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  1. Thanks for the idea. I went nuts with the stuff on the back, but decided to preserve the Fxtec Logo.
  2. Maybe there is a chemical process that works better than scraping. Like remove the keyboard and soak it in (something) then they just wipe off with a towel...
  3. Photon Q used stickers by default, I didn't even realize until Cornholio pointed it out, they are very well done and very well adhered. It would certainly help with custom keyboard maps, for example finqwerty-us-intl on on qwertz cuz otherwise hard to remember where the non-letter keys are mapped to. It might also allow us to print 3rd level characters from us-intl on the keys to remember those symbols too. The problem I see is even if we get perfectly made stickers, putting them on straight on every single key will be a challenge and time consuming! That and the backlight issue already mentioned.
  4. You just need two mirrors. Then you can take a photo of Pro¹ with a Pro¹. (2nd mirror to prevent mirror image)
  5. There is no more real RAM available. You have 1GB of real ram no matter what. Using some of it as zram allows you to fit MORE into ram than you would without it (at the expense of cpu) as its basically compressing it on the fly and uncompressing it when you need it, but that is still way faster than using storage for swap. The only way not using zram is not faster is if you're not using all your ram. But with only 1GB and running Android 5 or later (which takes way more memory than 4), I find it very unlikely you can get away with running more than one or two apps in the leftover real ram. So without zram you end up swapping to disc a lot more, thus slower. In theory anyway. And very evident on PQ, also 1GB. Basically android 5 or later non usable w/o zram. That's why I was surprised you purposely not use it.
  6. Craig

    Feature Requests

    Sorry some communication mixup, cuz that's what I thought I suggested in the first place.
  7. Craig

    Feature Requests

    You can already disable it during initial setup, you are in fact asked if you want to setup the fingerprint sensor at that time. So a feature request to disable fingerprint sensor is not a feature request cuz it already exists as an option in current software.
  8. Something is not quite right about your terminology but I'm too... tired... to figure it out right now. But my guess is you're somewhere mxing up usb-a with micro-b (also called micro-usb). [usb-b is mainly on printers and old stuff]. I've never seen a charger with a usb-c port on it, other than those with built in cable ( of which I now I have two of I no longer need, one for AC and one for 12V cuz of these new magnetic cables I cant use em anymore)
  9. That is relevant info. But do you even realize the guy you're quoting is LOS developer? Did you notice the thread you're posting in?
  10. Craig

    Feature Requests

    Yeah me too, I've given up on it; even if this feature is implemented I may not use it. But your suggestion is not a feature request that might improve initial impressions or out of the box experience, etc. I made this thread to come up with real feature requests they might implement.
  11. Hehhehhe. I do think I understand zram. So when something wants to swap, it can swap in your case to SD, or in default case to internal storage. But with zram, when it wants to swap, it first swaps to zram. zram comes from memory, so way way way faster than sd or internal storage... except some cpu stuff compresses it... so it takes less space in memory than it would on disk, although takes a little cpu, and of course taking some of your real ram to make zram. using swap on sdcard isnt faster than using swap on internal storage, in fact its slower.
  12. I'd actually love to see real numbers, I only imagine I know everything 🙂
  13. Most USB 3.0 thumb drives are faster than USB 2.0 thumb drives. In fact, they're fast even when plugged into USB 2.0 slot. There are always bottlenecks somewhere. Even tho I only have USB 2 ports on my old laptop, I only buy US3 thumb drives. But cmon, we're in the future, use wifi to transfer files between pc & phone. Cables take effort. Bluetooth/IR are slow. For most people, ftp is gunna be more than enough. No need to deal with complicated stuff.
  14. I really think XFCE is the desktop solution that works if you want it. OpenOffice works great. Ubuntu has huge repo of software. And, correcting my earlier post, etr works great! https://twitter.com/enigma9o7/status/1217272071178215424 And here's some random screenshots (not actually random, made them to show someone else how I did my scaling settings)
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