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  1. Since we're off topic and talking about the weather. I'd like to thank all of you for being a decent group. For all the frustration and aggravation of the waiting and not knowing everyone seems to be pretty chill. It's nice not seeing name calling and all the other trash that could be here.
  2. No, I don't think it was ever intentionally toying with anyone, but the roller coaster of fxtec getting excited and saying soon only to come back and more or less say well not that soon a few days later felt that way.
  3. For me at least the thinking boiled down to trust issues and a distaste of being toyed with. I don't see it as waiting for Christmas I have no expectations other than time spent with family any gift is just a bonus and not expected. I didn't pay for the holiday, and it will be here on the 25 no matter what. I really did want the phone and understand that production isn't an easy feat, but after so much over promising and poor communication I was tired of the aggravation and uncertainty. I hope for everyone else and fxtec that any of my fears are unfounded and that phone is a big enough hit to warrant a pro2.
  4. Not sure if you're talking about me by bailing or them with whatever is going on on their end. It's disappointing but it's less frustrating than getting excited thinking it's right around the corner and then find out it's not.
  5. 🤣 true enough there is no stopping Christmas.
  6. Very bold with the information the support team passed in the process ofcanceling this morning. I hope for all of you still playing that whoever is running the Twitter knows more and is telling the truth.
  7. So like I said not publicly available if it was it was only sent to people with the voucher. If it was on the forum that's an awful place to pass official information that is contradictory to emails sent directly to customers. I didn't even bother with the forums till October. A habitual string of missing or misinformation like this is why I have no confidence in them anymore.
  8. @Zamasu clarification on the date is fine but it's not information from the company fixing their poor communication. There is no information anywhere readily available from f(x)tec of other factors. So no it didn't work how they implied, "bases on pre-order customers who complete payment." If you know where there was public facing information that specified differently I'd love to see it.
  9. Even with that being the case I'm sure that a number of other to include the order I'm in the process of canceling paid prior to that date. Which is contradictory to how I interpreted their email.
  10. I wanted this phone and I'm glad that they are trying to fix a hardware problem they found for you guys. But I can't continue to trust what they say. One day everything is on track two days later there is something that will cause another delay. For the most part the problems don't sound like things that fxtec didn't know about when they sent the previous message. Other messages are at best intentionally vague. On a different thread someone openly admits they didn't pay till Oct and they have their stock assignment email. That's definitely not how I interpreted the email they sent prior to the payment request. Reading the posts here makes it sound like there is a lot of irregularly with that. Somebody compared it to quiting a marathon just short. I ran the marathon fxtec changed it into a iron Man triathlon and I didn't sign up to get taken on a ride and given a soaking. If there is a 2 maybe I'll be back but I can't support the pro1 anymore.
  11. I'm glad you got yours but this just feeds into the fxtec lie machine. I paid as soon as I got the notification. By their own words I and I'm guessing many others should be ahead of you.
  12. A light leak in the tunnel that will make that disappointing journey take longer.
  13. Untill they ask where can they see a hands on review of the final product and there isn't one. I'm sure if editors had their hands on one they would talk about it. They ask, "When can I get one?" Who knows it's been a sliding date in poorly worded, irregularly timed messages.
  14. Add another to the very dissatisfied. I've been lurking here for a long time and have seen the hyperbole from both the fan boys and trolls. Both have some valid points but fxtec isn't doing it's self any favors. It would have been far better for them to under promise and over perform. If my significant other was giving me the kind of slippery information fxtec has been peddling they wouldn't be trusted or significant for very long. I'm giving it till Saturday to at the minimum hear from one of those first batch people then I'm out.
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