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  1. Yeah agreed on all that @matf. I updated OP yesterday to reflect all that before you even posted, and had removed reference to other possibilities to make the argument cleared and less confusing to focus on the one most accepted idea. I have a feeling won't change it again today, I'm pretty sure all things have been considered. I also did a poll on discord yesterday and not a single vote for either of the other two layouts. Probably boring to re-read again, but if you wanna check the first post and make sure you agree with the way I've re-summarized everything there, it would be appreciat
  2. I was ok with moving the arrows before and played witht hat, doesnt matter if quesiton mark is to the right. I suggested it the previous time matf expressed concern about the shift+ctrl combination (if we used existing ctrl key placement for right_alt). There seems to be tradeoffs. But it does seperate left and right control. I think yer onto something there. It's the most functional (64-keys, separate controls), and easy Ctrl+Shift (on right). #1. Right & Left Control #2. Dedicated Delete #3. Pretty (Two Left Controls) So. Now in my opinion there
  3. The following is the most functional layout, but not quite sure I'm convinced it's my favorite. Pro: 64 Keys (No wasted dupes) Pro: Dedicated Del Key Pro: Convenient AltGr+Shift (Capitol National Letters) This is the next best thing. Don't think there are better options than the above, but this alternative if one really really really wants two left control keys and/or left control to be positioned bottom left. Pro: Convenient Ctrl+Shift one thumb combo Pro: Second Left Control Key Why do I think I like the second one better than the first, even tho t
  4. So another idea. After justifying moving del and removing slant arrow etc, more than one person told me they'd rather have Del has an additional function of backspace than a dedicated key to the left of spacebar. Of course, this would have to be handled by customized layouts for each OS, but not having a delete key is perfectly fine (can use right arrow then backspace for same thing) but not having a slash key is very very very annoying. So with that in mind, and Slion's earlier suggestion that a menu key isn't all that useful and I know he liked Fn keys... and I like the way lineag
  5. Well if we're gunna get that detailed...what color code for blue? this is 40E0D0 (turquoise). When I tried a color code for saphire it was hard to see on the dark background...
  6. The number row are also the smallest keys. I don't thin it can get better than that.
  7. Yeah I agree. I just spent a minute looking at the number row imagining a 3rd character printed there, even in another color, and it would just be too crowded.
  8. Have you ever accidentally hit Sym while attempting spacebar now? (With aosp keyboard that'd pull up symbol menu....). Also when typing new text and preparing to hit spacebar, del wouldnt matter. (Of course it would matter if you were inserting/editing). I'm not sure if that is a significant concern, spacebar is pretty big and hard to miss. Other keys are a lot closer, how often do you miss those and hit an adjacent key? [Rhetorical questions mainly, just thoughts....] What if it and the Alt key were swapped, would this make it better? I was kinda thinking having it next to spacebar
  9. re: del Although I've stressed not needing custom layout to use any keys, not having del without a custom layout isnt such a big deal. I could much easier live without Del than slash, because can always right-arrow then backspace to accomplish the same thing. So I think it retrospect if I del were to be moved, don't print it as another fucntion on backspace key. (If people can do that themselves in custom layout. ) re:menu key It has OS defined functions already doesn't it? In Android it brings up your menu, on my linux distro that I use it also brings up menu but I realize e
  10. I've cleaned up the first post a bit with my thoughts, and keep thinking about this again, because i really want them to get this right this time. I found another way to accomplish the same thing, that does get an additional modifier (I put the symbol for the menu key, as thats one of the standard 102 keys we dont have that is normally positioned on bottom row, albiet normally on the right....). But tradeoffs - it sacrifices dedicated Del key, and suggests it as a super function for backspace which I dont know if this could really work in firmware either, so probably not the best idea. But
  11. Agree and understand. That's why I've still left details about it in first post and still not 100% convinced. But I was actually swayed to change by a European telling me they rarely need to capitilize those letters so having easy access to altgr+shift not very important, whereas everyone in the world uisng linux terminal will want easy access to ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v. So my proposal was based on suggesting the thing that benefits *everyone* as opposed to the thing that only benefits some people sometimes, but hurts everyone.
  12. After further discussion and consideration, there is a downside to that latest proposal, no convenient ctrl-shift-c ctrl-shift-v which are important for linux terminals. To me not worth the tradeoff just to get a dedicated right control and alt next to spacebar, even tho I realize it eliminates a potential modifier and I'd thought/hoped I'd come up with a solution without downsides, but unfortunately no, there's always tradeoffs. So I'm back to thinking just the three changes I originally proposed are the best way to go. But I do see why some might prefer the additional changes suggeste
  13. If my suggestion becomes reality and what you said is possible, I'll be first in line for that one... even set an alarm for a 10 minute early bird window 😉 The missing slash and nonstandard layouthackworkaroundbs has been my biggest complaint with Pro¹ since day zero; lineage/sailfish/finqwerty/fxqwerty/etc have done work to make it usable, but it's still not as ideal as this, and this would work automatically with any OS without each OS having to do their own workarounds... I haven't tried Ubuntu touch yet but I'm sure its just like sailfishos and dosbox and ubuntu chroot and everything el
  14. I knew the two ctrl's and two shift's were wired together when I started, and somehow in that late-night revision ignored that. So that makes it impossible, and I have reverted that change and gone back to the the original but swapped slant arrow and ctrl keys from current (updated first post). (edit: and swapped them back, now first post has both versions) The main purpose of this is to get /? printed as a dedicated key and off the P/L so standard layouts work. Whether slant arrow is printed as AltGr (like intl pc keyboards) or Sym (like android) it's actual function should be Right_A
  15. Yep, thats how it is in the very first suggestion first post of this thread, obeys those rules and the suggestion. And thats why I'm not 100% sure if I like it better or not. But it was done with the goal of putting Shift next to AltGr so they can be pressed with the same thumb, that was the whole point of that layout, which is why the arrows moved and everything else. And I realized it was weird. Thats why Im not sure if its better. And thats why I made the comments about concessions for international use etc. As thats the main reason I can see three key combinations is shift-altgr, t
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