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  1. Small companies can react more swiftly and are much more nimble with regard to changing circumstances. I know that if I had a small amount of funds, I could have quickly had someone design and manufacture cases. They posted the prototypes of it a long time ago on Twitter, I believe they used transparent hard plastic. So it is not a question of a wrench being thrown into their plans, simply that they picked the easier route.
  2. Not for us to figure out
  3. It is my understanding that FXtec can and did work on multiple software problems, taking responsibility for proper functioning both before and after release. We collectively have no relation with IdeaLTE. That is up to FXtec's discretion as to what is delegated, but the responsibility has been and remains theirs.
  4. Software issues can be applied to the existing userbase of phones much more easily than replacing the hardware, and the first duty is also to fix errors rather than upgrading things that work fine. There are no known widespread RAM or system memory problems.
  5. The case was meant to be included with preorders and then available for purchase, so I don't think it's too much to ask that we not be relegated to 3D-printing our own ugly ones. I'm not a designer but I don't see it being difficult. My preference is for OtterBox style.
  6. Lmaooooo same here. I actually got worse at it over time because I moisturize much better now and my hands are not as rough as they used to be. But hey, it got me excited for a phone enough to upgrade from my Priv which was barely functioning, so there's that. I just wish it had a real case. Have been lucky enough so far to place it carefully on clean surfaces, but I would feel much better and more classy with a leather case.
  7. Do they have security camera backup, so you could see it being delivered on the date (it's like a 9x9 inch square 3 inches depth) and perhaps who claimed it afterwards?
  8. I maintain that it is in poor taste to be upgrading the RAM in newer models by 33% while leaving the screen and microphone issues unfixed.
  9. It made sense as a purchase at the time because we assumed the screen and microphone would be functioning normally. They seem to have all shipped with a green tint and the microphone is indeed behaving very strangely, dropping low. I can understand the buttons and mechanism being a bit rickety, and the software shipping incomplete, but it's been a year, and they announced the Pro1-X now.
  10. I was very much let down by the announcement of the 2nd generation phone before all issues were patched an addressed in this one, and before everyone even received them. Seems they are jumping ship. Not a good look.
  11. Just to confirm this happens to me as well and is finally starting to annoy me because it draws my attention every single time I turn on the device. I figured it was connecting to the 'update servers' or something but it really should not be notifying constantly when it only updates once a season.
  12. Yeah 2mb is really annoying to work within the confines of .. it would make more sense if it was compressed after the fact automatically, while more of less preserving the quality. Otherwise I guess we can share Imgur links.
  13. There's still a wifi issue that causes rebooting and it has happened while I sleep. Less these days because I set it to only use the 5ghz band. But if you alternate with 2.4 try using only 5?
  14. It's really the one major major issue after shipment since it affects all of them, not like the screens light leak which I didn't get or don't notice.
  15. I wound up being shipped the phone anyways a month after requesting the refund... Using it since I couldn't resist opening the box but really wish they could update the software which should have been finalized first.
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