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  1. By the way, does anyone knows what is the equivalent focal length of the different camera modules?
  2. Here is a proposal of how a Swiss layout could look like: [attachment file=keyboard-layout Swiss-1.png] I have made minor modifications to the Swiss keyboard I have in front of me due to the fact the Pro1 keyboard has one key less next to the Return key (and to the right of the ä/à key). $ is moved to the Arrow+4 key. I kept the bracket settings from earlier proposal in this forum: this made me move the | key on Arrow+1. In this design £ ¬ ¢ ¦ are lost. If anyone need them there are still some Arrow + key left places (on 6, ¨ and umlaut keys). You might also notice that ç and ß are not
  3. Thank you for your reply. It can show that two Swiss users can disagree about their prefered layout. Neither of us can speak of authority on this matter. The advantage of on-screen keyboard over hardware keyboard is you will not have this kind of disagreement, polarizing people. Fxtec should avoid that by all means. Hopefully they will make clear what is their roadmap and when they can respond to the needs of their prospective users. It brings me back to another question I had: how can Fxtec assess there will be more demand for a German+Scandivian layout rather than a German+French (=Swiss)
  4. I am personally using a Swiss keyboard on my PC for the following reason: I do extensive usage of English, French and German. Although you are right in saying the Swiss market is a niche, the Swiss layout is a good response to the needs of French and German communities. Releasing a Swiss QWERTZ would allow Fxtec to gain access to a larger market. At the moment what stops me ordering is the lack of clarity on the keyboard layout. For me one important advantage of the hardware keyboard over the virtual screen keyboard is indeed an easy access to all these special characters (symbols and accent
  5. How is the demand for other keyboard layout assessed? Will there be a vote open on this forum for the different layouts? I have not seen thread in this forum for other options than the "German QWERTZ". Why "German" by the way? I see on this thread users voicing interest for Scandivian layout but also AZERTY layout, and Spanish. QWERTZ could also be the Swiss QWERTZ. I personnally believe it is a good compromise between the German QWERTZ and French AZERTY options.
  6. The Swiss keyboard is achieving this: a combination of a German Keyboard and a French keyboard. It is already a reality. If Fxtec wants to gather sufficient demand for the QWERTZ option, it has to appeal to the German and French communities (and Swiss one...). Adding the ñ on top of that should not be too complicated. If it does not come straigth away, at least Fxtec should provide the tools to remap the keys.
  7. On-screen keyboard should be disabled when the physical keyboard is drown I noticed with other devices with touch screen and hardware keyboard, the on-screen keyboard is usually appearing as soon as the user touches the screen on a writing field. For some of the devices it is difficult to say what is the primary input but for the Pro1 it seems clear it is the hardware keyboard when it is accessible.
  8. predictive/corrective typing Sorry if this subject is a little off-topic but it is closely related to keyboard functionalities. The on-screen keyboard nowaday comes with a band above the virtual keyboard with suggestions for word completion/correction or next word prediction. Unfortunately it seems we loose this predictive typing band with a hardware keyboard. For me the best of the worlds would be to have both : the hardware keyboard and the predictive band at the bottom of the touch screen. The predictive band would be shown only when typing. Of course not everyone will be happy with ha
  9. I hope the usual CTRL-(left or right arrow) will work as usual to skip through words and SHIFT-CTRL-(arrows) for backward/foward (resp.) word selection. On this topic I would really also like like the combination of (yellow arrow)+(arrows) could be mapped to HOME (for the left arrow), END (right arrow), PAGE_UP (up), PAGE_DOWN (down). I understand these keys are missing in the original design but there are very useful when editing a text. I remapped these keys on my N900 and it was working perfectly. By the way, please do allow easy key remapping; I am sure some users will want to change so
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