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  1. Has anybody successfully cancelled an order? They've sent me the same message twice trying to persuade me from cancelling and refunding my order. What's going on f(x)tec?
  2. "Realistically, your order will be shipped with the 2nd batch due to arrive in mid-November." Sorry I said second week, I meant mid-November. Unfortunately wording isn't specific as to where it's arriving, just that it is arriving somewhere between the second and third week of November. Still though this response reignited my hopes that I receive it before the end of November, however it's anybody's guess at this point.
  3. I ordered mine the day after you. F(X)tec support told me to expect my phone the second week of November and that I was part of the 2nd batch. So that would imply the 1st and 2nd batch should arrive in November. But who really knows.
  4. I've had my order in since Aug 2, I pre-ordered before then and I've been following the phone for a while. I don't get involved in forums much these days, so you're correct I don't have many posts. They've offered me a free case and headphones if I don't cancel my order, which is amusing on account of the fact that pre-orders were already supposed to get a free case and headphones.
  5. You make a very solid point and as the Pro1 would ultimately be a spec downgrade from my current phone and the pkb really being the only selling point for me, I come to the conclusion that I don't need a new phone and I guess I'll keep f(x)tec in mind in the future, but for now cancelling my order is the most logical step. Cheers to everybody getting the Pro1, maybe one day down the road I will join you.
  6. I think people are just frustrated that they've spent $700 on something that keeps getting pushed back and there's no definite ship/release date. I like quality products, but I'm starting to understand all these frustrated customers as well, the technology world moves fast and startups struggle to keep up with such a quickly advancing market. I really don't know where I stand anymore, like I'd enjoy helping a startup and a pkb phone, but by the time this phone is in user's hands it's not really even going to be a mid-range device. So yeah, I'm somewhat excited at this point and really confused.
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