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  1. Same issue with original pro 1. Needs a restart. No clue.
  2. I'm all for this. Though there will be unintended consequences, I think there really did need to be a firm hand protecting consumers from fly-by-night operations dumping hardware and software without looking back. 5 years is maybe a bit much though. I think 3 is ok. Especially for software, it's a crucial thing to keep up to date with regards to apps and security. Hardware is more of a concern, but it's also understandable and a bummer when you're waiting a long time to fix a broken phone, or need to replace it very early in its life due to lack of available parts.
  3. Just to add that I'd cracked a small corner of my screen maybe a year or so ago and ordered the cheap screen from China for like 45$ CAD or so shipped. It wasn't a ton of damage though so I waited for a major reason to switch it, which was as of 3ish days ago getting a ton of random ghost touches making it type messages and send pics to people LOL no joke. So I just replaced it and wow it was so hard to remove the screen without a heat gun. Tons of glass shards still stuck and took a while to remove carefully with an xacto knife. Also the 3M adhesive was confusing but I used logic and figure i
  4. I must be doing something wrong in 2022 because I still have L3.
  5. "fastboot devices" command at first didn't work with default drivers (yellow caution triangle over 'Android') but then I manually set Android to use the Google USB driver and then selected that it be seen as the Android Bootloader Interface (only possible using the DISK method and 'All Devices'). Now fastboot devices sees the device. WOOOOOOOOOOO
  6. Ok yeah. Among the first from the preorder still. Cant believe how difficult it is to unlock. For a techy phone especially. Usually I have an easy time. Really annoyed. I just want Windows to detect it under the bootloader... Windows. Not even Linux or Mac.
  7. Yes I read something to that effect. And mine arrived in February of 2019 which is relatively early too.
  8. That's the "android_winusb" I mentioned. Only got through it it by using the Select Disk method.
  9. No luck yet Still undetected by ADB. Just getting different things to show up in Device Manager... Starting to wonder if I shouldn't use a Windows 7 device to do what needs to be done. Updating to 11 I would rather avoid since you mentioned that doesn't help. But really it should work on Windows 10. This is ridiculous. How is everyone else unlocking their bootloader?
  10. When assigning a driver manually, try to select All Devices and then "Have disk" and browse for "android_winusb" that was downloaded. Having better luck with this now.... will update but laptop at 10% battery.
  11. Hi! This is driving me crazy for two days now. I cannot seem to get an ADB connection during the Fastboot screen. The bootloader is locked and I want to flash a new image (magisk) to unlock it. I can only communicate with the phone when it has booted into Android and is detected with ADB devices. I've installed Android Studio tools with even the Pie (9) stuff and Google USB drivers. As soon as I restart it into the bootloader screen, Windows sees it as 'Android' in Device Manager instead of QX1000 and it has the yellow caution symbol. I cannot get it to have the r
  12. It was supposed to come with one originally, but they shipped it with a rushed fabric sleeve instead. Is been over a year or two now without an official peep about it, so safe to say there will not be one. Edit: just saw that tweet from May 5th. That would be a start, but really too little too late to be teasing it when we obviously have been thirsting forever lol. 'what do to guys think' idk ship it to me and I'll let you know omg give it to meeeeeeeeee.
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