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  1. Hi, In late 2017, I got tired of waiting for the market to produce a good Android keyboard phone, so I made one :) My Galaxy Note 3 has had a Bluetooth keyboard permanently attached for the last two years. It started life as a nasty duct-taped "clamshell", then evolved into the slider you see in the attached pictures. The existence of Fxtec is, honestly, a dream come true. Your hardware is way better than anything I could put together myself. And your design philosophy of "taking the best features from all generations of phone" is something that strongly resonates with me. Needless to say, I have a Pro1 on pre-order, and I can't wait until the summer! Given the UX refinements Fxtec is working on right now, it seems a good time to share some of the good and bad about using a landscape keyboard phone full-time. I may have also been just a little inspired by EskeRahn's post written after using the Pro1 hands on! What has worked well: - Having a keyboard has made the phone useful for many traditional "laptop" jobs, such as longform writing and coding. Speed is about 50% of a fullsize keyboard -- my personal best was 70wpm on Type Racer. - Android's keyboard support is honestly, very good. Ctrl-A to select all, Ctrl-X/C/V for the clipboard, and shift-arrows for text selection are extremely useful, and automatically supported most places. - I use Home/End very frequently for jumping to start/end of current line. Are these keys available on the Pro1? (Or, is there some other way to do this on the Pro1?) - Launching apps by typing their name. In my old version of Android (5.0) it is not supported, except via 3rd party apps. I use an app called Taskbar which binds my Windows key to a pop-up start menu. Then typing will filter apps by name. It is very slick. I'm glad to see the Pro1 has this feature! - App compatibility is, honestly, not as big a problem as I expected. Some apps are ugly in landscape, but it's rare for them to break outright. What could be improved: - Portrait vs. landscape mode. I am wondering if you have considered an option to lock the phone to landscape mode when the keyboard is slid open? My phone does not automatically do this, so I rely on a 3rd party app called Rotation Locker. I have found always, when the keyboard is shut, I want portrait and on-screen keyboard. (This is also a good compatibility-mode for those few ill-behaving apps that don't work in landscape.) Conversely, when the keyboard is slid open, I want landscape. - Keyboard lifetime. In 2 years, my original Bluetooth keyboard wore out, and I had to switch to a spare. How is the lifetime of the Pro1 keyboard? Do you have an approximate # of keystrokes rating? - App switching. I am on Android 5.0 so it is hard to manage the "set" of running applications. This becomes especially relevant when I am using my phone for say, research, and I am switching frequently between a web browser, a pdf and a text editor. How is the built-in app switcher of Android Pie? Does it feel sufficient for heavy workloads like this, or would additional shortcuts help? - (I am jealous of the "long press key" app-shortcut feature from the Pro1. I wish my phone did that! App switching (and managing multiple concurrent apps in general) on phones is very awkward, so every shortcut helps!) - Can the Pro1 keyboard be used to switch panes in Android's built-in "side-by-side multi-tasking" mode? This seems like a very nice "desktop-like" feature that would further aid productivity. Thank you for reading! And thank you for doing what you do. I can't wait for the Pro1 to be ready :)
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