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  1. Whats also missing is that you can define different ringtones for each SIM Card.
  2. Nope, I won't send him a bill, he got the refund as requested. 🙂 It's working, so I'm fine. I'll also offer unbrick-services in my shop, probably free for users who bought from me and everyone else can get it reflashed for a little fee. Usually, it's not needed. If tdm finds the problem with the flasher and fixes that, everyone can do it himself 🙂 But in case someone isn't technically able to do that for some reason, I can help. Thanks goes to tdm for his awesome help and work 🙂
  3. What do you suggest to use for rooting if not Magisk? Good old supersu?
  4. Well, I guess posting the results will be more important than all the trials. And you can be sure you will be able to read the important stuff here.
  5. @tdm If you've not read before: I'm the shop where the device has been returned..... sadly I found out here in this thread that he KNOWS what went wrong, in the contact form he only mentioned that he followed the official documentation to use sailfish OS and something probably went wrong. Not nice, but, oh well, I'll try to get it back in working state. I also tried your flasher and can confirm it flashes the device successfully - but nothing happens afterwards. I've tried both with Windows and Linux and both firmware versions you offered. Of course, I want to get it back in a working state and if I can help improving the tool with that, I would be even happier 🙂 I'm pretty techie myself, so I know what I'm doing and can try whatever you suggest me to do 😄 I'm using the Pro1 myself, which means I have both a working version and the other non-working one. If you let me know how / send me the tools or firmware files, I'm happy to help. It's really awesome you're working on this... as this is not the case on most smartphones 😕
  6. Quick question before I try it: Does this version also have the bugs from the stock rom? i.e. crackling audio, crashing keyboard / touchscreen driver, etc. or is this fixed? If it's fixed, I'll give it a go 😄
  7. I'm using Total Launcher, as you set up different layouts and even widgets for Landscape and Portrait 🙂
  8. Okay, I guess I'm the shop where he returned it to - and I tried your tool as well but didn't get an further, but I'm happy to try 🙂 As mentioned, the device doesn't show any signs of life except that it can be found via USB. It does react to holding both volume keys while switching on to go into EDL mode as you can flash it then (otherwise, the tool just gives a permission denied error). It fully flashes and then says it's okay to remove the cable and reboot the phone... but that's it. It behaves exactly the same as before. I tried the Windows and the Linux version, both flash successfully but nothing happen on reboot. Does the tool verify what it's writing? Or is there a way to check what's on the flash memory somehow? Also, as I have another phone from the same batch here, it is possible to read out the flash and clone it on the other phone? The we can be sure it's not a wrong software for the hardware-issue.
  9. Yeah, that was driving me crazy myself - so I had to look for a solution 😄
  10. I've created a small tutorial that might help you to get around some quirks you might have with your F(x) Tec Pro1. Let me know what you think about it and if you have further suggestions which I can add to it :) It's available both in German and English and you can find it here: https://www.dragonbox.de/index.php?fc=module&module=ybc_blog&controller=blog&id_post=9
  11. Yes, but the problem is: I think they planned to deliver the preorders first, then to the retailers. So they made a few deals with a few smaller retailers a while ago that they will have units available shortly before christmas. That didn't work out, unfortunately. So in order to NOT risk having to pay a retailer back (which are quite huge sums of money), they decided to do it like this. It's doubt it's because they want to piss anyone of. And yes, even if demand is high that won't help if they might need to pay back huge sums of money NOW. I'm pretty sure this company is working their ass off getting the devices to their customers. But it's not Sony, Huawei or Samsung. They don't have infinite amounts of money available, so they might have to take action they would rather not in order to keep the business running. But one thing is for sure: They created a phone no huge company wanted to create for years. So if the company dies, it's out and over for any future projects. So give them some credit for what they're trying to do - not for stuff that didn't work out as planned.
  12. Well, I had to pay upfront for them, so technically it was a preorder as well. But these are the normal retail units, and coming directly from the factory means that FXTec should also have received the units for the normal preorderers as well.
  13. EvilDragon chiming in (yep, I'm the one running the DragonBox Shop). PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Apart from selling the device, I am in no way affiliated with FXTec. So this is just a guesswork, my own opinion based on experiences. There can be other reasons, but that's my guess on the situation. I can understand the frustration you have - but there probably are reasons and I doubt this all is intentional. If I can say anything about producing such devices is: It ALWAYS takes longer than expected and there will always be issues. Unless you're Samsung, Sony or a similar company which can simply throw money at it to speed things up. It's in incredible achievement to finish such a device at all. I was involved in the OpenPandora development (talk about delays...) and I am now working on the Pyra (where I didn't even give a release date, given the experience), and I was also a backer of the Moto Mod (as a new phone with a keyboard was more than overdue). My guess on this is: FXTec probably was pretty sure they would be able to deliver the preordered units in October - or at least November. All that was left was waiting for the produced units from the factory, after all. They also didn't want to miss out on christmas sales. Developing such a device is extremely expensive (they even raised the retail price because of that) and there are monthly costs to run the company and pay the wages as well. So the longer it takes, the more urgent everything is. That was also the reason the OpenPandora nearly died: The guy running the main company behind it decided to close his shop in order to only sell Pandoras. Due to the delays, he eventually ran out of money. Without investors, it wouldn't have been possible to save the Pandora at all. But still, I am pretty sure their intention was to first deliver their preorders and then deliver it to the retailers in time for christmas. Production probably took too long. Shortly before delivering the units to me they asked whether I am okay to receive them directly from the factory as this would be faster. This sure sound like the original plan was to deliver all the units to them and from there to the retailers. But that would've probably been TOO close to christmas - so it could be some retailers would've cancelled their order. I'm only a small retailer, but imagine a retailer who ordered hundreds of units would've cancelled and asked for a refund... yeah, that could lead to quite some problems. Due to the units being shipped directly from the factory to the retailer, FXTec wouldn't have production units before - so they couldn't start to ship out preorders before any retailer could. However, they should now also have production units, so I guess they should ship soon. So yeah, I can understand you're frustrated, but please keep in mind that this is no multi-billion dollar company. They produced a device no multi-billion dollar company would produce. And it's worth it. They have to pack, ship, handle the production, answer to emails, try to keep distributors and users happy, try to stay within budget, etc. So think about that. I don't think their plan was to intentionally betray you, on the contrary. But it probably didn't work out as they planned. As mentioned: I have no clue what happened. But I know how complicated things can be when handling stuff like this. So please don't be too harsh with them. I'm sure they're trying their best :)
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