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  1. How do you avoid charging past 80% - is there an app or something that can make it stop charging? I feel like I looked into this before and all I found was an app that would notify you when it got to 80% (or whatever you said) so you could unplug it yourself. That's fine for emergency quickcharges I guess, but I typically slow charge (500mA) overnight...
  2. Rotation is not working well with Waydroid, but can be worked around. For rotation to work properly in Android apps, make sure Droidian is in portrait mode before you start Waydroid the first time, and then set Droidian back to portrait mode whenever you use it again. It is probably the biggest annoyance right now in using Android apps with the keyboard open is having to set Droidian to portrait and then back to landscape when done with that app. Also Droidian is a bit confusing until you understand it has four possible settings for rotation, but only two of them work at a time, and beh
  3. I was able to keep that works, by adding both actions to the button, as shown two posts up. I've also added a few more useful shortcuts too (F1-F12, PgUp/PgDn/Home/End). However the downside I've discovered is that when set to their keymapper keyboard, the soft keyboard doesn't come up automatically on the occasion I need it when portrait which is rather annoying.
  4. Hmmm bummer. I was hoping everyone was getting the intermittent "lost signal" as other recent pro1x recipients on discord are also having it. My signal appears strong and connected to plenty of satellites when I check it with gps checking software, so that doesn't seem to be my issue. In any case sounds like it's worth holding out on firmware before trying for warranty repair. (I never had Pro¹ or any other phone report gps signal lost while navigating til this Pro¹-X).
  5. I have also experienced "GPS signal lost" from Google Maps navigation. The signal seems to come back a minute or so later. Something is causing intermittent restart of the gps or something. I have not reported direct to fxtec as it seems this is the case on all Pro¹-X. However if I'm wrong, if anyone has Pro¹-X that can maintain GPS connection 30+ minutes, please post.
  6. I just installed on pro1-x, but apparently it wants a pin code to unlock? What do I use? edit: It's 1234 New Questions: How do we get to a tty without F-keys? What are the dev tools zips, and how to apply them?
  7. I just got my pro1x and was having several problems with the camera button, the biggest one being that it was taking photos in my pocket from the lock screen and leaving phone in the camera app. Additionally the snapdragon camera app showed portrait image if the keyboard was open. Anyway to resolve, I installed opencamera and disabled snapdragon camera app. I used keymapper to set the camera button to open the camera app as well as shutter. This works much better. From lock screen, it still wakes device which I havent figured out how to disable, but at least it doesnt launch camer
  8. I did not. I used Keymapper to assign keycode_backslash to delete key (which makes shift+"del" work automatically for pipe) and set shift+backspace to keycode_forward_delete. So this particular issue is worked-around for me, even tho I could never make it work FxTec's way.
  9. I just tried Pro¹-x for the first time today. I have tried lots of things and cannot get pipe or backslash to come out of this keyboard, with layout set to both US and unset to default. Google Assistant has no accessbility permission. The only thing that has accessibility permission is kde connect. In any case, even tho the keys aren't printed right, semi colon and question mark are exactly where they should be for US layout. I think I'm gunna keymapper to turn Del to KEYCODE_BACKSLASH (and thus shift+del = pipe), and shift backspace to del and just avoid figuring out wh
  10. Semicolon to the right of L sounds like standard qwerty layout to me. If using US layout, I would expect shift + slash to give me a question mark.
  11. Yeah agreed on all that @matf. I updated OP yesterday to reflect all that before you even posted, and had removed reference to other possibilities to make the argument cleared and less confusing to focus on the one most accepted idea. I have a feeling won't change it again today, I'm pretty sure all things have been considered. I also did a poll on discord yesterday and not a single vote for either of the other two layouts. Probably boring to re-read again, but if you wanna check the first post and make sure you agree with the way I've re-summarized everything there, it would be appreciat
  12. I was ok with moving the arrows before and played witht hat, doesnt matter if quesiton mark is to the right. I suggested it the previous time matf expressed concern about the shift+ctrl combination (if we used existing ctrl key placement for right_alt). There seems to be tradeoffs. But it does seperate left and right control. I think yer onto something there. It's the most functional (64-keys, separate controls), and easy Ctrl+Shift (on right). #1. Right & Left Control #2. Dedicated Delete #3. Pretty (Two Left Controls) So. Now in my opinion there
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