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  1. As you say, the phone is going to be technologically deprecated before back-orders are fulfilled. But $700 wasted?! Why not just cancel your order and get a refund?! ...My experience getting a refund was quite painful but, from what I have read here, that is unusual.
  2. FWIW, the SIM will certainly NOT be the cause of the slow down - that will *most likely* be some badly written app ...I'll bet when you factory reset the phone it will go back to running silky smooth 😉
  3. Given your tirade is based on error in inference ["it sounds like..."] and a eschews point *5 ...I will simply say: You have a beautiful way with words [even angry ones], and your grammar is impeccable :)
  4. "Sound company with good ethics" ...an interesting way to describe a company who has breached contract*1, repeatedly (and knowingly) dealt in misinformation*2, defrauded*3 and stonewalled customers*4, sought secret deals with individuals*5, eschewed refund requests*6, and left their PR in the hands of passive-aggressive internet-forum trolls*7 If you wish to attempt to reframe "seeking outside help as a last resort" as "distrustful bludgeoning", you go ahead and try to do that. But be aware that the educated amongst us will see the "180 days people" simply as wise and educated people who h
  5. https://www.travelchinaguide.com/essential/holidays/new-year/dates.htm "The Chinese New Year of 2020 falls on January 25th (Saturday), and the festival will last to February 8th, about 15 days in total. 2020 is a Year of the Rat according to Chinese zodiac. As an official public holiday, Chinese people can get seven days' absence from work, from January 24th to 30th."
  6. On the 11th Dec I requested a refund, after a number repeat requests, my money was eventually refunded 14 days later - one day before the bank said they would start a recovery procedure! ...So one of you lucky people may get a phone ahead of schedule 😉 If F(x)tec survives this farce, I may see you when the product goes retail and has a hard case. TTFN
  7. Here here ...And to everyone (like me) who has been upset for a while and is still waiting ...this is what we have been asking for - and now we have got it ...So let us all treat Erik with respect and make sure he feels welcome here, and feels comfortable to be honest at all times, irrespective of whether he is the bearer of good or bad news!
  8. TL;DR "maybe next year" ...5-6 months after we took your money with the promise of a 2..3wk delivery time ...I'm sure they recognise that £650 in a 7% interest savings account for 6 months ~= £23 ...I wonder if they will be offering any compensation? Order 17xxx, July 14th; No IGG coupon; Money taken Aug 4th I am no longer excited to receive my phone, I'll just be relieved if/when it arrives and I can put the lube away. If this goes wrong now, I wonder where I stand getting my money back off the credit card company :/
  9. Don't forget Chinese New Year on the 25th/Jan ...that's another week
  10. Adrian seems to think shipping will not even START until Oct 29th : https://vimeo.com/364339691 So having promised you will collect money 2-3 weeks before delivery, you plan to sit on my money for 3 months - and offer *nothing* as a thank you or an apology :( ...And, adding insult to injury, you are now selling to the public at the same price that you gave to your backers. I still want my 'phone. But guys, you have handled this *really* badly :/
  11. https://www.fxtec.com/product/fxtec-pro1-pre-order/ "...we will not be asking for any payment details until 2-3 weeks prior to shipping" Newsletter "...that payment will be requested at the end of July, ahead of an expected shipment date in early September." These numbers do not tally; early September is at least 6 weeks away from the end of July!? Also... Why no share the cause of the delay? ...People are (almost) invariably more confident in a transparent company. :)
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