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  1. I think this is the easiest fix we currently know of. I personally haven't found other ways since that post (and alas, I have replaced my screen a few times since then):
  2. I just used fastboot_all.bat included in the 2020-08-25 7z file. The line `fastboot flash userdata.img` didn't work for me anyway, but to be sure you can comment out or remove that line.
  3. Good point, better to have backed up and not need the backups than the other way around! Some more info: I did not time it, but I think I let it sit at the boot logo for 2-3 minutes before rebooting and flashing LineageOS again. I assume that the firmware flashing actually happens pretty early in the boot process, so I wouldn't be surprised if letting it boot for a much shorter time works as well. Haven't seen any anomalies since I did this. Used my phone with my banking app, Whatsapp, Android Auto, etc. The only difference is that I am regularly surprised that UI elements at
  4. I found an easy way to fix this from any ROM, without having to wipe userdata. tl;dr: Edit: Make backups. It shouldn't be necessary, but you never know! Flash the 2020-08-25 stock ROM, but skip flashing/wiping userdata. More info here. Let it attempt to boot (for a couple of minutes). It (very probably) won't ever get through it, because the userdata partition wasn't wiped. This doesn't matter, though. It does flash the touchscreen firmware, which fixes the unresponsive screen edges. Edit: I did not time it, but I think I let it sit at the boot logo for 2-3
  5. Thanks for the work, people. Life got in the way here a bit. I did a bit of digging based on the rar shared in this thread by Kaali: The APK does seem to contain code to write config data to the chip (com.goodix.tools.ICParametersConfig.class). I attached a version of the *.cfg converted to decimal, separated by newlines. There are 239 bytes in total, which do not seem to map cleanly to the config information in the datasheet. I also attached a version of the flashing instructions with Google translations in them. I used the APK with my Pro1 in USB debugging mode, and after havi
  6. I'd also like the original APK/set of files used to fix the edge issue in 17.1. Let me share my experience and research here: 1. When flashing to stock to resolve the issue, having the phone actually boot up the most recent update is necessary. Otherwise the fix does not work. I know this because I tried flashing an old version of stock and installing the stock OTA updates via the normal (booted!) route. The issue did not go away at any point during this. I then flashed the non OTA 2020-08-25 stock version again and let it boot. Only then was the issue resolved. 2. Given that th
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