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  1. Hi FXTec, I just canceld my pre-order, let me shortly explain why.... There is only talk on this forum, no action, and I dont see anymore news. Only talking on this forum about the pro's and con's won't do the job for anybody. The people have spoken for and against a curved screen, I hope you take this customer feedback and do something with it. I have read this forum now multiple times over and over. I dont like the waste of time and that you guys dont listen, only making things more complex. The choise is still very simple.. as soon the PDA is on the market (still taking a looong
  2. Who needs a curved screen, its just a gimmick. Please put in a flat screen, less reflective etc... The content gets distorted and the edge of the screen gets pressed when you try to just hold the phone. Just as the Samsung S10 with its curves has a bad grip the S10E has a narrow bezel bud hold more nice in hand. If I would have the choice, I would love to see – Qi (Wireless Charging) – Dual Sim + MicroSD ( not shared) – Low price version 399 Euro ( 32 GB / 4 GB) Hopefully the Pro1 will be just awesome. Keep up guys!
  3. one part of the phone can have a wireless charging area, bottom-middle? so the phone keeps it strong elements. The pro1 will gain some weight, but that is something less worse than carrying cables around. We like the retro element keyboard, but it is still 2019, we do not need cables anymore?
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