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  1. Hello, I would just like to briefly give you the current status. I sent an email to fx support ('[email protected]' and '[email protected]') on April 26, 2024. I immediately received an automatic response that my request had been received. To date I have not received any further response. I don't think there's anything else to come. I'm afraid my time with an fx device is now coming to an end... Thanks to everyone here for your support over the last few years. Stefan
  2. VaZso is absolutely right. That's my problem. I've already tried an external reader and another phone. Card is not recognized... Stefan
  3. The biggest problem for me is that I had a microSD card in the Pro1 that is formatted as internal storage. Unfortunately, I no longer have access to my data on the MicroSD card. Is there any way to make the memory card contents readable and back up the data? Stefan
  4. Hello VaZso, Thanks for thinking along and your hints. I'll try this weekend to see if the Pro1 shows any reaction when connected to the computer. I'll report back then. I'll write to support tomorrow and ask if they are able to repair the device. Let's see if I get an answer. Stefan
  5. Hello FlyingAnterro, the device has now been connected to a charger for 24 hours. Condition is unchanged. It was worth a try. Thanks. Stefan
  6. Okay, thanks for the hint. I'll leave it on the charger overnight and see what happens. Thank you. Stefan
  7. Hello, I have a Pro1 with LineageOS 16. So far the Pro1 has run without any problems. Yesterday it shut down during operation and won't start again. There is also no response from the charger. I have tried the following so far: - long press on the power button (more than 30sec) - all combinations of the volume buttons pressed with the power button - Disconnected the battery, pressed the power button, reconnected the battery, then tried to start again with all key combinations -battery replaced, Unfortunately, I no longer have any idea what el
  8. Hello, unfortunately I still haven't been able to solve the problem. @Noir, have you changed the keyboard yet? @All: Where and how can I buy a keyboard as a spare part? How difficult is it, to change the keyboard?
  9. @claude0001Sorry, I overlooked your post. The version is 16.0-20201019-NIGHTLY-pro1. Just hypothetically: Could I transfer the system to another Pro1 if I had one?
  10. What if I by a new Pro1...?. Is there a way to completely back up my old Pro1 and transfer it to the new one? If the keyboard is broken, I need a new Pro1 anyway... ...and two Pro1 are better than one... (;-) So that it works as the old one.
  11. I've tried it. Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn't work in recovery mode either. So does this tend to indicate hardware errors? Then the last option is to disassemble the Pro1 and check the keyboard connection?
  12. Thank you for that hint. @EskeRahn, @Hookand @claude0001thank you for your support and for sharing your experience.
  13. Unfortunately that doesn't work. Somehow the backup doesn't run. The backup file is too small.
  14. You mean the recovery mode with "volume- button" and "power button" at the same time?
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