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  1. Reviewing a a prototype by few selected media outlet does not make the mass production happen.
  2. Yes, few working prototypes were apparently made, so were the prototypes for the said Motomod Keyboard. Sadly you can always make a few prototypes but mastering cost effective production is another game.
  3. Well, I'll believe that this is a fact when people start posting their unboxing videos and reviews.
  4. And there is a lump of users who just go here and hope to see an official status update which does not appear. It unpleasantly starts to resemble the story like with the Motomod Keyboard - few prototypes were made, but there was no mass production ever. People here talking about some "Pro2" and making up excuses on behalf of FXtec that boasts on social network about the phone but didn't deliver anything apart from few prototypes are rergretable.
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