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  1. 64 wpm from the Pro1. Physical keyboard, of course 😋 When I first got the phone in January, I struggled to break 30 WPM (and that was also before the OTA update that fixed the key ghosting problems). Things have gotten much better with practice.
  2. Hi, In late 2017, I got tired of waiting for the market to produce a good Android keyboard phone, so I made one :) My Galaxy Note 3 has had a Bluetooth keyboard permanently attached for the last two years. It started life as a nasty duct-taped "clamshell", then evolved into the slider you see in the attached pictures. The existence of Fxtec is, honestly, a dream come true. Your hardware is way better than anything I could put together myself. And your design philosophy of "taking the best features from all generations of phone" is something that strongly resonates with me. Needless t
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