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  1. Uh was not aware that they were that greedy... ...and I assume the paypal fee getting the money comes on top of that...?
  2. I have never tried to sell anything en ebay, but it seems like it mainly orient itself towards large sellers, selling to ordinary users, more than user-to-user sales. Especially a complicated machine is started if things does not go smooth, like the idiot with fake biddings on yours. It would be smart if ebay required a minimum feedback and a minimum total sum of Buy-now sales, before a user was allowed to bid in an auction, without paying! If the user did not meet the limit the maximum bid amount should be drawn immediately at bid-time, (and potentially returned at auction-end, minus say 1
  3. A slight hint on linking ebay listings with drop downs. Unfortunately they do not update the active URL when you choose something from the drop downs. The easiest way I found to get the relevant link for a selected variant is to Add the variant to your Basket. Go to your Basket, and right click the link from there and and from the pop-up content menu choose to copy the link. Remove the item from your cart. The important thing is the var part of the link. E.g.: Your general link https://www.ebay.de/itm/133342103922 becomes e.g. https://www.ebay.de/itm/
  4. Odd, on mine with 17.1 20210118 the manual focus slider seems to work fine. (I have not tested the far distances though, it being pitch dark outside)
  5. Same here, but it does take a little getting used to, as just grabbing the device intuitively can cause unwanted interactions.
  6. The main pro IMHO is that they are available cheaper, despite more complex, due to them being produced in larger volumes. If you ask how on earth this silly trend started, then I guess the pros and cons are the same(!) That is the ability to interact with the screen to its very edges. The pro of that depends of the apps&OS, the con obviously the risk of unintended interaction handling the device. And physically that it is harder to protect and thus at a higher risk of breaking, a clear con for the user, but a pro for those that want to sell us a new device....
  7. Hope that goes through, and that it still will be at a good price for you 🙂
  8. Obviously, but for many there is quite a difference between 'now' and aiming at shipping in March. 😜 (BTW currently at $600 with two hours remaining)
  9. Ok, so at the least we now know that it is not that it can see both, and preferred LTE as stronger. First of I would try with a new SIM in the Pro1. You could borrow from 'anyone', to eliimnate that simple possibility. If none can do 2G/3G I think you should contact support and hear what they suggest. And you could suggest them to open and have a look.
  10. It could be that an antenna is inactive somehow, perhaps a plug not inserted, or a cable broken? You can explicitly limit the bands you will allow it to use. e.g. by: Settings ► Network and Internet ► Mobil Network ► Preferred network type ► and then select a suitable one (without LTE) to test.
  11. I was unaware. Looking at the very round number reached, I guess they just bumped the 100 to 150
  12. The 8/256 is still again available on IGG, but not at as good a price as earlier. Currently it is at $719
  13. Yeah, has been considering this, but was not quite sure which version of lineage this was all about..... Test 16, released 16, released 17 ... ?
  14. The thing this phone does the worst is well working as a phone... Call quality is not optimal, to put it kindly. Luckily (for me) the function I most seldom use my phone for is calls(!), but would like to see it improved soon!! Though It does work fine for calls using a headset (IMHO).
  15. (lineage-17.1-20210118-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on January 5 security patch installed smoothly using adb sideload)
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