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  1. Next week is my pro1 payment anniversary, they might just get it delivered to me by then, who knows. Recieved the stock assigned letter on 6th of July, nothing after that. The worst is that in august 2019 I was ready for an extended wait, I understood it's a small company and they were bound to mess up something. But they kept baiting: next week, next month, by christmas and so on. I never asked for this. BTW, I live in Russia and our customs tax increased from 20usd in 2019 to 60 usd in 2020 for a pro1. And it's real financial loss on my side, caused by fxtec not fulfiling their par
  2. Now it works! The butterfly site opens
  3. It is. I can access all other parts of the website and the old forum without vpn. checked 3 different isp's and my cell network, all the same. Not sure how i can check if it is local isp that is blocking the site. Usually if it is so, it shows a message.
  4. Hello! i'm in Russia and i cannot access the new forum without a vpn. I actually thought it was still down (since last week) until just now.
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