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  1. The majority (2/3) of Pro1 pre-orders were placed in the first few months of us accepting pre-orders. Those were the small percentage of people who are happy to pre-order a product and wait for it. The biggest rush was in the first few days, as that's when everyone was rushing to be amongst the first. Most people who want a Pro1 haven't placed an order because it doesn't ship tomorrow like most people are used to. That is a segment we haven't explored yet as we haven't really launched with readily available stock. In contrast to how much we have shipped, the remaining orders are very few.
  2. Yes, as we approach (or miss) our set deadlines more similar comments can be expected :).
  3. The majority of the orders are complete. It's only natural for people to discuss a problem in the community, not the lack of. We barely ever hear from the customers who have received their devices in contrast to those who haven't. It's the cycle of purchasing a Pro1 - order > join the community to see if you're the only one waiting > receive the device a few months later > exit community. Of course, we are lucky to have very supportive Pro1 advocates who discuss the positive experiences with their Pro1, but a complain is typically a lot more of a reason to speak than a posit
  4. Could you email your order ID to [email protected]? I don't see one linking to this community account.
  5. I have removed and anonymised the account as per your request.
  6. Sorry to hear about this - it does sound like you have a faulty device. We may need to have a look at your Pro1. Provide the latest to the help desk if you haven't already and we'll decide on what to do.
  7. Always a few customs offices that have never done "DDP" (Delivered Duty Paid) shipments in their lives. Please email [email protected] and we'll teach them how to do their jobs as usual.
  8. There's more :), which is why we still haven't received the dispatch report. Most likely tomorrow we will officially notify orders that they have been shipped.
  9. That's quicker than we did, but I am glad to hear that!
  10. They're coming, any moment today or tomorrow the warehouse will send us the dispatch report and that's when we'll let you know of the tracking :). One part of the shipment is complete. They're just working on the remaining before they mark this batch as shipped - so today or tomorrow. There's a chance Fedex will notify you before we have the tracking, as the labels are already booked.
  11. We're working on repairs, but there's a lot of stuff piled from the lockdown and your repair is in the queue as many others. I want to say this week, but I don't want to promise.
  12. Bank account transfers are more complicated. Our bank here in the UK requires a director to physically visit a bank branch just to add a new payee to the account. I will chase someone.
  13. I have now processed the refund request for you. We're just a little overwhelmed at the moment, but we should get back to everyone by the end of this week. Workload piling from months of lockdowns has to be done in a few weeks.
  14. Email [email protected] to arrange a warranty repair for both of them. Please note, we're a little flooded with the recent batch at the moment, it may take a few days to get a reply, and then a couple of weeks to repair it once it arrives. We're going through all the piled repairs from the last few months of lockdown.
  15. This is a good idea. I will look into some Wiki platforms, and allow trusted community members to post :). I've just removed the time limit on post edits.
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