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  1. That was the quote, thanks,, In context it was an answer to why time would help, that there were a dialogue where the quote was a part. As I read the central point was that they are still dripping money in, and these drops are currently paying for shipping.
  2. Read comments more carefully. Indeed the situation is bad, but they clearly state that they have other projects profiting that are -and for quite some time has been- paying to the project, including for the shipping - though slowly. But indeed it is hard to gather the bits of info that can be 'hiding' in a reply-chain with someone, I believe I found it in a comment, that had a reply later, and thus need unfold to be found.. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it could have been in one of the dialogues with "Felix"....
  3. Oh indeed, not at all satisfactory when they are unable to fulfil their refund-obligations. I have no idea what they actually pay for the shipping, but they could be in situation where they have to choose between making twenty(?) people happy sending their phones, for each one person they can issue a refund. I'm glad I'm not the one that has to prioritise what what order the obligations should be met with the limited money they get in.
  4. In the one line you quoted I explicitly mentioned crowdfunding, how did yo manage to overlook that?? Those that ordered the Pro1X on FxTec's website OR those that ordered the Pro1 that had their orders changed to the Pro1X, were NOT crowdfunding. Normal orders/pre-orders are covered by consumer rights as it is BUYING and not INVESTING. So they could (and can) cancel at any time. In some countries even cancel after they got it and return it for a refund. That (as @sequestris pointed out) FxTec had financial issues in actually issuing the refund within a reasonable time-frame does not
  5. If we go further down this road of contrafactual history, how large a fraction would you have expected to get back as a refund? It certainly could not be 100%... Remember this is crowdfunding, so WE, and not FxTec bare any risk of our investments. We do not know the exact time line on how long after they paid the swindlers to they found out that they have been swindled, and realised they had no alternative. Hence nor do we know how much other stuff were non-refundable ordered before they knew, in principle it could be all parts. I bet that for many suppliers it would be possib
  6. I was wondering what kept the usual Monday update, and checked this https://download.lineageos.org/devices/pro1/changes It seems like the next update we get will have a LOT of changes (over 120), so might be a good idea to take an extra backup, and be sure to download the previous 2023-03-13 build if we need to go back.
  7. If they have not got the money to send the devices, then that sort of is enough to delay the whole thing until they have enough cool cash from their other activities.
  8. Yes, but in the comment section they also have this "This action was taken by our warehouse in an attempt to recover a some of the outstanding balance that they are due to paid by us. To put it shortly, shipping costs have increased substantially during the pandemic and after." and to a question on how time helps "We have other products and services unrelated to smartphones. In fact that’s what funded all of the Pro1 X production." That really is saying that they are lacking funds right now, and obviously that would also affect pending refunds.
  9. I wonder if some clever ways of remedying the shipping costs could be thought up? What if we somehow could order spare parts, and the money for those were used to send the devices 'immediately', and we then waited for the spare parts to be produced&sent in stead? I for one would like to have some spare parts. e.g. usb-boards, and also keyboard-tops and keyboard mat. But as the need is not imminent a delay of send for even several months would be totally acceptable (to me).
  10. Have a look at their update mentioned here https://community.fxtec.com/topic/3326-pro¹-x-–-state-of-production-and-delivery/?do=findComment&comment=65910 It explains quite a bit.
  11. We do not know what terms their contract has/had, end they might not even be at liberty to disclose it. So though 'appropriating' may look like stealing to us as recipients, it might be an agreed procedure within some small prints of the contract. We do not know what the payment terms are/were either, it might not be as simple as FxTec paid all shipping in advance, and any raise is the shippers issue.
  12. (@Anssi Hannula has been active in here too actually, though it has been quite a while)
  13. Got one a few month newer "lineage-18.1-20211220", if that could be of any help.
  14. Sad, but a factory reset MIGHT help, obviously also wiping all your data... So you would need all the extra works of backup and restore, that especially for app data and mms, can be hard to get working correctly or even satisfactory.
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