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  1. Hello! It’s Chen here, been a long time since we last talked or met in person. First of all I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, regardless where you are. It might be a difficult and challenging time, but we will all fight through it together. I would also like to say thank you to our community again! Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement for Pro1 and F(x)tec, especially in this difficult time. I have to admit 2020 has not been an easy journey for us, a lot of things and plans have completely changed and everything has become more and more diff
  2. Hi if you are running modified OS it should be possible to patch directly. I think @tdm and @netmanmight know more about this.
  3. We are very sorry for the issues caused. After some investigation we have found the reason, it was due to the upgrade of security patch to October which needs to be approved from the authority before it was released, which caused CTS to fail. Also there is no way to downgrade security patch via OTA (the user data will be wiped if doing this way.) Therefore the current workaround / work is: - We are acquiring the latest security patch (Feb 2020) and will submit for approval before the next OTA. Therefore once the next OTA with latest security patch applied, and appro
  4. Although its's more of FedEX issue but I will pushing / checking with out logistics partner see if there is anything we could do to speed that up. That seems rediculous to me as well!
  5. E7 shakes not as loud as the other 2, but it still has a noise if you turn up volume, and it also rattles. All three are brand new not been used. (And Pro1 is much bigger than those 3 even hard to control.) I'm wondering if people like shake - typing???
  6. @shani You will get used to the mechanism it in a short time and hopefully you will change your mind. If you have ever used Nokia N97 (Mini) E7 N950 you will probably this is a "feature" instead of a design flaw. I think the only this that can be mis-leading is calling it a "slider" with the fact that it uses a lift-turn hinge. "Slider" would mis-lead user to think it slides like Droid 4 and can push from middle of the screen. (Instead of lifting / pushing the edge) Maybe we could invent a new word calling this?
  7. As for the metal, this is part of the antenna system.
  8. This is part of the nature of this type of slider. If the screw is tighten you will not be able to open the slider. I can show you a brand new Nokia E7 would do the same rattling, even it's much smaller in size (which in theory should rattle less) In fact no one would type with keyboard while shaking? Have been asked similarly in multiple times, it's the nature of this slider type, not quality issue.
  9. Thank you @david This could be a potential bug and thank you for making improvement for us. I have observed certain mis-behaviour of WiFi in certain conditions myself (as you might seen in other threads) I will work with engineer to dig deeper into WiFi drivers etc., when virus lock down is lifted...
  10. Before the Chinese New Year when we ship the last big batch, we actually have also produced certain stages for the next batch. In fact that will cover almost all the pre-orders. However because of the virus no one knows when the traffic is re-open and people can get back to work. But I want to let everyone rest assured that the product is indeed there its just waiting for the people to get our of the currently lock down situation...
  11. Will send you a PM, please check your inbox. 🙂
  12. For those of you wants to have word suggestions, try using Swift key instead of GBoard. It has most of the features, if not all, as a software keyboard. Because most users wants clean Android, we decided to only pre-load GBoard, and Google has dropped their support for hardware keyboard on GBoard unfortunately. So try Swift key and that will make a big difference. On the other side, we are aware of the issue with sometimes orientation does not turn, a quick fix will be enable/disable auto rotate in top drop down menu.
  13. SYM as modifier key is definitely possible. That's a great suggestion! Making the staggered pop-up will require we make a custom Input Method, something I'd love to but will pose a huge cost... So maybe when we get bigger. But making Sym key as a edible modifier sounds great and achievable.
  14. Did it reboot often afterwards? @sdxWill it be possible to test the unit under 4G only (Wifi off) see if it reboots? I think it might be WiFi related. I am using an August production prototype for more than 4 months, and only happened to me 2-3 times so far. But each time it did 2-3 reboots in a short period of time, then everything back to normal. We are still investigating where the problems are so if you can let me know if WiFi is related that would be great. Meanwhile if the device still constantly reboots, we will get it replaced for you.
  15. Hi Sorry for the issue regarding shipping. Our super hero Erik will on it shortly!
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