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  1. nope, did not recieve nothing. 3 more month and it is a year. Hey anyhow. @fxtec can i get a bill allready? its ordered its paid why i did not become a bill, i may ask?
  2. Well played. Not! I will show u the next fail in januar.
  3. #137XX April 29, 2019 Processingā‚¬667.00 EUR charged at a future date for 1 item Day of payment: DUNO - I borowd a credit card and sup said to me: "I can see that we have successfully charged your debit/credit card. It's a Mastercard ending with 5926. Your order is fully paid, and we expect to ship it with the 2nd batch in mid-November. " - Coupon: No - Location: Germany - Model: Quertz - Stock assigned mail : No - Trackingnumber : No - Phone received : No
  4. can u post a screen from your payment ? (and black out the private infos)
  5. meaningless talk, nothing changed at my qewrtz order from april >_> btw: they said me im in the 2nd batch. (prev. lie) FxLies Lost1
  6. Since April Fxtec NEVER kept promise, never! This is what i become angry about.... is there anyone who will bet against the next 'promise' with me?
  7. they will not change anything in payment i guess. instead they made a new homepage, forum, much FB/Twitter marketing.... luckily i could borrow a credit card from a friend.
  8. Order #13XX4 was placed on April 29, 2019 and is currently Processing. Yep, still waiting.
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