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  1. For Scandinavian languages this is fixed by FinQWERTY (among other improvements)
  2. Well not really as it is mounted on something, and I do not want to remove it from that until I one day might want to use it. The combined thing feels stiff, but I have no idea if it is a thick protector with a paper thin adhesive protection, or a thin film on a piece of 'cardboard'. So Better ask one of those that has applied it.
  3. Nope, never let it drain so deep that it turned itself off. But purely academicaly, there is an 'issue' if you only have a very poor power source (much less than a pc USB port) offering less power than the Pro1 uses booting. But It should be fixable by using the supplied QC3 adapter that has 18W output, and there is not a chance in H.. that it will use that much during boot - so a VERY academic 'issue'.
  4. Well frankly I just applied the one I knew worked immediately, before doing any examination of the one provided. Applied it before even touching the screen...
  5. Could well be, especially on qwertZ, where caps lock is represented by an up side down shift arrow (like the ancient Shift lock on typewriters) .
  6. ... Found another app, where the sensors can be tried one by one, There are 50, it is the one called "Motion Accel" Shortly after displaying, it restarts the device. (I have tried a few times, but not enough time for a screen shot) ADD: Note that there are more than one app called "Device info"
  7. A tiny BUG: The battery is reported as 1000mAh to any app asking.
  8. (For the others in here, we had a 'little' PM dialogue digging in logs, but there were no obvious culprit - though some 'suspects' )
  9. Ha ha, I thought it generated a log on the device I needed to retrieve, did not realise it just needed a pipe.... Just a sec....
  10. Well with some extra thickness to get a better protection, we are talking a case/shell, not just a film. I don't think that we can get more than scratch-protection from a film.
  11. Well if you bothered reading some of the post above you would know that it does support it....
  12. Yes I like that too. And especially if it is offered in a 'rubberised' finish that also offers an even better grip
  13. Sure tell me what to do more exactly - know nothing on how torn the logging on/off nor where to look for the log...
  14. Hmm, that it restarts the device, sounds like something deep getting in a very bad state. So my GUESS is some buggy code in a hardware driver.
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