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  1. Welcome. I recognize you as as Z²Force LOS dev. Which I bought for the keyboard mod I never got.
  2. They've promised delivery by Christmas. Be patient.
  3. Last November, but that didn't stop Fridays from happening.
  4. Mine's just beginning 😉 although it is after 3pm...
  5. I thought they were still taking them! Or do you mean when they stopped allowing to preorder without payment? That was the end of July last year.
  6. We have a clue. They told us in January they shipped 70% of orders. In December it was like 10%. Now they've recently shipped a few more, but also since then a few more orders have come in. Probably a couple hundred left to go.
  7. When I first got my pro¹ late last year, I tried to activate on Sprint MVNO Tello. Same thing, IEMI not found, and when I tried to escalate they said that only Sprint can add IEMI's. Since then I've been paying attention to see if *anyone* else mentioned US Sprint, and you're the first. And as I had been worried might be the case, they won't do it for you, argh! The option #2 works for Verizon so might work for Sprint, but how good is their LTE coverage, is it good enough in your area? Anyway the easy way to test that data even works is just put your existing sprint simcard into pro¹, if you have one, and see if you can get lte data. If so, then next step is figuring out volte.... Luckily you've got #3 cuz I suspect that's your best option. For now play with it on wifi, or maybe go buy a prepaid simcard at walmart/etc for a month or two and forward your calls to its number? although dunno if that works for sms...
  8. Hmmmm, quite the mystery. Secret procedure only OEM can tell you about.... got me curious. Maybe I'll fake a broken phone just to find out...
  9. To the best of my knowledge, lineageos recovery doesn't let us flash stuff from the device, so it's our only option afaik...
  10. Hey, some very good news on twitter, finally looks like some software fixes coming: https://twitter.com/chenliangchen/status/1280900929273958402 I'm hoping that whatsapp thing means the audio-crackle, which is one of the major issues (and a 1 line code fix) that has been plaguing everyone still on stock OS. And glad they fixed Esc key. Hopefully they also enabled wake-on-keypresss (for every key) and keyboard backlight on keypress too while messing with Esc. Hopefully they made SYM key right-alt. Hopefully set keyboard to alpha. Etc. Hopefully this also means someone is finally working on stock firmware and we'll start to see other issues getting fixed soon too...
  11. https://open-store.io/ If you hadn't checked it out already, that's the main app store. Don't even see kodi or retroarch in there, even sfos has those 😉 If it needs wayland stuff, maybe some kde plasma apps will work, like falkon browser? I'm very curious what kind of desktop apps work, disappointed if its wayland only tho.
  12. Hmmmm interesting acrux, never tried the wifi hotspot but sounds problematic. Hopefully the devs are aware. I personally didn't have problem with ssh over wifi, and when I was using Sailfish was before mtp was supported, so I used sshfs to access phone file system from pc no problem.
  13. Correct, no hdmi out, to tv or anything else. But certainly usable for daily use - telephony, web, wifi all fine. Lotta people happily using it. Imo many apps such as the included browser are really not up to par with other modern mobile apps, but if that bothers you there are solutions. And if you're already a linux user, you'll like that it's more "linuxy" than Android, repos rpms and make and such.
  14. I dunno how reliable but there's rumors their may be a retailer in Japan selling some this month. Based on history, its possible fxtec will ship to them before finishing all the backorders. If so I suspect it'll be like clove and dragonbox, they'll sell out immediately, and many of those will be from people who cancel their order from fxtec as a result. Problem is not much info on this rumour anyway, an no idea what store in Japan might be selling them even if its real, and if so if that store even accepts international orders, etc.
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