip and put the new adhesive strips the same places? It could be hat you are supposed to cut it to fit?
  11. We have had a discussion on the oddities of carrier behaviour and VoLTE over here
  12. It is a bit more complex than a simple yes or know as it depends on the carrier. See e.g.
  13. I did notice that they in the May update mentioned these two, but did not reflect on stock Android not being mentioned. Add: The June update mentioned it though (my emphasising): So I assume I am just over-interpreting.....
  14. Have I missed some announcement, or am I interpreting what they are writing wrong? Will it initially be available with these two OS only? I see no mentioning of plain stock Android.
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