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  1. Regarding the "Keyboard Lost" issue, we have worked out a test OTA for the fix during Christmas, and internally tested. Because this happens very randomly, and not always caught by internal team, we have asked some users to help verify if the fix work. (Many thanks to @TeZtDevice ) and the issue seems to be gone. The fix is working. However we would love to invite more users who constantly experiencing this issue to help verifying if the bug is completed fixed. Please let me know. (There is a risk of test OTA being incompatible with future official OTA so reflash might be needed.)
  2. We have an internal OTA available which supposed to solve the Keyboard Losing issue and the sensor error issue. I need to someone to help verifying the fix of keyboard issue together. Please PM me if you are happy with offline test OTA. Thanks.
  3. Thank you all for the feedback! Team is working on the fix for the keyboard unresponsive issue. It's quite random and cannot replicate easily. But we will do out best and solve ASAP.
  4. The stock firmware has been certified, you need to re-lock the bootloader to make that activated:
  5. Hello all, As we all know Pro1 has passed Google's SafetyNet Certification previously and we have everything completed. However, due to the units shipped so far has unlocked bootloader, the device will still shown as "Uncertified" despite we have passed the security certification. (For users intended to root the phone, installing Lineage OS and Sailfish OS, please ignore the remaining and no future actions needed.) For users to activate Google Pay, and other features that requires SafetyNet approval, please do the following procedures to re-lock the bootloader: - Update to the latest firmware via OTA (QX1000_EEA_20191203104303) - Back up your data, as your personal data will be wiped after re-locking bootloader - (Second Warning) Back up your data as they will be lost - Turn off the phone, hold vol down and press power key to get into bootloader - Attach a USB (data) cable to the Pro1 and a PC - If you haven't got ADB installed, you can fetch it from Google here - Using command line on the PC, go to the ADB and Flashboot directory and type fastboot flashing lock - Follow the instructions on the phone (Press Volume down twice, and accept with Power) Bootloader will be locked and your data will be wiped, it will become factory state After set-up, device will shown as "certified" in Play Store and user can set up Google Pay using contactless payment. For future units the default setting of bootloader will be locked and device will show certified by default. Only the users who got the device now will need to do the re-lock to activate SafetyNet.
  6. There were a few files Google required and we have provided everything already. Expect to have update early next week...
  7. Passing safetynet does NOT equal to we can use Google OTA directly. I am afraid you got the wrong information.
  8. Thank you @silversolver for your kind words! We certainly cannot go this far without the kindness from supporters like you. Thank you! We are also very very thankful for your support, patience and encouragement during the journey. Especially we are thankful for the trust and understandings community given us, in the time when things did not move as expected. Sometimes the easiest part of the process can cause issues, and unexpected accidents. But every time when it happens, we are grateful to have you on our back and encourage us to solve them. This means a lot to our team and this keeps us moving. I also want to thank to our partners who helped us along the journey. The product we are making is not the level that every general suppliers can do, and the higher the standard, the less partners we can choose from. (Like the slider parts). I am grateful for our small team we got some support who previously only provided to big brands, and have kept our little dream alive! I wanted to thank everyone at team FX who fought strong along the journey and we created something different altogether. And we wanted to thank the community who also helped us on testing, reports, OS development, you are all the heroes! Thank you everyone!!
  9. Hello, Just want to give a quick heads-up regarding the upcoming hot fix for the first few bugs we discovered with the users who received their units. We have sent the test version of this OTA to some users and found a small display issue in setting after the test OTA, due to the cache updating after locking fingerprint. The issue has been solved and OTA will go live shortly and we target to release on November. The fixes are: - Certain 3G bands has been improved (mainly Band 5 and Band 8 WCDMA) and user no longer to tune network setting. Also improved performance under mobile network. - Touch Panel freezing issue has been removed. However "Double Tap to Wake" is temporary disables because we found the freezing issue is related with double tap. We will do more research and re-enable this feature in the future. - HDMI output now fully works. Including audio output - Camera Vignette problem has been solved I will update in this thread once this OTA goes live. Onwards... Edit: It's live now.
  10. As OEM perspective, there is different way working with FOTA suppliers and there is an option paying for no tracking and tracing. Adups has changed their service since last year and there should not be things under the table. If anyone has found any we will definitely raise the issue to them as this is not what we intended and not as on agreement.
  11. This is not secret spyware. This is our OTA server partner. Also GDPR comply. Adups has been used by multiple OEMs and their record is reliable. I don't know why you called those spyware but if there is any problem you found or issues discovered, we can certainly resolve together with them. But if you think in that bad way simply because you don't know or don't heard about it that is not very responsible accusation and it did hurt our team. If you don't trust us DON'T buy it!
  12. I have experienced those as well... , when we designed the internal I made USB board separately from main board. It's on a mini PCB so replacing it would be cheap as you don't need to change CPU, memory etc...
  13. Pro1 is under an approval (final stage) from Google to activate security features. Once it's finished we will release an OTA to activate contactless payment. Everything has been submitted and we are awaiting.
  14. I think it is very easy to put a conclusion such as "amateur" or "unprofessional" to anything doesn't meet expectations. From restaurant failed to cook a meal meets customers specific taste to train did not come in time. Anything can be unprofessional if it happens. But in reality we all know life doesn't always go as expected, there is no simple definition of professionalism but many many small factors. A simple conclusion like this can't take into account of every aspect but only show the original PoV over simplifies this world. But nonetheless I take the criticism. We probably indeed can be defined as "unprofessional" because the whole team from marketing to R&D to manufacturing adding up together is probably smaller than a PR department of a big player. But we aimed high and we wanted to deliver something they can't. We are unprofessional also because we also didn't have deep pocket to pay for another round of components if first manufacturing goes wrong. Or to hire more work force to help on some small aspects and for the team to take a holiday. I guess non of the above matters because the device did come as originally planned, so I accept that. And I am proud even Samsung Huawei etc with the deep pocket they are also unprofessional with their folding phones. Which despite being expensive, not more difficult than what we are doing. Also let me clear that when we took payment on the beginning of August we intended to dispatch by September. I didn't know where you got the mis-placed information which was definitely incorrect.
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