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  1. Yes I recorded a small concert like I often do (hey I like to keep memories lol, only indie shows of music I listen to at home) and the focus wasn't incredible for starters, although that improved since switching camera app. So visually I have no complaints, but the audio recording has been poor across the board, even with a consistent sound it seems to want to keep switching the sensitivity up and down so that it drops in and out. As if it's trying too hard to tune in to a voice or something and just turning off all noise. And on speakerphone I often get people complaining so I switch to handheld.
  2. I just want to say that I laugh every time I see the title of this thread. The struggle is real but we are the chosen, poised to inherit the physical keyboard and carry the torch into the new millenium of VR and smartwatches.
  3. Just tried Animal Crossing but the original N64 translated from Japanese (Animal Forest) although the inventory system is bugged. Looks great though.
  4. You're right it doesn't pull up the video from within the app from the thumbnail but I do see it in my google photos gallery
  5. No. All photos are slow to be taken especially dim light ones. I have no idea what that option is and have not used Gcam yet, only Snapdragon and OpenCamera. David thanks for the link I will try it out. Edit: Bless the heavenly fathers. Now I have an actual useable camera. A million thanks.
  6. As a pre-orderer [sic] I would easily scrap the earphones for a proper case or discount towards a case.
  7. I think it's safe to say that we're by-and-large the 'tinkering' types that enjoy spending time on an unrestricted/unlocked device even if it makes no rational sense. I like having something different. It makes me proud even if it's behind the times and absolutely flawed lol.
  8. I take back what I said about Open Camera and found it to not be suitable or smoothly functioning at all on my otherwise lean Pro 1. Went back to using Snapdragon until I find and install the right Google APK. The main thing in both was how slow it was to take a picture. Especially in low light, it would take as much as 4-5 seconds to shine for focus and then flash again for the actual photo. Daylight is OK but not very detailed or crisp. edit: Thank you AHunter I will try those as they will be quicker and easier to install than the Gcam APK.
  9. Haha, it's alright. I thought as much and just wanted to make sure we're all on the same page. It's most visible and upsetting when trying to watch movies during dark scenes.
  10. Did factory reset already and it didn't change, just took a while to reconfigure. Hook/Davis, could you take a picture of how the dragon looks at 10%? It's common to all units afaik.
  11. Mostly holding on for the screen brightness issue to be resolved because that's what's really not acceptable to me. The rest I can understand as it is their very first device, and at least the software is malleable. Edit: but yeah I find myself using the virtual keyboard and getting used to how quick it is with autocorrect... Really strange but at least I'm getting the practice in for when I eventually have to transition fully to it...
  12. Does that mean I received a pre-production unit in February? I thought they all had that issue and that I held a final production unit.
  13. Below 45% the dragon starts to appear even brighter than at 55% as the black becomes green-grey instead. I would definitely expect this to be remedied by an update or screen replacement but will let them deal with the factory production and shipment first while it gets figured out.
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