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  1. Good recommendation. I just gave this game a try, it's pretty fun, and yep you can turn the onscreen "Button Opacity" to 0% and just use keyboard,with a little remapping its great! A sidenote to anyone who decides to try this game, you can't just install the apk, gotta follow the install directions on the site to install the game-data manually.
  2. Ya in my case, I'm lineage so also need safetypatch, but had that. My issue was I needed to update magisk. Now passing safetynet and both apps are back in the play store for me.
  3. On an unrelated matter, I noticed I wasn't passing safetynet, turned out there's a new version of magisk. I tried direct install (under lineage) and worked fine, reports passing again.
  4. Hmmm interesting. I don't see it in play store, and I thought I'd hidden all my compromises (Play protect certified, pass safetynet, etc). Someone with stock 0306 will have to let us know if its there for them.... edit: argh, Im not passying safetynet actually
  5. David, the multikey keyboard fix for stock and lineage both work fine. Swiftkey is an unrelated issue. If you don't understand what I mean, try playing supertux with swiftkey. You can move around in the menus, set your options and keyboard layout, etc, but as soon as you start the game, you cant actually play. With aosp keyboard (lineage) or gboard (stock) this is not a problem.
  6. I assume the same is the case with stock, I assume its a switfkey thing, unrelated to the driver. I just know if I try to play something like supertux with swiftkey enabled, I can't control myself correctly, have to switch back to aosp keyboard (or gboard). I assume its something related to the way swiftkey is trying to provide suggestions or something (although the suggestions bar doesn't pop up during games)...
  7. I've used Swiftkey. I think it is Microsoft? It has hardware keyboard settings under 'typing' and yep can disable autocaps there,etc. It also allows has suggestions which work quite well with hardware keyboard if you like those, which aosp keyboard doesn't seem to have, at least not in our LOS... But, sym and emoji popup keyboard shortcuts dont work, and games (that you play by holding down keys to move) dont work with it. So I got tired of manually switching back and forth between aosp for games and swiftkey for suggestions I rarely use (and just leave it on aosp). I'd love the best of both, but right now it's all about tradeoffs. But since we had those settings on PhotonQ under stock and cm/los, hoping they can be implemented for Pro¹ - without the need for 3rd party app like SwiftKey just to get such settings. But, that may not be possible with current Android, maybe something changed. I'm just hoping.
  8. I'm wondering if we can implement the physical keyboard settings for stuff like auto caps, etc. Changing these settings for virtual keyboard (aosp or gboard) don't have affect on phyiscal keyboard. Here's a screenshot from PQ stock ICS of the setting I'm referring too... edit: and here it is on CM11 (this phone's battery was dead when I was checking this yesterday; I have 3 of em!) And as Cornholio mentions in the next post, it was still there all the way thru Lineage 14.1 when PQ got its final LOS build last february.
  9. I had similar thought (and mine also attached - I use the same wallpaper as you but hadn't given it a name). But a bootlogo screen contest, I'd be highly likely to use one...
  10. For what it's worth, I haven't noticed any similar issue, but only use one gmail account. I think if this was a common issue, google would be on top of it. So it's probably a you issue. But on previous device I used to use K-9 for years and was always happy with it....
  11. You're right. But are they needed? With Lineage you can use the AOSP layouts..... But maybe they are. I see he made them for Photon Q and I always thought the asanti layouts provided with CM/LOS were good enough, so what do I know.... I don't type other languages....
  12. Not on the list, but I tried Kiwi Browser. It has one unique feature - you can set the address bar on the bottom. That makes it closer to keyboard, etc. But I went back to Firefox, just used to it. And I'm double covered for ads, with adaway and ublock origin.
  13. Also reference the issue tracker. QWERTZ layout is still marked as having bugs and still not closed, so probably still work in progress. https://github.com/tdm/android_device_fxtec_pro1/issues/35 You can control the fn key combinations without changing layouts the way tdm implemented the driver. And don't use finqwerty layouts with lineage, they're intended for stock and would have to be modified for Lineage which handles sym, slantarrows, and Fx differently.
  14. Pro¹ got this yesterday: 03-16-20-Health-Officer-Order-to-Shelter-in-Place.pdf FAQ-Shelter-in-Place-03-17-20.pdf
  15. Dont worry, there are more than 250 people born every minute. In 2016 the figure was 4.3/second, which corresponds almost a million per day or more than 336 million/year.
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