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  1. Plus don't forget, once they finally get caught up with all the phones, they still have headphones to deliver.... but obviously the people who paid for phones in 2019 are the highest priority, then all these 2020 orders, then our headphones, and hopefully still have Pro¹s ready to order before Christmas. I think the official release is supposed to be in September right, that's this month... or was it October, can't remember....
  2. I did once at the beginning of the pandemic. The sim i normally use has very little data but that's fine. I had a broadband outage tho and so bought a prepaid sim at walmart with 14GB or something. Anyways places like WalMart have a whole section of prepaid SIMs. The walmartfamilyplan or whatever ones are t-mobile, but they have a few other carriers there too.
  3. The community list we made last year is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15uE12Yv5nMvIF42U33cY5FQoF6M66QIn00cC876uf7Y/edit?usp=sharing Pretty sure most of the stuff you're mentioning is covered. We've been waiting for stock fixes for a very very very long time.
  4. My understanding is that if stock doesn't recognize the formatting, it offers to format for you. That would be the easiest way...
  5. Yes and yes! I summarized most of the keyboard stuffon reddit:
  6. Well that's a good thing if its a software issue... means it can be resolved...
  7. I still would like to see a rotate-in-place method. I realize that works well for icons and symmetrical widgets, but not for widgets that aren't circle/square, but there's compromises with every option and that doesn't affect me as I don't use any such widgets anyway 😉 For the two-halves approach, i can imagine a kinda compromise of what I said above, perhaps in landscape, allow one center widget (thus on both halves). When rotated back to portrait, that widget gets rotated in place so it's still centered.
  8. Seems like there's quite a variety of things some apps may check, I dont understand all of them, but things I've heard of include: cts google play protect su (root) bootloader lock safetynet widevine secureboot
  9. I can also also confirm it worked for me fine on stock (and don't recall if I had to set it again when I switched to lineage or not). Perhaps you could describe exactly what's going wrong....
  10. If it's not outlined, its the same procedure as installing gapps. Reboot to recovery (I do so from restart menu, theres a setting to enable the advanced restart menu), select apply update, and adb sideload either lineagesu or magisk. If you're starting with installing lineage, after sideloading lineage in recovery, you select advanced reboot to recovery, then sideload su and/or gapps.
  11. Craig


    Deebie, if you broke it yourself, then inexpensive method is buy replacement screen from aliexpress (less than 60USD) and then either replace it yourself (there are instructions available) or just take phone and sceen to any mobile phone fixit shop to do it for you (although I'd still bring them the instructions...)
  12. I use opengapps-mini no problem... I also like choose what you want, and that its updated (no hour of updates like mindthegapps), and that it can replace AOSP apps.
  13. https://www.fxtec.com/thermo1
  14. Thats a trebuchet (lineage default launcher) issue, and yeah I remember mentioning that myself before switching to Nova launcher.
  15. And facial recognition tablet thermometers of course. But I think only 3 people have got their headphones so far, the rest of us still waiting, but yeah people waiting on actual phones is far more important.
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