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  1. Erik

    Warranty return

    During lockdown, we've had repairs go directly to staff addresses, since we all tried to work from home as much as possible. I have hidden the staff address in the first message. I'd advise looking at your tracking, or provide it to us in the original repair request.
  2. FYI, we're trying to source a replacement for you already @DieBruine. No point in delaying this. Support will update you within 1 week with details.
  3. According to the tracking, the package was returned back to us after it was held for 1 week in a DPD depot in your home country pending customs charges. Also, if you checked the tracking that we provided you with, it's pretty clear it is still on it's way back to us. The tracking hasn't changed to "delivered" - hence nothing arrived back to us. We like to side with you, as we've seen this happening a lot since Brexit - unpaid customs, customers never contacted by the courier asking for the payment, and yet things still getting returned for unpaid customs... This was our shipment brok
  4. Erik

    Spare Parts

    We send the screen part, not "just the screen" - that cannot be removed without a heatgun, potential damage and it's not something we provide. The screen part that we ship includes the frame around it, so it's very easy to swap. The hinge mechanism is not included, as you don't need that to swap the display.
  5. I don't see any queries or orders that have ever been raised by the email address matching your community account. Could you PM me the case ID, or ping the email itself that you discussed the refund through?
  6. I have just sorted this one out for you.
  7. Thank you so much for sending a stack of these to our office! They're very helpful with repairs! 🏆
  8. I've just sorted that one for you :).
  9. I can see this is significantly delayed - sorry for that. I am chasing one of our directors to visit a bank branch to issue this for you. This has been quite difficult recently following our 2nd lockdown in the UK. Bank transfers for relatively low amounts are very old-style for both parties compared to credit card payments.
  10. A few tips for IGG contributions in case you haven't done so already. Please disable any proxies, or VPNs that you may have running. We see people using those a lot more often now, but for any fraud protection such as what Stripe has (what IGG uses for payments), that's a no no. It's also important that your billing and shipping address match the address where your card is registered. You should also call your bank immediately after the failed payment attempt and they should typically be able to tell you why. Or you can email us at [email protected] and we'll generate an internal order match
  11. Sorry for the delays. We'll get to your request. We're going through a very long list of emails that have piled in the last couple of weeks following the announcement of the Pro1 X.
  12. Sorry, Indiegogo does not accept PayPal, and PayPal is generally not a good idea for merchants only doing pre-orders. There is still the standard debit/credit card protection you get with VISA / MasterCard / AMEX when paid on our website or Indiegogo.
  13. Can you PM me your request ID or email address for the order by any chance? I checked your community registered email, but there are no orders matching against that one.
  14. I had to delete some of the content our very crafty users found about this :). We can’t share anything for certain until the 27th, as there’s still a lot of graphical (presentation) work undergoing, pricing is being drafted and more. What you may have seen is far from final, hence the links were taken down.
  15. I've just issued the refund for you. Sorry for the delays. Hope we'll change your mind later in the future when we have readily available stock!
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