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  1. Hello everyone, Hope you're all doing well, as the title suggests I am in need of either a replacement flex cable for the screen or someones damaged fxtec pro1 to salvage parts from. Please DM me if you have one, that you're willing to sell and we will figure out a price. Thanks in advance for reading my post Sincerely, Matt
  2. So i pulled my sim out of my phone to figure it out, and too me it seems that the previous phone you activated didn't work. The most important step is to activate that sim in a "Verizon approved phone" and then remove the sim from the "verizon approved phone" after activation and then put it into the pro1. You should then see the radio buttons be toggleable. You may have to restart the phone after inserting the sim, and after toggling the settings on. (I went to my local verizon store and asked the employee if he could activate my sim in one of the phones in the store. He did that for me
  3. Hey Everyone, I am having issues with support getting back to me about looking for a replacement part from them I have gotten nothing but radio silence. Is there some kind of secret to getting a response? Thanks
  4. You can get the Pro1 and Pro1X on Verizon to work perfectly. All you need to do is activate a different phone on Verizon's network, then swap the sim into the Pro1X, as the phone doesn't exist under Verizon's "Approved Devices List" which is why it wont let you activate it outright. Once you have swapped the sim Make a call using *#*#4636#*#* (Note sometimes this command can be a bit slow to respond, especially on a fresh boot). Once in that menu though Select Phone1 Information. "Set Preferred Network Type" to LTE Only. Scroll down a little bit and turn on "Mobile Radio Power", "VoLTE Provisi
  5. I also asked to see if they have the entire backpanel as a replacement part. Though the finger print sensor in the pro1x is different I dont see why it wouldnt work in the other phone as the connectors are the same
  6. Recently my Recently my Pro1's finger print sensor started overheating and burns to the touch and is draining my battery quite significantly
  7. Hey everyone, I am looking to buy a broken Fxtec pro1 to use as parts of you have one please let me know.
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