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  1. Ah! Still not used to having to differentiate between the two. Finally removed Open Camera as it was buggy after the June 5 OTA while GCam seemed to be fine. Crossing my fingers the issue is resolved but it wasn't uncommon for it to function occassionally.
  2. June 5 POTENTIALLY corrects camera issue but only been a few minutes, will give some time to confirm as it was not uncommon for it to function intermittently.
  3. Since you're on LOS20 too, how's your camera functionality? It's been super buggy for me no matter the app. That and not always charging.
  4. Didn't work either. On Stock I used Gcam ports that mostly all worked except for maybe inverted viewfinder in nightvision and little things like that. And in AICP I had things working well too. But now LOS20 I am resorting to taking screenshots of the viewfinder lol.
  5. Thanks but no luck either. Took a few photos but then interface froze and wouldn't register button presses (and volume down for shutter didn't register either).
  6. Been switching between Open Camera and GCam but neither reliable. GCam lots of unsaved files and OpenCamera mostly the freezing viewfinder.
  7. On the may 29th. What camera app are you all using? Can't seem to find one that works reliably. Lots of viewfinder lagging/freezing, if not it's images being taken but not saved.
  8. If you ever find the leather cases don't get used much, they sound lovely to this leather fanatic 😄
  9. Looks like I keep losing Magisk/root every time I update Lineage using their automated updater, but once I figure out how to do it smoothly I'll try it thanks.
  10. That's so bad. Being based out of London gave it a lot more credibility than out of China.
  11. Yeah the stock battery for around 200 CAD shipped is a big ask when a new LCD is 40. I didn't mind paying a premium 900 for the phone originally but now it is really dated with the CPU/RAM to the point where an investment of that magnitude would be better put towards a whole new phone. I try not to open it up too much in order to keep everything working smoothly, but I'll certainly be placing an order once I track down the ideal battery replacement around 20$. Looking forward to seeing if Schattengestalt here has any success with the connection and sizing since he jumped on it. I ten
  12. Was hoping their official online storefront would offer an identical match, but too hopeful. I was also wondering if it is more like their smaller 1600mah battery but stacked twice one above the other to make 3200mah. The size of those Apple ones would be OK, but too weak in voltage/capacity to be considered IMO. Something like this at 3.85V at 3400mah (13/09Wh) for perhaps the Lenovo Zuk Z2? https://www.batteriesnbulbs.com/BnB-Sino-6505-CS-LVZ210SL-3.85V-3400mAh-13.09Wh-Li-Polymer-Mobile-SmartPhone-Battery-for-Lenovo.html A lot of websites have really great selections
  13. From Shenzhen one on Alibaba closest match is: H5.8mm*W32mm*L127mm (perhaps slightly thinner but longer..) https://xlalibaba.m.en.alibaba.com/company_profile.html https://m.alibaba.com/product/1600479525175/detail.html?channel=minisite_a2706.wshop_pl.113.i6&otherparams=https%3A%2F%2Fm.alibaba.com%2Fproduct%2F1600479525175%2F5832127-High-capacity-polymer-lithium-ion.html
  14. Hah. Back a few months later curious about the issue again on LOS20.
  15. I'd try on a different laptop/computer just to circumvent a lot of potential issues as far as drivers and connectivity.
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