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  1. Thank you for thinking along and for looking for a solution. I've already tried to deactivate the notifications directly in the app. The app (Connect) offers this option, but only for apps that the user has installed. The telephone services are a system app and therefore they are not even listed in Connect.
  2. Hello, I hope my post is in the right place here. I am not a professional but love the F (x) tecPro1. I have a problem and hope someone in the forum can help me. My F (X) tecPro1 is paired with my SmartWatch (Garmin Fenix5). I have activated call diversion in my F (X) tecPro1. Every time the status of the F (X) tecPro1 cellular connection changes, I get a notification on the F (X) tecPro1. This is also passed on to my smartwatch. It's very annoying. It cannot be switched off because in "function settings > Apps & notifications > Show all apps > Show system processes > Tel
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