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  1. Note that the Titan comes with a nice little app called app blocker, that maybe its settings you need to adjust to your needs. I see I was a little late there, sorry...
  2. Ah and BTW i restored from a Pro1 too, so that in it self is not a fix. A had turned off both Wifi and BT scanning from apps. But overlooked the "Notify for public networks" (under Wi-Fi preferences), so just turned that off). That would certainly indicate some scanning. My hunch is that it is when doing something like updating apps it fails, that is not continuous download, but paused by the installs, and it then fails to use it again.
  3. Are you sure on "OCT"? Mine says 4.14.186.gd5b54dace-dirty #25 Wed Sep 14 14:02:09 CST 2022 (And yes, no n, so no dirty dance...) And the build number is Titan_Slim:EEA_20220810 (indicating a month earlier
  4. @Rob. S. "EEA" here. I have noticed that using Netguard (that is a software VPN) helps a lot, though no silver bullet.
  5. I have rarely used the pocket, but as they are so close to identical, I would expect that most pros&cons would be the same function-wise. The difference being the lacking 3.5mm port and the extended display. I can see in my mailbox that I got a letter from kickstarter on 20220922, about the system-update. So could make good sense that they then for the pocket, did the small adjustments, and released it stamped a few days later.
  6. Just notice the "pocket" in the build name. I was talking the slim not the pocket. (The pocket is packed with protective plastic and everything, so will not try to start to update....)
  7. Found this on the FAQ tab here https://www.unihertz.com/products/titan-slim No such app exists in the version I got, but there is a "System upgrade" and an "Upgrade app". Tried the trick on both - to no avail. This update https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jellyphone/titan-slim-the-new-sleek-and-slim-qwerty-android-smartphone/posts/3503739 also talks about "wireless update". So tried to change the language from proper English to US, that had no influence.
  8. Interesting! I tried (have plenty of data), but still claims but up to date.. Will try to see if there are other ways to fetch it.
  9. How long was it in for service?. If a long time, I think the warranty clock isn't ticking while they got it. Not sure though and could be national legislation differences.
  10. The problem with this is that FinQwerty uses modifiers to get the various stuff, but the Titan seems to react in unexpected ways if more than two keys are pressed (e.g. Sym+Sh+Space=>A), so I doubt it would be possible to 'simply' map Sym+Shift and Fn+Alt to something useful - and those would be the obvious combinations as they can be pressed with one finger easily.
  11. AFAIK It say it is, but maybe the poor WiFi prevent it from actually fetching? The one I got is 2022-08-05 seen from google and the other says 20220810.... And the updates does not look like they failed "Your system is up to date" and "Your device's software is currently up to date"
  12. I'm likely to be on board too. Though I would like them to iron out some of the bugs, some that are pure software. The worst (for me) is the unstable WiFi. I have not used it with a sim, so no idea if it is a-WiFi only issue. The second is that it is virtually impossible to get to things not printed on the keyboard, and certainly 100% impossible with one hand. Would be lovely to get easy access to national letters for one thing. And even if a-z only, and option to turn modifiers sticky would ease one handed usage tremendously
  13. Sorry to say that for me it has proven almost useless as the WiFi is EXTREMELY unstable here. Good for you that you are not hit by the issue, that sound a lot like what some people are complaining on with the Pro1X. Here It can be used for test and as a backup device, but would be unacceptable as a daily driver.
  14. If your aim is to restore, and you have given up trying to get any data on it, you might start here:
  15. Even if you get a Pro1X soon, it is always nice to have a backup-device, and the Slim is a quite cheap option, at the least for a PKB phone,
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