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  1. Hello, unfortunately I still haven't been able to solve the problem. @Noir, have you changed the keyboard yet? @All: Where and how can I buy a keyboard as a spare part? How difficult is it, to change the keyboard?
  2. @claude0001Sorry, I overlooked your post. The version is 16.0-20201019-NIGHTLY-pro1. Just hypothetically: Could I transfer the system to another Pro1 if I had one?
  3. What if I by a new Pro1...?. Is there a way to completely back up my old Pro1 and transfer it to the new one? If the keyboard is broken, I need a new Pro1 anyway... ...and two Pro1 are better than one... (;-) So that it works as the old one.
  4. I've tried it. Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn't work in recovery mode either. So does this tend to indicate hardware errors? Then the last option is to disassemble the Pro1 and check the keyboard connection?
  5. Thank you for that hint. @EskeRahn, @Hookand @claude0001thank you for your support and for sharing your experience.
  6. Unfortunately that doesn't work. Somehow the backup doesn't run. The backup file is too small.
  7. You mean the recovery mode with "volume- button" and "power button" at the same time?
  8. I have frozen all apps with Titanium. Then reboot and the keyboard didn't work. Uninstalling should have the same effect, right?
  9. I searched the internet a bit and read: My planned approach now would be as follows: 1. I make a full backup of the Pro1 with ADB (adb backup -all) 2. I reinstall LineageOS, either the 16 again or the 18, probably doesn't matter 3. I am testing the physical keyboard 4. I restore the full backup using ADB. My goals are: 1. I can determine if there is a hardware or software failure in the physical keyboard 2. After the test, the phone works as it is now, so everything works, except the physical keyboard Am I wrong somewhere? Does this work as I think?
  10. Thank you @Benni and @claude0001. No, I had never plugged in a USB keyboard before. I know the disassembly guide. I've already looked at that. I've been thinking about checking the connection. I've wiggled the ribbon cable between the screen and the keyboard before, but that hasn't helped so far.
  11. I just noticed something while trying it: Under Settings--> System--> Language&Input under Physical Keyboard it says "not connected". Doesn't that have to be Pro1 or something like that? Can someone check this on their Pro1, please?
  12. Thanks for the tips and your thoughts. I'll try steps 1 and 2 and report back.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Tried it. Unfortunately, it did not lead to the desired result either.
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