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  1. Rosin flux 😁 Are you considering my ugly hack after all? It's two cells with a massive board and two connectors, and I have no idea what all that's about, but the punchline is that I took it apart and just used one cell. Here is what's left of it
  2. I wouldn't say holy, more like cheapskate emergency grail, since it's a whole amp hour less than the original, and requires a lot of elbow grease to replace. Yes, I took the board off the original battery, it was soldered so came out clean. The replacement was similarly attached to its own board, but I ended up physically breaking it off by repeatedly folding the tabs, which I guess made them a bit shorter. If you are better than me with a soldering iron, or maybe use a heat gun you should be able to de-solder those as well, and that will give you a better surface to work with. They of co
  3. For my po1x I got this 2250mah twix deal https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005005043077240.html?sku_id=12000031429438778 short circuited it a few too many times while removing and attaching the boards, and at least once to the phone housing cause I forgot the isolation, but somehow it survived and seems to be working fine. I'm going to torture it with fast charging see how long it lasts for me. Sidenotes: - Bunch of ribbon cables under the battery, I almost destroyed one while prying it off, some real tough glue there. - My bottom speaker always worked intermittently, and especially at
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