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  1. Well it's more profitable to sell them behind our backs instead of deliver them of course... Where was this 'pre-order bonus' mentioned? I don't want/need them, but I want to verify these were promised at some point in the campaign.
  2. The fact that they wont even put out a simple statement saying "hey we're confirming addresses" on their page or they cant even do the bare minimum of log in to respond to this forum. Like is there anyone even working there anymore?
  3. The next two weeks huh, yet not a single device has shipped since because now your "waiting for 50%"... well which is it liars?
  4. How can this be this true? They've done nothing for 5 months and just waiting for 50%? endless lies... this is truly absurd at this point. Just start shipping what you can, my address has not changed, this is bs. JUST SHIP MY FUCKING PHONE ALREADY.
  5. well thats sad.... It is only because of XDA that I felt comfortable backing in the first place. fxtrash still list the SD835 on their sales page, despite being called out multiple times by multiple people. literally false advertising -> illegal
  6. wut... you want to give the scammers more money? 5 months now since their last update. they don't even respond to this forum anymore. Casey is absent for like 6 months. It's clearly not a shipping issue at this point... I truly don't understand how some people are still defending fxtrash after years of bs. I wouldn't be surprised if this forum silently disappears one night to save on server costs. This forum is basically nothing but bad PR filled with complaints. Even if this it shows up it will maybe barely work for a couple years. There's no way this will h
  7. +1 for k9 mail and f-droid! thunderbird for email if on desktop. LibreWolf or Mulvad over stock Firefox as FF has too much telemetry and crap (Pocket) and relies on google. Brave or ungoogled-chromium if you prefer chrome. but never stock chrome.
  8. Since fxtec has decided to no longer provide updates, I took the liberty of producing an update on their behalf: Disclaimer: this is a joke for those those who can't read in comic sans...
  9. From the Sept update: "We would like to begin by apologising for not providing an update for July and August." So your way of apologizing is to not provide a monthly update again?
  10. I too planned to use this device for movie watching over HDMI.... Yet another data point that proves DRM is a cancer that ironically only hurts legitimate paying customers by denying experiences such as the valid one described here. This why i go back to the sea, Pay for the service but torrent the content guilt free. 🏴‍☠️
  11. Hence why id rather decompile it and poke around. I don't trust it one bit.
  12. Thanks. Hmm, strange. I wonder if the app can be reverse engineered to pull out what ever proprietary weirdness that allows this particular cable to work. if the device ever arrived, time to pull out APKTool....maybe can patch lineage to work without garbage app edit: Even if it did work, this not native HDMI out. it is a hacky work around. native HDMI support is still a lie
  13. it's ok. we all learned a valuable lesson and that is to never crowdfund. never again will i do a kickstarter or indiegogog. jokes on me!
  14. also how can it be simply a shipping problem at this point? shipping isnt hard, its 2023. lets do some quick maths.... last update was Jun 15, 2023 (3 months ago). The campaign has 2,134 backers. A very select few have already received but lets say for sake of argument there are 2000 devices that need to be shipped still. Lets say they have a only enough funds to hire a single shipping person. Lets say the shipping person can process 3 devices per hour, which would be 24 devices over an 8 hour day. 2000/24 = 83 working days / 5 days a week = 16 weeks or 4 months. Its been 3 months since t
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