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  1. I know that you maybe tried to do the best but nearly 10 year later you did did only the same thickness mobile as Nokia E7? It is a pitty. This will be for a lot of users too much. I know that for me it will be too much but the hw keyboard is much more valuable.
  2. My favorites keyboard was E7: + the slider display, very simple to open it by one hand, only one display (do not need two of them) + good size of keys, good noic when pressing, good shape of keys, the keys were in good position - only 4 rows keyboard but it was because of size Please put the characters back to the left so they are under the right numbersor shift the numbers to the right! This combination is odd. I understand why you do it but it will be odd.
  3. Because there will be a lot of users from another countries the most needed keys is the accents. This is very big problem on every sw keyboards. The accents key is missing even it is very simple to add it. I did not find such an kyeboard. So the users must press the key and wait until the characters are shown and then slide. This is "VERY" slow when you want to write with accents. Hope the hw keyboard will have one key for accents or the shortcuts for accented characters
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