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  1. I very much agree with you, I think it is only a matter of time before both Android and Ios drop the support for hardware keyboards at a deep level. At that point it will be up to any hardware manufacturer to provide the support, and this is likely going to be so costly that there are not enough of us keyboard-lovers left to make this sustainable, and we will have to let do with fake 'keyboards' on the screen. Unless of course both types will die together in favour of some totally new efficient way for humans to communicate with the devices. e.g. 'speak' without air and with the lips
  2. @Ralf as neither of us know what it is all about, it is much a guessing game. In a small company people have to fill a lot of slots. But it is not that everyone can fill every slot... So using marketing hands for say packing or service are not likely to be very effective way to use their resources. But sure we would all wish they were able to fulfil pending orders and service request faster, but as we do not know neither what is holding things up, nor what this new stuff is all about we have absolutely no idea if the same hands behind this could sensibly have been used for fulfilling
  3. @Rud LineageOS got Sticky so you might consider that. But if on stock and rooted, it should be as simple as changing "Full" to "Alpha" for a kcm file, if I understood correctly what the ones that know what they are talking about are saying...
  4. You got shift on both sides, so no acrobatics needed used two handed. See e.g this thread https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2282-sticky-modifiers Edit: Merged the threads....
  5. (lineage-16.0-20201019-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on October security patch installed smoothly using sideload, with and without addonsu)
  6. I would expect that they topped of their store of replacement units kept for service request with the July/August batch. It would be rather quick if it was one sent out in summer, sent back from a customer, repaired and sent out again late September. Not impossible of course.
  7. Not quite sure what it should be catogrised as. "Support" perhaps? Strictly this is a more general Android question than a specific Pro1-issue. Anyway. When you chose to use it as removable, it is in a standard unprotected format, and the card can be moved to 'anything' that can read an SD-card, e.g. a PC. When you chose Internal, the card is used encrypted and as an extension of your normal storage (I do not know the finer details of this - never used it). The benefit obviously being the encryption if the data you want to put on the card are sensitive, the drawback obviously also th
  8. Well they would still need to change some code from what Google made. Personally I would prefer this change too, but it would still be a change.
  9. in the FinQwerty layouts the Esc-key acts as Esc if the app supports Esc, otherwise it has a fallback as Back. On the "fallback" all I know is what can be seen in the "Behaviours" section of this So maybe Chrome has implemented Esc as e.g. stop loading a page. In Stock layouts it just sends Back. But the fallback solution in FinQwerty makes Esc available to apps where it is crucial such as Termux.
  10. Unfortunately no. Not all settings&data are restored. SMS&MMS is one thing they do not handle well...
  11. I doubt very much that FxTec would like to mess with the OS to disable this, as their attitude has been to stay as close to stock Android as possible, only changing stuff where it relates to the Pro1 Hardware (particularly the slider functionality, as hardware keyboards are already supported in stock Android). This is certainly not the only annoying 'feature' in Android, and as far as normal third party apps can not fix them, LineageOS or rooting might be the way to go. Just a thought. Restricting what ever offers the sharing from accessing contacts MIGHT fix this particular issue. I
  12. Would seem obvious, but it just might be a matter of some of the closed hardware driver code that does not work with / exist for 11 - just guessing.... ...and I now see @_DW_ already answered along the same lines...
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