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  1. This has been dealt with. I chase things as I see them.
  2. His Pro1 is with us, so I can justify why he needed another phone. We're aiming to replace his device ASAP, as it will be quicker than waiting for new parts.
  3. When we request a device for service, we typically expect it to be sent within a week. In this scenario, we waited 1+ months for it to be sent in for service alone as far as I know.
  4. Sorry to hear you had to buy another phone.. As you may or may not know, our factory in China, including their supply chain, has pretty much been off for the past 2 months. We are told they are back operating at some capacity but it's still nowhere near the efficiency and speed before the Coronavirus outbreak. Although very slowly, devices are being produced, but what can we do about that? We don't have 5+ factories like Canon, and we don't have the comfort of moving manufacturing to Taiwan like Apple did. We would be happy to replace your device, but how do you do that when half of your workers can't get to work to make the device? It's unfortunate, but the best we can do right now is to patiently wait and help our factory as much as we can. Every startup to medium sized businesses manufacturing in China is affected. As for your messages, I can see a new response to our previous reply was made on Saturday. We know your repair is waiting to be processed, we are not going to forget about it, even if we don't periodically acknowledge it's still with us. Pretty much everything is in hold until the stock is ready, which is what we need to send you a new device :).
  5. It's definitely the Snapdragon 835 CPU. The sound issue is a bug with the system forcing a power saving rule as investigated below. This is at the top of our list for the coming update/s.
  6. Hi! Yes, it is something we are looking to use in the near future - in fact I would be the one looking after it 🙂. It will be out as soon as we can allocate more workforce to post-launch support tools.
  7. For bug reports, it's best to email [email protected] We're a startup. Everyone does everything as necessary. The entire Fxtec team sees those emails at the minute. We have our specialities but we all put our noses in all aspects of the company. Keeps it eventful :).
  8. It looks like our warehouse partner Expansys were already notified of the issues with both of your shipments. They are undergoing recovery actions since the 5th of Feb, and I've just chased them. In the worst case, we'll re-ship them using another service from the UK.
  9. I can see that your order hasn't been refunded yet. If you still wish to get a refund, and the device is with you, please don't unseal it, PM me and I'll arrange a refund / return ASAP. We've had a few cases of devices being shipped by the time we could handle the refund requests. This is just to avoid further confusion.
  10. 1. You should be able to listen to your own music files form the Play Music app pre-installed on your device. 2. There's only QWERTY or QWERTZ. QWERTY is used by all English speaking nations, as US English is the internationally accepted layout. - The pound sign is coming as a software update in the future. - The / and ? symbols can be input by combining them with the yellow arrow keys next to Ctrl.
  11. It was done over wifi in a WeWork office, which admittedly sometimes we get 800 MBPS up/down. The router is an enterprise grade Cisco Meraki. But I get similar sub 5ms pings with most fibre optic ISPs, in and around the London area.
  12. I suspect it's the server that your device is picking up to do the test with, unless if you do the test from your home network somehow. Maybe check if the battery manager is on? On our work wifi, we have a relatively impressive ping result.
  13. It happens with pretty much every courier out there when a last minute address change is requested. There are dozens of people involved for just one shipment, it's hard to update them all about the change. Most couriers don't look on their devices for address changes, instead they look on the label if the shipment is too far from a sorting facility.
  14. We've emailed you about 10 minutes ago on this actually. Please reply to the email. This one was caused due to a confusion with DPD from the last minute address change request.
  15. Send them the bill, all that matters is you getting your device! Expansys, working on our behalf, will later dispute their decision if the cost is higher than we have accounted for, but that's nothing that you should be worried about. This applies to everyone who is getting weird emails from Fedex.
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