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  1. I managed to get lineage OS on it and to root it. Restoring many different stock boot images didn't work. Now I just have a backup of the internal memory on an SD card. I have no idea how to recover that at this point. One option will be to mount it as a disk image in Virtual Box or mess around with the Android emulator. I could always put it back into the phone but need a bigger SD card to store it uncompressed so to mount, etc. What I don't understand is why android loses all the data just flashing the boot partition. I've worked with Linux including building my own minimal distribution
  2. I don't know why it's so hard to find uptodate maintained instructions for rooting the phone or changing firmware. There really needs to be more support here. There should be a download section with usb drivers, stock firmware, etc. Then a wiki. I'm sure someone will help with SEO as well. There are so many scam sites in search result it's unbelievable let alone just out-of-date or plain wrong information. No one seems to know how to give simple instructions and explanations either.
  3. I'm at least able to dd sd* into /external_storage/. Why does the phone even ship with this self destruct option? I think when it fails to decrypt it gets stuck on that no matter what even if you change the boot image. It won't retry. I believe this is because it must put a file somewhere. It's saving the number of password attempts *somewhere* so where? It's also possible that twrp 3.4 maybe able to mount the directories as it appears to have additional support for encryption but no one seems to have made that version for this phone.
  4. I attempted to root my phone using these instructions... https://community.fxtec.com/topic/2537-magisk-install-step-by-step-root/ This results in the phone asking for a password to unlock. When I put in the password it says it's correct but the data is corrupt and the decryption was unsuccessful. I put trwp on there and it can't see the normal mounts for internal storage so I can't even back it up. From what I can gather there's probably some issue with the kernel version or something like that either not able to recognise all of internal storage due to drivers or usin
  5. Like many other people, my phone is my lifeline. In don't use it that much but when I do it is essential. It replaces things like the bank down the road which shut down. I have given criticism of this phones keyboard but that is not enough. The OS is a joke. First I find DND was on and why is even there? This is a function barely more popular than airplane mode for people who travel infrequently. It is so easy to turn on by accident. Now when it's off I just order food. It came earlier than their proscribed time. I got a call and texts. The phone did nothing despite the volume being
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