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  1. With this batch, 70% of all pre-orders will be complete.
  2. All of the countries that we have orders from will receive devices. The formula above is to ensure they all receive devices, even if there was 1 order from a small island country.
  3. No no no. The formula is: 1. "Total orders of a country" is what percent of all orders? 2. Then, how many units does the country percentage equal to out of the current batch size? 3. = the number of units shipped to that particular country, based in order of when the payment was received. Whether it's a country with low interest or not, this formula keeps it fair for everyone. If it was only done in order of payments, the smaller countries may have to wait for a while, as not everyone was awake when we started accepting payments :). Obviously we don't count the Indiegogo orders, as those are all going to be complete with this batch.
  4. Hi everyone, Mostly good news today, as always gathered personally. The logistics team is currently drafting the shipping lists for the big batch that will ship in a few days. This batch is 6x bigger than the previous batches combined. Most of you will be left very happy, and those in the list will receive a stock assignment notice either this weekend or early next week. There is nothing left to prioritise on the Indiegogo side, as that will be fully covered by this coming batch. Those with Indiegogo deals can start getting excited as they are the first known customers that will be 100% fulfilled. The not so good news is that this batch will not include all pre-orders as we had initially anticipated, due to the factory only being able to produce this much units before the shutdown for the Chinese New Year. It will, however, still include 70% of all pre-orders, starting from the oldest, assigned based on a percentage of how many orders there are in a country. The remaining, relatively small percentage of unshipped, mostly very recent orders, will be processed shortly after the Chinese holidays in February. The shipment will be sent from Hong Kong. Those in Europe and the US will have their customs fees pre-paid by us, as we charged you for duty in those regions already. Erik
  5. We use our own production units for sales meetings :).
  6. Thanks for pointing out before the mass panic :). Corrected to January as it was meant.
  7. It's either that, or using production devices, which we like to save for pre-orders at the minute. Right now that is the priority - we didn't want to affect the already small batch from 2 weeks ago by taking a bunch of devices to CES which will never be owned by a user.
  8. Hi everyone, Exciting update today. Liangchen is visiting the factory in China at the minute and he expects all of the pre-orders will be produced by the 18th of January, so in less than 5 days now. We have already produced a very significant number of pre-order devices, which are waiting for the full list to complete by the 18th. As you are all well aware by now, once the devices are all produced on the 18th, the stock will be rotated between our warehouses, so there will be, I'd say, 1 more week after complete production before you receive your tracking. Just so I don't overpromise again, you should receive tracking or at least a stock assignment letter by the end of the business week commencing on the 27th of January. As always, thank you for your patience and continuous support. Erik
  9. Some footage from CES. FYI, the CES demo units are early developer units (as you know we are very tight on stock with the pre-orders), hence the strange rotation behaviour in the video.
  10. Minor update on another thread:
  11. The aim is to ship the stock to our EU and US (if we re-establish a US warehouse by then) warehouses, or directly to customers before the Chinese New Year, as after that both the factory and the 1st logistics hub in HK will be off for a while. The Chinese New Year starts on the 25th of January, so some of you will have their devices before the end of January. Others, perhaps those in Europe, will have their stock assignment before the end of January only, and delivery by 1-3 February, at least to my projection.
  12. I am well aware :). Chen is in the factory right now, and he expects them to produce all of the pre-orders before the Chinese New Year. The meant to be "big batch" has already been produced, but this time we'll be shipping all of the pre-orders together, not parts of them. Small batches keep our customers happy, but they take longer to get around as it would mean allocating more workforce to the delivery side, multiple times, while right now the priority is to produce all of the pre-orders and ship them all at once. Therefore, the advised deadline "by the end of January" is still very much in place as per the latest director's update.
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