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  1. Order 14XXX, USA , non-IGG, QWERTY. Similar to vasilii.rasskazov order placed early May. Received payment email on August 1st. I was a slacker and paid on August 13th 🙂 I just received my "stock assigned" email. Don't give up now my friend!
  2. You got it. They do have the option. But they won't do it unless the *shipper* asks for it. Which can be troublesome in these cases where stuff is being sent out en masse from some warehouse in /near China. They just ship it and trust that it will get there. And frankly that's how it *should* be. When I bring my car to a shop to replace the transmission I shouldn't have to explain to them how to install the transmission or what kind it needs. I bring it to the expert and they get it done. I've filed several complaints with UPS. I've called customer service, even talked to a manager.
  3. Ah, I see. The VAT seems to be a lesser issue in the USA. In my experience they don't bother with duty and sales tax for small personal shipments. In fact one time I imported a 600# air compressor directly from India and had to get customs clearance. To my surprise they just stamped it , no fee. Only when a large amount is being imported commercially the bureaucrats get to work ... as FxTec has already found out 😞 The final delivery is definitely a local problem, can be even an individual driver issue. Yes there are several sub-issues there. Like being under house-arrest wa
  4. I live in a rural area and UPS/FedEx don't like coming out here. They often mark the package as undeliverable without ever even showing up, and tell me I need to come get it. I've argued with them, if you don't deliver here then don't take the package in the first place. But no they take the money and the package and then blame me or the shipper - they will claim that either the address was invalid or that I wasn't available, or that they couldn't get here, or the wrong class of service was used (and it cannot be changed), sometimes "weather conditions"... Very frustrating 😠 USPS is requ
  5. Schucks. I just sent them an email requesting delivery through regular mail. I have not received a "stock allocated" email so I didn't think it had shipped yet. Are they now sending the phones without sending an email first? Well if it's already shipped then we'll just have to wait to see when and where it will turn up..
  6. For those who already have your phones - What carrier is being used to deliver the phones? I'm really hoping they will use regular mail, not UPS or FedEx
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