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  1. EskeRahn, it would be great if layouts are editable with an application. On my Xperia Pro it was necessary to make changes in two XML files in /system/usr/keyboard-config/ (with root, of course). One maps keys to symbols (two keys were swapped in stock layout), another defines alternative symbols that appear on long key press.
  2. What's about Russian layout? Like this one on Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro. I understand that it's not feasible to manufacture too many different layouts in the first batch. Will it be possible to create and edit key mapping? I mean setting symbols that correspond to key press, key with Shift, key with Ctrl, key with Ctrl and Shift. Will a list of available symbols (for example, with diacritics) appear on screen after long key press? Will it be possible to switch between languages with buttons (Space, Ctrl + Shift or others)?
  3. My first one was Sony Ericsson M600i. It was very convenient (and much fun) to type messages on it as well as make use of handwriting recognition on its screen for symbols not present on the keyboard. My current and favourite one is Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro (MK16i). It is my main phone and I'm not going to replace it with a phone without any keys.:) I hope you at F(x)tec will do your best to create a capable and well-built device that will last not less than my current one!
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