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  1. What if It is in California now but grew up in Alaska, having experienced temperatures closer to absolute zero than those in Minnesota ever will?
  2. I tried this under lineage, which handles it a little differently already. With landscape lock, it does indeed force apps landscape that wouldnt do it before (games, hangouts). However, I have to stop service or set it to force portrait to get portrait, even with keyboard closed. I imagine this is how its supoosed to work, but something funky in stock lets it go both ways.
  3. Me too. The ideal dead zone control would be number of pixels to black out (turn off, reduce resolution) and number to ignore touch screen reponse on, for edge of the four edges. I mentioned this in my feature request thread in December. If this were the case, I'd turn off enough pixels on the top/bottom (landscape) to square the corners and maybe add another few pixels to ignore touch if I still bump the screen when typing numbers. Left/right sides are no issue cuz there's bezel on that side already so I wouldn't change those much, if it all. Maybe a couple pixels if it takes too much to square the corners on just the long edges. I realize this will make my aspect ratio greater than 2, but it is what it is. Remember the 80s/90s etc it was a big deal to get rid of rounded corners on our TVs, it cost a lot more for TVs with square corners. Now this curved screen stuff has brought them back!
  4. It was standard starting with Nougat, although some roms had it as early as kitkat.
  5. I tried an app called shake light, and it doesnt work nearly as well as my moto z²f. With the moto, i was taught "karate chop 2x" which always worked. With the app I had to shake like crazy b4 it comes on or turns off. Plus the app has persistent notication I havent figured out how to get rid of yet. May have to try tasker.
  6. my top 3 from your list would be #1 other (able to remap right slant arrow) #2 deadzone control #3 twrp decrpyt I still get the crackle on sound effects, which i'd put at 1.5 if adding to my personal priorities.
  7. I held down buttons like you said. I edited an earlier post to mention that it worked, I felt I'd already made enough posts 😉
  8. Does the LED work when charging? For me it's always on when I'm plugged in, even when unlocked (which is annoying in dim light cuz its so bright). I haven't paid attention to it for notifications, as I'm pretty much always plugged in unless its in my pocket.
  9. Before I switched to Lineage, SFOS had backlight working automatically.... (and before that a workaround with qcommand to toggle)... have you been updating? If not, zypper refresh and zypper update, lotsa improvements since the image...
  10. I flashed magisk (with lineage recovery) and now adb root gives me an error about production mode. Is this expected behavior? any workaround?
  11. argh! simple dec to hex mistake I made this time. Yep, I understand now. F1-F12 (in order) then key_power. All tested and working now. 57:0002:003b 60:0003:003c 8:0004:003d 61:0005:003e 55:0006:003f 19:0007:0040 3:0008:0041 53:0009:0042 13:000a:0043 45:000b:0044 29:000c:0057 37:000d:0058 48:0039:0074 keymap
  12. When I first saw there was going to be a tilt, not straight slider, I was concerned the angle would be annoying when holding the device. I've found that isn't the case, and the angle makes it better for reading when placed on a table (like while eating alone or something). I've got much better with opening than December, but I still feel this will remain an ongoing complaint by reviewers and new users. And if there were competition, and someone walked into a phone store w/o any prior experience and compared pro¹ to any other regular slider, they'd buy the regular slider, cuz pro¹ so difficult to open.
  13. I dunno about configuring it, certainly didn't do anything on purpose. But I'm on lineage so default settings from stock may be different. Are you sure about meta working as a modifier in kcm (for keys not assigned bookmark?) I seem to recall having the same thought then being told by mccreary nope, can't do it. But I could be mixing things up.
  14. Thanks. Now I see what you mean about error prone. I thought I double checked stuff and yep, that explained it. So now F1-F8 working. But still not sure why not F9-F12 30:0010:0043 F9 14:0011:0044 F10 38:0012:0057 F11 54:0013:0058 F12 Also, now I understand you intend a GUI for this in the future, that is even more awesome. For android or pc? keymap keymap.comments.txt
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