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  1. My pro 1 is up for sale I’m based in the UK please message me if interested
  2. My pro 1 is up for sale just 3 weeks old UK version, I have just acquired a new company Key 2 so I will sell my much beloved Pro 1 £700 + postage Please message me if interested
  3. Hello My pro 1 is up for sale UK version its 3 weeks old I have just been supplied with a company key 2 which I've decided to keep and get my money back for the pro 1, it comes with a nice pouch case which I picked up in the US , as new in box £700 plus postage P/M.
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    Thanks Craig I'm just struggling a bit with the keyboard layout
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    Thanks for your help, how ever I'm a bit surprised that I need to install an app to reach such a basic feature as the £ sign!! Will there be an update out soon to fix this perhaps utilising the redundant SYM key?
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    Hello can anyone tell me how to pull up the £ symbol on the physical keyboard i see the $ key but no £ key thanks
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    User manual

    Does anyone have access to any form of user manual, not the basic set up instructions that came with the phone, I'm having issues with understanding all the features and keys on the physical keyboard Can anyone talk me through how to set up key assignments I just can't get them to work I am using Nova as my home launcher, when I try to assign a key to an app it keeps opening Google search!!
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    Thanks for your help I have Now enabled landscape mode but when the keyboard is out and i try to assign a keypad short cut all it does is open goggle search and populates the field with the letter I’m trying to assign to a particular app cant work out where im going wrong ?
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    Hello I have just received my pro 1 however due to the lack of instructions I have two bits I am struggling with was wondering if anyone could helo me 1. I cannot get my apps to go into landscape mode when the keyboard is out 2. How do I assign keys to open apps from the keyboard Thank you
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