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  1. I dropped it 😅 Just need replacement, I want assembly it will be easy to replace it
  2. I have created this topic because I still haven't received reply after waiting for a week. It's just simple screen replacement order and I don't get why it takes so long
  3. Hello, I wrote to support about screen replacement about a week ago but still no answer. Can someone help me with my issue? Ticket #6975
  4. With high price this will be another "blackberry", with very poor ratio between what you get in HW for price you paid. With blackberry it's same for me, why I should pay 500 EUR for single SIM phone with snapdragon 660 and 4GB ram? So with high price it will be more niche device even more, so less sales and finally pro1 will be their first and last device. Take a look at GPD, they sale and develop niche devices too, but with good price for HW they already have had 4+ successful indiegogo campaigns. With price went back to 650 EUR I have ordered it, but it's very unusual that we are reading
  5. Today price moved from 650 EUR to 778 EUR. Can someone explain what happened? At this price I have doubts that I will buy it.
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