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  1. No need to adjust things, if you press the edge of the screen right at the very bottom (it's not too hard to do or anything) it will click the settings icon so you can still easily get to it. The "button" for it is bigger than the icon basically.
  2. Alright, good to know. Thanks for the fast reply too. If that issue is fixed I can see myself using this device full time, but for now I can't really use the keyboard. Might swap back to it anyway and just use the virtual keyboard until this is fixed though.
  3. Just came across a really odd issue that's bad enough I swapped back to my Key2 for the time being. Wanted to see if anyone else has run across this. So when typing fast, some keys are straight up missed, I tested this over and over and found a few specific ones that would cause it. If I type "hahahahahaha" in rapid succession like that (but not so fast it's unrealistic for my fast typing speed) the output is either nothing at all, "hhhhhhhhh" or "hhhhahhhhh", same thing happens when typing something like "yeyeyeyeyey". I've also noticed that this happens in reverse order too, suc
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