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  1. Update to December 1, with November 5 security patch using OTA went smoothly. Known keyboard bug still there (see lineage thread) (The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though - like it is on LineageOS)
  2. I'm not sure you can on stock Android. (At the least it might require root). Could be easier on Lineage, and is easy on AICP though.... (see also this old thread - think I will merge the two)
  3. (I made a skeleton for such a gui for a pc, but never finished it, has posted it somewhere in here - forgot where though.) FxtecKeyboardSetup.zip
  4. Splitting sticks we got 16 updates the last twelve months, but granted five of those was in December. Let us hope we get more than one update this December too 🙂
  5. I'm pretty sure that is exactly it. I have not tried installing, but I believe they have described it in the Lineage 18 thread. Selecting (e.g.) German, without installing anything, you CAN get umlaut with Alt+U followed by a vowel, e.g. U. Not super elegant, but possible. I'm not sure if there are ways to get them more directly, Sym and Alt does the same here. Similar for other accents with I and E ( plus ~ on a physical shifted qwertY keyboard)
  6. I'm sure lawyers can find a number of ways to interpret "once a month"... 😁 But I'm quite sure everybody would be really p...ed if they just posted an 'update' saying "Still waiting on/for XXX. So no news.", a few times a month to meet this. And they might not even be aware that this requirement is there. The problem is that we all want the device we took a perk for, and thus hope to get, and thus we want to know when we can expect it in our hands. And as they most likely can not say that, no matter what they write until they know will be a disappointment. But do not misunderstand. I
  7. (lineage-18.1-20211129-nightly-pro1-signed.zip on November 5 security patch installed smoothly using OTA ) ...But the reintroduced (early August) Accessibility / keyboard bug is not (yet) fixed. The stage after download and install called "Finalising package installation" is surprising slow though)
  8. Well the original Pro1 is no longer available and the Pro1X is -according to last months update from here- expected to be ready about now. But we do not know how large their backlog is, And transportation is a mess too these day, so really hard to guess when you would get it if you ordered it today. I would positive surprised if it would be 2021.
  9. Do you expect say one making a washing machine to stock all the parts that might be needed to repair their machines for the whole expected life time of the device? I doubt anyone would. The sensible thing to do is to stock what can be expected to be needed within some reasonable time frame, where any needed reorder can be expected to be fulfilled. And with new models you never really can be sure which spare-part will be the one in most demand, so they would not want to buy a lot of parts they are never going to use. The problem now is that reorder fulfilment expectations that ma
  10. On the charging issue, see my posts here in the AICP thread also.
  11. My GUESS is that it is a bug in the system that is supposed to prevent overcharging while plugged in and about fully charged, by keeping it an about fixed level. In some circumstances it kicks in too soon, and keeps it at way too low fixed limit (I plugged it in at 17% yesterday)
  12. Update to November 24, with November 5 security patch using OTA went smoothly. Known keyboard bug still there (see lineage thread)
  13. I have for the first time had the 'not really charging' bug. No matter if connected to fast charger or slow charger, and no matter how many times I unplugged and re-plugged. Restarting brought the charging (connected to fast charger) up from 3mA(!) to 300mA. Unplugging and replugging brought it to 2000mA, where I disconnected and connected to slow charger, charging with 1000mA. I plugged it last night, and it kept it at 18% over night but did not really charge... (currently downloaded and now installing update)
  14. This is a general pc issue, not limited to the Pro1. It can be REALLY tricky to get fastboot connection to work. I was lucky with my ancient 2016 laptop, everything worked smoothly. Not so lucky with my 2021 one.... (Both Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon, just newer generation...) Sometimes just using a different port on the same PC might do the trick. Sometimes you might need a hub. Sometimes a different cable is what it takes. You could try a completely different computer, if it is one time only, just to unlock....
  15. If I recall right the change was very late 2019, or very early 2020. November 2019 unlocked, February 2020 locked.
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