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  1. It worked via OTA, but I downloaded the file, too. If anyone is interested I can upload it for you. :)
  2. I just uninstalled Adaway and both Magisk Modules I had installed (Youtube Vanced Black Themed, Systemless Hosts) incl reboot. Then I disabled Magisk, checked back it is indeed disabled using oandbackup, successfully installed the update and reenabled magisk. I rebooted twice now, I'm still on 20200306 and magisk is still active. I won't try understand this wizardry, I'm just glad it works now and I'm hoping fxtec has a tendency to releasing a few big patches, not hundreds of small ones 😅 Thanks again for you effort @david.
  3. No, I did not. Exact same configuration. I'll see what installing from SD brings up, package is downloading on my laptop right now.
  4. Okay. Adaway can't be the cause, since I did install the app yesterday but forgot to let it change the hosts file, so the error occurred with the standard host file. Just realized I did not activate it yesterday, sorry.
  5. Could this be the root of the problem? I'll uninstall adaway restoring the original hosts file and see how it goes on from there.
  6. Okay. I'll keep you updated if there is any progress. Thanks for your time and effort helping me with this!!
  7. I'll give oandbackup a go, I'll report back. Hm. I'm using adaway, that does change the host file in /system, doesn't it?
  8. This is the way I ended up doing it, but with like 20 Apps that Titanium could not do. Everytime Titanium got stuck I had to end it via app settings, start a new batch process excluding the app it just failed. You can't tell me this is the most convenient Android Backup Routine 😅 I just did the update again. It failed with reason 20 (I'm sure I've read about this anywhere in this forum yesterday), but then said I'm on the newest patch and it seems I was. I rebooted again (of course after activating magisk again) and it wants me to install the patch again. EDIT: Just confirmed. After
  9. Yeah, I did, thank you very much. Got it running, cursing titanium backup (for real, how can anyone use this??) reinstalling most of my apps by hand, but it works. For any reason my Pro1 wanted me to do the 06032020 OTA again after rebooting, I will look into this later.
  10. Okay. Resolved the issue by removing the SD-Card from phone, using a different USB-Cable and using the linked platform tools instead of Minimal ADB. Yay, one step further!
  11. I've updated to 20200106 without magisk, patched the image the same way I did last time, Magisk Manager is fine with everything, but when I try to flash the patched image I get this: C:\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img target reported max download size of 536870912 bytes sending 'boota' (22080 KB)... OKAY [ 0.071s] writing 'boota'... FAILED (remote: (boota_a) No such partition) finished. total time: 0.076s When I do fastboot devices my pro1 shows up and everything seems fine. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Exactly. I think I have to go through all the OTAs, but I will root it first. EDIT: Rooting first seems like a bad Idea, worst case is running through all the hiccups I just had. So installing all the OTA's first, rooting afterwards seems to be smarter. Does anyone have the 20200306 image?
  13. I did, thank you. I already reflashed stock via fastboot, rooting again, reinstalling titanium backup hoping for the best
  14. Okay. After uninstalling Magisk (no, i did not reboot) my phone froze, shut down and now gives me the little android robot saying 'no command'. Yiha, this will be one night of trying to revive my pro1.
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