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  1. The cover I bought was exquisitely stiff and tall enough. It maintains sufficient hardness even after processing. It also has the softness required for installation, so it feels like a good fit for the Pro1. Attaching the cover creates a small gap between the LCD and the keyboard, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.
  2. I bought it here. https://ja.aliexpress.com/item/4000021614410.html?channel=twinner Since it was supposed to be processed, I bought more than one, but it was cheap and saved.
  3. The cover for the P20 Pro I bought on Aliexpress looked good. The translucent part is hard. The colored part is semi-hard. The side part is open so it does not interfere with the power button or fingerprint sensor. I just took the plunge and cut the part that got in the way with nippers. There seems to be no problem with strength. There is no problem with the strength of removal. Unfortunately, the LCD cannot be protected, so I would like to attach it to the flip cover.
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