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  1. Numbers are not relevant, as some customers with the order range of 1XXXX have only paid for their pre-orders last month, while we have orders from the range of 3XXXX that have been paid for 3 months ago. What affects shipping is when the payment was received or whether an Indiegogo coupon was used, in which scenario the order would be prioritised.
  2. Yes and no. Early-December is the time within which we expect all Pro1 pre-orders to have been shipped. As you might know, we want to be in general availability with a stock surplus at least 1 week before Christmas. From now, until all orders are complete by early-December, our customers will still receive their stock assigned and dispatch notices as soon as units are produced and are on their way to the logistics warehouses.
  3. Yep, we'll soon make formal, well-illustrated docs in our new support page. Quick sneak peek of what we are working on:
  4. We will prepare formal technical docs very soon, with info on how to flash your device, etc.
  5. As some of you wanted to see the Pro1 getting naked, me and my colleague shot the following unboxing video from F(x)tec HQ this morning :). And the initial boot-up with a keyboard slide:
  6. I'd probably be labeled a monster again, but look what we've got in our office this morning 🙂
  7. I confirm some people have received their tracking, more to follow by the end of this week :).
  8. From now on we will use the thread below for news. This one is for commenting.
  9. Hi everyone, A small informal update for you. As you should be aware by now, my updates do not represent what PR might have to say, but I'll give you the latest and best to my knowledge. As per the last time you received a director's update, there's nothing significantly new - our team is still working really hard to meet our own deadlines to fulfil all pre-orders and launch before the festive season. While stock rotations between warehouses (factory > Hong Kong hub > US & UK/EU) took slightly longer than initially predicted, due to the customs and weekends off, the first batch has been fulfilled and is on it's way to the customers that have been emailed, even if there's no tracking yet - it's coming. We expect everyone from the first batch will have their devices delivered late this week to early-next week. I cannot wait to hear back from some of you once your devices arrive in the coming days :). For those who haven't yet received a "stock assigned" notice, another batch is leaving the factory by the end of this week, but as we previously learnt, warehouse stock rotations and customs can take a while, so we should have customers from the 2nd batch receive their devices in late-November, hopefully with all pre-orders complete before Christmas. We want to be in general availability with 1-day shipping before the holidays, which means all pre-orders will be fulfilled in advance before the 24th of December. On a side note, I have noticed the old shipping update thread is getting a little confusing. I will likely rearrange how it's treated shortly. Currently, there's a lot of misinformation there. I will post news in the 1st post here from now on. For support matters, it's always best if you contact our team at [email protected] with guaranteed 1-day responses. Erik Shipping discussion thread: Community users who have received their tracking / device:
  10. That is still the case, correct, but there aren't enough units in the first batch for all of the backers. The coming second batch will cover all IGG backers + most normal pre-orders, potentially all because we plan to be in general availability before Christmas.
  11. Apologies, but this is incorrect. IGG promotions used are a lot higher than 100.
  12. Hi guys, Tiny informal update before I split this thread to make the news easier to find. We are on track with the 1st batch as previously suggested. I have been told that customers from the 1st batch will soon receive a confirmation that stock has been assigned to their order. I expect it to be done by tomorrow. Obviously, this won't be sent to everyone who has an order, as the first batch is relatively small to the ones we expect to come shortly after. On a side note, please be aware that I do not represent the PR or communications team - I am a techie at Fxtec involved in design/development. My responses might be imperfect, but I provide information to the best of my knowledge. The comms team does not usually get involved with the forum, as this place is for the community to discuss freely. For support and direct team contact, please always email [email protected] and someone will get back to you within 1 business day. Erik
  13. I think this thread is getting too long to read now. I'll find a way to organise it shortly. I have mentioned the above a while ago, so it's nothing new:
  14. That's the information we all have most of the time. As soon as there is anything significantly new and different you'd see an official directors update.
  15. Yes and no. A percentage of the first batch, proportional to how many orders we have in Asia has been shipped from our Hong Kong warehouse to customers at the same time stock left on it's way to our UK and US warehouses. This is a very small quantity, so the earliest I expect (and hope) people will share some pictures of arrived devices would be next week. I am here to give you as much information as I have at the minute :). I am waiting to hear more today for a tiny informal update later.
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