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Replacement Keyboard

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Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to obtain a replacement keyboard, I used some acetone to remove some oily smudges but that has caused the glue to dissolve and weaken substantially and has also damaged the keys presumably through dissolution of the plastic.

The part beneath the keyboard buttons the surface the keyboard is bonded to or was bonded to where the actual buttons are is totally fine its simply a cosmetic and tactile issue being that some keys are damaged as well as no longer being bonded to the functional part of the keyboard. The structure I can determine is the physical buttons(the bit you use) are seperate from the membrane(that part connected to the main board) so both as presumably separate when being manufactured.

I did contact f(x)tec directly they said "we are able to help you" once shipping resumed as all spare parts and repairs were held up due to contractual issues,  they then got back to me after I prompted them and told me they were unable to help with the matter after setting explicitly strong and clear expectations of them being able to fix the problem which was quite the let down. They wouldn't even take a complaint as a result of their dreadful handling of the query and appear to be very inexperienced in delivering customer service with the manner in which it was delivered.

Some wisdom, insight and potential solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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